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Chapter 546: Chapter 546: Taking the Initiative to Approach, The Jealousy Was Obvious (2)

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Chapter 546: Taking the Initiative to Approach, The Jealousy Was Obvious (2)

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Mother Qiao turned her head. “It’s because you’re waiting anxiously.” Father Qiao fell silent.

“Hahahaha.” Old Master Qiao’s laughter was very deep. “Ruzhang, I think you’re just worried that she’ll be bullied on the first day she goes to the company. You don’t even see her anywhere. You’re afraid that something happened to the company at the last minute.”

Father Qiao coughed lightly, looking a little uncomfortable. “You can tell.”

Old Master Qiao laughed a few more times and said, “You don’t have to worry. Although that girl often doesn’t behave properly, she’s the most concerned about serious matters. In addition, Jingmo is still in charge of the company. No matter how strict Jingmo is, he won’t cause trouble for her on the first day she entered the company.”

Father Qiao nodded and agreed with Old Master Qiao. “That’s true.”

Just as he finished speaking, Qiao Qiao and Shao Jingmo appeared in the dining room. “Grandpa, Mom and Dad, we’re back.” Qiao Qiao’s voice came.

When Old Master Qiao, Father Qiao, and Mother Qiao heard Qiao Qiao’s voice, they turned around at the same time and looked in the direction of the voice.

Qiao Qiao held Shao Jingmo’s arm and the two of them walked in together. This time, not only were their peers holding hands, but their hands were also linked. Qiao’s beautiful face was filled with a blissful smile, and Shao Jingmo’s eyes were also very gentle.

They did look like a married couple.

Such a scene was actually very common in the Qiao family, especially in front of Old Master Qiao. Qiao Qiao would usually cooperate with Shao Jingmo and act like a loving couple for Old Master Qiao to see.

This was because Old Master Qiao would only be happy if Qiao Qiao and Shao Jingmo got along well. When he was happy, his health would also improve a lot. Qiao Qiao also didn’t want her grandfather to worry that she would suffer if she married Shao Jingmo, so every time she was in front of him, she would try her best to act like she was very loving with Shao Jingmo.

But today, that smile looked really blissful. They were even holding hands.

That was something that had never happened before in normal times.

“The two of you are finally in. Sit down. Dinner is about to start,” Father Qiao said.

Mother Qiao’s gaze swept past the scene of her daughter and son-in-law holding hands. She smiled and said, “Come quickly. Tonight is all your favorite food.’

Shao Jingmo only let go of Qiao Qiao’s hand when she reached her seat. He pulled out the seat for Qiao Qiao and waited for her to sit down before taking a seat beside her. This behavior seemed normal, but in Old Master Qiao’s eyes, it was full of satisfaction. He said to Qiao Qiao, “Look, Jingmo is really considerate to you.”

Qiao Qiao smiled faintly. “He’s usually like this.”

Old Master Qiao said, “That’s good. 1 was afraid that I was forcefully matchmaking you back then, that you aren’t happy at all. Now that you’re doing well in marriage, I’m also gratified.”

The smile on Qiao Qiao’s lips faded a little, but it wasn’t that obvious. “Grandpa is worried that I’m unhappy. Aren’t you worried that Little Uncle is unhappy?

As soon as Qiao Qiao finished speaking, all sounds at the table faded. Mother Qiao and Father Qiao looked over. Shao Jingmo’s hand that was holding the spoon paused. Old Master Qiao looked surprised. The atmosphere froze for about seven or eight seconds without a trace of sound.

Until Shao Jingmo spoke first to break the stagnant atmosphere. He asked her,

“Corn ribs soup or mushroom soup?”

Qiao Qiao came back to her senses. When she turned to look at Shao Jingmo, her lips curled into a smile. “Mushroom soup, thank you.”

“Mm.” Shao Jingmo scooped a bowl of mushroom soup for her.

The soup tasted delicious, and Qiao Qiao especially liked it. Mushrooms wrapped in powder and boiled in soup were her favorites.

But in the capital, because Li Xiwu could not eat mushrooms, she never showed that she liked to eat mushrooms in front of Li Xiwu after she found out. It was mainly because she was afraid that Li Xiwu would eat them by mistake, because it was not easy to tell when they were fried or boiled.

As for the question just now, Old Master Qiao didn’t answer. Qiao Qiao was just asking casually. She didn’t have to chase after her grandfather for an answer. And she realized herself that she shouldn’t have asked the question.

During the meal, Old Master Qiao asked Qiao Qiao about her first day in the company and asked her to make a short oral summary for him. It was the first day, after all. She would probably spend most of her time familiarizing herself with the company, so there wouldn’t be much concrete summary. Qiao Qiao gave a brief summary.

Today’s dinner ended happily.

Old Master Qiao returned to the bedroom to rest with the help of the servants. Qiao Qiao was about to follow Shao Jingmo upstairs to their respective rooms when she was stopped by Mother Qiao..

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