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Chapter 547: Chapter 547: Taking the Initiative to Approach, The Jealousy Was Obvious (3)

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Chapter 547: Taking the Initiative to Approach, The Jealousy Was Obvious (3)

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Qiao Qiao turned around. “What’s wrong, Mom?”

Mother Qiao asked, “Are you going to rest?”

Qiao Qiao turned around and looked at Shao Jingmo, who was going upstairs and wasn’t waiting for her. She was a little anxious and wanted to follow him, so she said to Mother Qiao anxiously, “Yes, I’m a little tired. I want to rest early. Mom, rest early too. Good night.” With that, she stomped up the stairs after him.

Mother Qiao retracted her gaze and looked at Father Qiao, who was walking over with a cup of nourishing flower tea. Father Qiao handed the nourishing flower tea he had just brewed to Mother Qiao and said, “You don’t look too good. ”

Mother Qiao took the cup of nourishing flower tea. “My heart aches for Guigui.

She just entered the company and will definitely have to suffer from scratch.”

Father Qiao’s mindset was more open. “Why would Jingmo let her suffer? I think Jingmo takes her seriously and will naturally take care of her in the company. You don’t have to worry.”

“Shao Jingmo…” Mother Qiao wanted to say something, but after thinking for a few seconds, she swallowed her words. “Forget it.”

Father Qiao asked, “Forget what?”

Mother Qiao carried the nourishing flower tea back to the bedroom. “Nothing.”

Qiao Qiao chased after him but couldn’t catch up to Shao Jingmo. By the time she rushed over, Shao Jingmo’s bedroom door had already closed.

Although their bedrooms were not opposite each other, they were still very close. She stood outside Shao Jingmo’s door, panting. She raised her hand to knock, thinking that Shao Jingmo must be tired after teaching the Bai family a

lesson on her behalf today.

Afraid to disturb his rest, she lowered the hand that had been raised to knock. She just wanted to say good night to him. If she specially knocked on the door and called him out, she would definitely disturb his rest.

Forget it.

Qiao Qiao turned around and left.

At this moment, Shao Jingmo was standing inside his bedroom door. Hearing the fading footsteps outside the door, he opened it. However, in the next second, Qiao Qiao’s head popped over from the side and she looked at him with a smile. “Where are you going?”

Shao Jingmo was slightly stunned. He had clearly heard her leave before opening the door. Who knew that she had not left? Did she do it on purpose?

Qiao Qiao moved in front of Shao Jingmo. “Did you forget to bring something up? I can go down and get it for you. It’s no trouble. I’ll be happy to run errands for you. You protected me today and even avenged me. It’s only right for me to do something small for you.”

Shao Jingmo:

The atmosphere became very silent. Seeing that Shao Jingmo was ignoring her, Qiao Qiao also felt a little embarrassed. She slowly moved to the side. “Then I won’t disturb you anymore. Good night.” She turned to slip away.

Shao Jingmo suddenly stopped her. “Qiao Guigui.”

Qiao Qiao turned around. “Huh?”

Shao Jingmo asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing.” She denied it and said, “What could happen to me? Nothing happened to me. I’ll go back and rest.” With that, she slipped away, faster this time than before.

Shao Jingmo looked at her figure as she quickly slipped away, and his lips could not help but curve. “Good night.”

The next morning, Qiao Qiao no longer kept a distance from Shao Jingmo like yesterday. She followed him around before and after leaving the house. If she could stay within a meter, she would definitely not keep a distance of more than three meters.

And she was dressed a little more formally today. She wore a black suit jacket with a black net skirt and a pair of red and black high heels. She looked very professional. “Grandpa, I’m going to work.” After waving at Old Master Qiao, she held Shao Jingmo’s arm and the two of them left the villa.

The car was already waiting outside the courtyard. The automatic door slowly opened. Qiao Qiao got in first, and Shao Jingmo got in from the other side. When he sat down, Qiao Qiao immediately came over and asked, “Little Uncle, how do I look today?”

Shao Jingmo did not look at her and replied, “Okay.”

Qiao Qiao said, “You didn’t even look!”

Shao Jingmo turned around and scrutinized her from head to toe with his slightly aggressive gaze. Then, he asked, “Aren’t you going to keep a distance from me?”

Qiao Qiao pouted. “For safety’s sake, it’s better not to keep my distance. It’s fine as it is. But if you don’t like it, I can try to stay away.”

Shao Jingmo said indifferently, “Up to you.”

Qiao Qiao was used to this indifferent attitude, because Shao Jingmo was usually the same. The only time he was gentle was from yesterday afternoon to night. This man was quite charming when he cared about people, although she never denied his charm.

The car arrived at the company garage. Today, they didn’t go through the front door. Qiao Qiao followed Shao Jingmo from the garage elevator to the office building.

Shao Jingmo walked faster. Qiao Qiao jogged after him. Normally, she would have shouted at him to walk slower, but not today. No matter how fast he walked, she would try her best to keep up.

Until she couldn’t keep up. She stood still, panting. Shao Jingmo noticed that she did not follow, but he did not wait for her.

Qiao Qiao was so angry that she put her hands on her hips and grumbled, “Can’t you be more patient with me? I cooperated with everything today. I went out early and even wore formal clothes. I didn’t keep a distance from you along the way. I’ve been trying to please you. Why are you still so impatient with me? You don’t care about me at all…

She had only been in the company for a day. Did Shao Jingmo think that she was familiar with the entire company?

As she was thinking, she saw a beautiful woman walking towards Shao Jingmo. That woman was dressed lightly. She was beautiful and feminine. It was obvious that she was in line with Shao Jingmo’s style. The woman said a few words to Shao Jingmo before turning around and walking beside him.

Qiao Qiao watched the two well-matched figures fade into the distance. The first time she felt angry was another feeling— sour..

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