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Chapter 541: Chapter 541: He Personally Punish The Person Who Bullied Her (1)

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Chapter 541: He Personally Punish The Person Who Bullied Her (1)

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“Miss, we’re in trouble.’

Hearing Jingchengs words, Qiao Qiao was shocked. “You know them?”

Jingcheng turned around and glanced at Qiao Qiao. Although this glance didn’t express anything, Qiao Qiao already understood what it meant.

The Bai family…

It was the Bai family’s car!

Qiao Qiao’s fear of the Bai family had almost been engraved into her bones in a short period of time, because the Bai family had been eyeing her covetously. Even though the agreed deadline had yet to arrive, the Bai family had already reminded her grandfather time and time again to keep their promise. And that agreed time was on Qiao Qiao’s twenty-fourth birthday.

There were still two months until this day.


The Bai family’s car stopped three meters away from Qiao Qiao and Jingcheng. The car door opened and two tall men got out. These two men looked fierce and it was obvious that they were not good people. They should be thugs brought by the Bai family.

And the real Bai family was still in the car.

“M/hat, what, what should we do…” Qiao Qiao was scared out of her wits and instinctively grabbed Jingcheng’s arm for protection.

Jingcheng protected Qiao Qiao behind him. “I’ve already sent Third Master an urgent message, Miss, don’t be afraid. Let’s wait and see. The Bai family won’t snatch you in the street.”

These words were undoubtedly a calming shot for Qiao Qiao. As long as Shao Jingmo came, she would be fine.

The reason why she trusted Shao Jingmo so much and firmly believed that he would rush over to save her after knowing that she was stopped by the Bai family was because of what he had promised her today.

He had said that he would not change his mind easily. He had said that he would protect her well. He had said that he would at least ensure that she was safe and sound before taking down the Bai family.

Qiao Qiao felt much more at ease. “You’re right. Nothing will happen. Little Uncle will be here soon.’

As soon as she finished speaking, the person in the car opposite got out. The man did not look young. He was about forty years old. He was wearing a white suit and a burgundy tie. He had a refined smile and a few thin creases at the corners of his eyes.

“Qiao Qiao.” The man knew her and said her name directly.

Qiao Qiao looked at the smile on the man’s face and couldn’t help but feel apprehensive. She asked boldly, “Who-who are you?”

The smile on Bai Qingnan’s face was even wider than before. He didn’t stop walking towards Qiao Qiao. As he walked, he said, “My surname is Bai.”

Even though she had already guessed that the other party was from the Bai family, Qiao Qiao still couldn’t help but tremble when she heard him say that his surname was Bai. She held her breath. “Sorry, I don’t know any Bai family.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Jingcheng, who was blocking Qiao Qiao, scolded him sternly, “Stand there!”

Bai Qingnan paused. Seeing this, the two thugs behind him pretended to go forward and teach Jingcheng a lesson. Bai Qingnan raised his hand. When the two thugs saw Bai Qingnan’s gesture, they stood on the spot and waited.

Bai Qingnan looked at Qiao Qiao with an invasive gaze. “You don’t know me?” As he spoke, Bai Qingnan seemed to have suddenly thought of something. His fingertips pressed against his eyebrows and he smiled. “It’s fine if you don’t know me. Then I’ll remind you that our Bai family and the Qiao family have a deep relationship, especially a few years before you were born. My father and your grandfather, Qiao Huasheng, have been brothers for a long time,”

At this point, the smile on Bai Qingnan’s lips faded a little. “Have you heard of the bet between my father and your grandfather, Qiao Huasheng? If you haven’t, how about I tell you now?”

Qiao Qiao’s face was cold. “What brotherhood? What bet? I don’t know and I don’t want to know. I’m not the head of the Qiao family now. If you want to understand these things, I suggest you go to the head of the Qiao family.”

Bai Qingnan chuckled. ‘Do you want me to look for Qiao Huasheng, or Shao Jingmo?”

Who in the outside world did not know that Old Master Qiao was terminally ill and Shao Jingmo had monopolized the entire Deep Blue Corporation? The news that the Qiao family’s surname would change soon had long spread in the outside world. Some people also said that Old Master Qiao did not die because he wanted his granddaughter to inherit the Deep Blue Corporation and take back everything from Shao Jingmo.

There were already many versions of the rumors outside.

But no version was convincing.

Seeing that Qiao Qiao was silent, Bai Qingnan’s smile became even more wanton. “Why don’t we look for Shao Jingmo? Do you think an outsider like him will care about you?”

Qiao Qiao’s breath caught. She didn’t say anything because she was afraid of saying the wrong thing..

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