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Chapter 551: Chapter 551: Sweet Pull, Don’t Bully (1)

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Chapter 551: Sweet Pull, Don’t Bully (1)

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The car didn’t drive far before Qiao Qiao realized that the route wasn’t the way home. She asked Shao Jingmo, “Is there anything else you need to do?”

Shao Jingmo replied, “It’s been a long time since you went shopping. It’s still early. Shall I go shopping with you?”

“Shopping at the mall?” Qiao Qiao was surprised.

Shao Jingmo asked her opinion, “Are you going?”

Qiao Qiao looked down at her hands and feet. After thinking for a while, she muttered softly, “… It’s not early either. It’s already five-thirty. Because we came back late last night, Grandpa, Dad, and Mom have been waiting for us to eat for a long time.”

Shao Jingmo reached out his arm to Qiao Qiao and tapped her shoulder with his fingertips. Qiao Qiao turned to look at him. “What’s wrong?”

Shao Jingmo said, “l told Grandpa that I’m going on a date with you tonight.

They won’t wait for us for dinner. You can shop as long as you want.”

Qiao Qiao was surprised. This was an arrangement she hadn’t expected at all. “Then, shall we go up for a date tonight?” Shao Jingmo nodded. Qiao Qiao quickly brushed back her hair and found her voice. “Did you tell Grandpa that?”

Shao Jingmo nodded again. He made no other response, said nothing. He just nodded.

Qiao Qiao was quite happy. That kind of excitement would feel unreal when it surged up, but her heart quickly turned cold again. She hid her emotions and said faintly, “Forget it. We’re outside now. There’s no need for us to act like a loving couple outside.”

She was fine with it. But didn’t he feel disgusted? Especially since he had someone he liked. Wouldn’t it be disgusting and tiring to have to endure acting like a loving husband and wife with her at home and outside?

Shao Jingmo looked at the changing expressions on her face and pondered for a moment before asking, “So you don’t want to go?”

Qiao Qiao shook her head. “No.”

Shao Jingmo did not ask the chauffeur to change the route. He said, “l want to go. I’m usually busy with work and don’t have much time to shop. Today is just the right time. You’re here too. Take it as shopping with me and buy two clothes. You have good taste. You can help me take a look.”

When Qiao Qiao heard Shao Jingmo ask her to help him buy clothes, the corners of her lips curled up uncontrollably. She agreed in a slightly arrogant tone. “l didn’t want to go shopping at first. I’m tired and bored, but Little Uncle, you asked me to help you buy clothes. It’s not impossible to help with such a small favor. Alright, I’ll go with you.” Shao Jingmo curled his beautiful lips. “Thank you in advance.”

Qiao Qiao said generously, “You’re welcome.”

It was the evening rush hour. It was past six when the car arrived near the mall. Qiao Qiao got out of the car first and took out her phone to GPS the route here. After getting out of the car, Shao Jingmo said to Jingcheng, “Go to the nearby pharmacy and buy a box of gastric digestive pills.”

Jing Cheng agreed. “Okay, Third Master.”

By the time Qiao Qiao turned around, Jingcheng had already driven away. She walked to Shao Jingmo’s side. “Little Uncle, I’ll go eat first, right? It’s just right to go shopping after eating.”

Shao Jingmo held her hand. ‘Yes, I’ve already booked the cafeteria in advance.”

This gesture of holding hands was very natural, so natural that Qiao Qiao didn’t find it strange at all. She didn’t struggle and obediently let Shao Jingmo lead her there.

This cafeteria was one of the more upscale ones in the business circle. As far as Qiao Qiao knew, this cafeteria needed to be reserved at least three hours in advance. In other words, Shao Jingmo had been prepared to come here from the beginning.

She didn’t think much of it. She just thought that he had a sudden urge to shop and buy clothes. He was quite free.

Soon, Jingcheng rushed over to deliver digestive tablets.

Qiao Qiao was poking her head out curiously to see what the box Jingcheng had sent over while panting from running. Before she could see it clearly, she saw Shao Jingmo hand her the box. “Eat before dinner.”

Right in front of her, Qiao Qiao saw the words on the box clearly. “A digestive tablet?” Qiao Qiao was puzzled.

Shao Jingmo said, “Didn’t you say at noon that you wouldn’t digest it if you ate too much?”

Qiao Qiao kept her mouth shut. She had said it casually at noon, but not only did Shao Jingmo take it seriously, but he also remembered it. Qiao Qiao felt very guilty, but the digestive tablet had been handed to her. She had to take it even if she didn’t want to. Besides, it didn’t matter even if she ate it.

She read the instructions, then obediently ate the digestive tablet.

During the meal, Qiao Qiao had a good appetite. However, she would always remind Shao Jingmo from time to time, “You have to buy clothes later. Don’t eat too much, or it won’t be suitable.’

Shao Jingmo placed the poured drink beside her. “I’ll eat less. You should eat more..”

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