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Chapter 542: Chapter 542: He Personally Punish The Person Who Bullied Her (2)

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Chapter 542: He Personally Punish The Person Who Bullied Her (2)

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But the other party was undoubtedly provoking her. She was usually not a calm person, but Shao Jingmo was not here yet. She did not dare to act rashly, so she could only speak carefully. “He’s my Little Uncle. How can he not care about me?”

“Little Uncle? Isn’t his surname Shao?” Bai Qingnan reminded her.

Qiao Qiao said angrily, “What does that have to do with you?!”

Her furious rebuttal did not anger Bai Qingnan. Instead, it filled his face Vith a smile. It was a very kind face, but behind that face was extreme hypocrisy. Right on the heels of that, Qiao Qiao saw the smile on the other party’s face and took a few steps back.

She almost naively thought that the other party was stunned by her angry aura just now. Unexpectedly, it was an occasion to attack.

Jingcheng narrowed his eyes and reminded Qiao Qiao behind him in a low voice, “Miss, be careful.’

Qiao Qiao heard the nervousness in Jingchengs tone and asked worriedly,

“Will Little Uncle come?”

Jingcheng replied with certainty, “Yes.”

This answer didn’t completely reassure Qiao Qiao. Without seeing Shao Jingmo for a second, she wasn’t 100% sure that Shao Jingmo would really come back to save her. The Bai family looked like they were going to snatch her in the street. The Bai family’s reputation was bad, so there was nothing they wouldn’t do.

If they really fought later, Jingcheng would definitely not be a match for the

Bai family alone. Qiao Qiao became even more worried. Hiding behind

Jingcheng, she muttered to herself, “If he doesn’t come, if he doesn’t come…”

“Miss, hide well! Before she could finish, Jingcheng suddenly pushed her behind the car. When she raised her eyes, her vision was in chaos.

Jingcheng fought the two thugs alone.

Originally, Qiao Qiao was very worried that Jingcheng would be at a disadvantage in a one-on-two battle. However, she didn’t expect Jingcheng to have some skills at all. It wasn’t too difficult for him to deal with the two thugs, but he was also distracted and couldn’t easily escape.

Qiao Qiao hid behind the car nervously, praying that Shao Jingmo would come soon. However, she knew very well that it had only been ten minutes since Jingcheng sent an urgent message to Shao Jingmo. Shao Jingmo would not rush over so quickly.


A sudden “tsk” behind her ear shocked Qiao Qiao. When she turned around, she saw that Bai Qingnan had arrived behind her and was so close. She knew something was wrong and turned to escape.

Bai Qingnan grabbed her wrist forcefully and pulled her back to press her against the back wall of the car. He said with a faint smile, “Twenty-four years old. The little girl has matured. She’s delicious.”

Qiao Qiao’s face was pale. Although she couldn’t struggle, she forced herself to calm down and not show any fear. She warned, “Don’t you dare touch me!”

“Hahaha.” Bai Qingnan laughed out loud. He smiled, and the creases at the corners of his eyes deepened a little. His face was not handsome, but it had the charm of a middle-aged man. “Even if I touch you, what can you do? You belong to our Bai family, understand?”

Qiao Qiao was furious. “I belong to myself. I don’t belong to anyone.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Qiao Qiao felt pain in her arm, and it was getting more and more painful.

The pain came from her arm. She wanted to look down at her arm, but Bai

Qingnan grabbed her neck and forced her chin up. He said with a faint smile, “Did you know that your grandfather sold you to our Bai family? When you turn 24 years old, you will be a member of our Bai family and a plaything of our Bai family.”

Qiao Qiao spat. “In your dreams.”

Bai Qingnan hadn’t used much strength when he grabbed Qiao Qiao’s neck. Seeing Qiao Qiao’s disdainful expression, he pinched the sides of her cheeks with his fingers and exerted a little strength.

Qiao Qiao winced.

Bai Qingnan did not let go. Instead, he exerted more strength.

Qiao Qiao wanted to struggle, but the strength of Bai Qingnan’s single hand restrained her tightly. Her little strength was almost useless in front of Bai Qingnan, and it would only anger him more.

“Stop fussing.” The smile on his face gradually disappeared, and a trace of impatience appeared in his eyes. “You should belong to the Bai family when you’re eighteen years old, but your grandfather still has some conscience. The agreement insists that you turn twenty-four years old. Old thing, he really knows how to scheme.’

Qiao Qiao’s cheeks were pinched by Bai Qingnan, and she couldn’t speak. She could only glare at him angrily. However, she did not know that the more she was like this, the more Bai Qingnan liked her.

It was boring if it was too docile. The Bai family loved to tame it personally..

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