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Chapter 548: Chapter 548: He Admitted That There Was a Girl He Had Liked For Many Years (1)

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Chapter 548: He Admitted That There Was a Girl He Had Liked For Many Years (1)

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Qiao Qiao had never experienced such a sour taste before. She didn’t give up and chased after him. Halfway through, Dou Ying stopped her. “Qiao Qiao, why are you running?”

Qiao Qiao stopped and looked in the direction of the voice. When she saw that it was Dou Ying, her face darkened.

Originally, she had almost forgotten about Dou Ying tricking her into wearing sexy business attire yesterday. However, when she saw Dou Yings face, the awkwardness from yesterday immediately appeared in her mind.

She glanced ahead and saw that Shao Jingmo and the woman had already disappeared. She was depressed and turned to walk towards Dou Ying.

“Secretary Dou!” Qiao Qiao walked closer and shouted.

Dou Ying raised her hand and naturally brushed away the slanted bangs on her forehead. She asked with a smile, “What happened just now? Who were you chasing?”

Qiao Qiao asked, “Did Secretary Dou not see who I was chasing, or did you not see clearly who I was chasing?”

Dou Yings smile did not waver. “l didn’t see it.”

Qiao Qiao snorted inwardly. She had deliberately tricked her into wearing that business attire, but now she didn’t feel guilty at all. She was calm enough.

However, she finally understood. Even if she immediately questioned Dou Ying, a wily old fox, why she had fooled her yesterday, Dou Ying would give her a watertight reason that she could not find fault with.

Forget it. She’ll swallow this anger first.

Next, Dou Ying accompanied her to her office. Someone had already cleaned it in the morning and it was very neat and tidy.

“Yesterday, you already had a rough understanding of Deep Blue’s culture and philosophy, and you’re also more or less familiar with the company environment.” As she spoke, Dou Ying handed Qiao Qiao a copy of the companys rules and regulations and reminded her, “This is what you’re going to read today. It’s best to read it before eleven. I’ll bring you around to familiarize yourself with the management after lunch.”

This wasn’t difficult. Qiao Qiao took the company’s rules and regulations document and agreed. “Got it.”

Then, in front of Dou Ying, she began to read the company’s rules and regulations seriously.

Dou Ying looked carefully at Qiao Qiao’s obedient and serious appearance and smiled silently. Then, she asked, “President Qiao has a very important meeting this morning. This meeting was arranged by Director Song Yun.” Hearing this, Qiao Qiao looked up at Dou Ying in confusion.

The smile on Dou Yings lips was obvious. “Song Yun is the head of the planning office. You have to remember two words: important position and real power. With these two things, she is now President Qiao’s favorite.” With that, Dou Ying turned around and left.

Qiao Qiao was left looking in the direction of the door at a loss. It was a long time before she looked away. She rested her chin on her palm and looked at the company rules and regulations in front of her, thinking about what Dou Ying had said to her before she left.

Did Dou Ying know about her relationship with Shao Jingmo? Logically speaking, she shouldn’t know. But if she understood correctly, Dou Yings words to her just now should be reminding her of something.

Then who was Song Yun? Could it be… the woman who walked with Shao Jingmo just now?

The appearance of the woman from before appeared in her mind. Her facial features were exquisite, cold, and elegant. She looked extremely compatible with Shao Jingmo. If Song Yun was her, it would be fine if she was good-looking. However, she was in an important position and had real power and ability. She was also someone Shao Jingmo appreciated.

“Damn! A confidant!” Thinking of this, the word confidante quickly appeared in Qiao Qiao’s mind. Soon, Qiao Qiao lowered her head and sighed. “l knew it. Shao Jingmo’s spouse must be a strong alliance and an evenly matched partner. No, no. What am I thinking?” Qiao Qiao raised her head and muttered to herself, “What does it have to do with me?”

Jingcheng specially came to remind Qiao Qiao not to order lunch. Qiao Qiao knew that Shao Jingmo must have ordered for her, so she agreed. When it was time, Jingcheng brought in lunch and placed it on the coffee table.

Five dishes and a soup. Judging from the dishes, they should all be at the culinary level of a hotel.

Qiao Qiao’s appetite was whetted. She couldn’t wait when she smelled the food. She was about to start eating when Jingcheng reminded her in a low voice, “Miss, why don’t we wait for Third Master?” Qiao Qiao was stunned. “He’s coming down to eat?”

Jing Cheng was surprised. “l thought you knew.”

“How would 1 know? You didn’t tell me in advance.” Qiao Qiao couldn’t help

but want to eat, but since Shao Jingmo was coming, she had to behave herself.  She looked at the dishes and swallowed silently..

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