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Chapter 558: Chapter 558: It’s Very Difficult to Like, and You Can Meet All Difficulties (2)

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Chapter 558: It’s Very Difficult to Like, and You Can Meet All Difficulties (2)

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The moment that was said, no one dared to make a sound. It was mainly because they were afraid of becoming the one who would be made an example of.

The first thing Qiao Qiao did when she returned to her office was pour herself a glass of water. She only calmed down a little after drinking an entire cup of warm water. Although she looked like she was not angry just now, she was actually furious.

She knew that it wouldn’t be long before Shao Jingmo completely controlled the entire Deep Blue Corporation, but she still felt very uncomfortable when she heard those words from those people.

She sulked alone for a while before starting the day’s work.

Jingcheng did not come in until noon.

She was still thinking that she should be here with Shao Jingmo for lunch today, so she waited first and did not order takeout first. Although the company had a canteen, she was not familiar with this place. Moreover, there were too many people in the canteen, so she was afraid that she would feel uncomfortable. It was better to wait for Shao Jingmo to come down and eat together.

So she waited until one-thirty.

Before the lunch from Shao Jingmo and Jingcheng arrived, Dou Ying arrived.

Dou Ying came over to check on the work Qiao Qiao had completed today.

When she was checking, she casually asked, “What did you eat for lunch?” Qiao Qiao pursed her lips and said nothing.

Dou Ying didn’t hear anything and turned to look at Qiao Qiao. Seeing her tense face, she asked, “Did you order something not delicious? Look at your bitter expression.”

Qiao Qiao sighed and lied casually. “l ordered Malatang. I like coriander, but they didn’t put it in for me. To me, without coriander, there’s no soul. I’m not happy eating it.”

Dou Ying burst out laughing. “Are you angry about this?”

Qiao Qiao said, “Yes.”

“Alright, it’s just coriander. There’s plenty in the company’s canteen. Next time, go to the canteen to eat. If the takeout you ordered did not have coriander, just go to the canteen to get a serving,” Dou Ying said.

Qiao Qiao nodded. “Okay.”

After checking Qiao Qiao’s work and finding nothing wrong, Dou Ying was very satisfied. After praising her, she handed Qiao Qiao another set of data to check. When she was about to leave after giving her instructions, she was stopped by Qiao Qiao.

“Secretary Dou! ”

Dou Ying turned around and raised her slender eyebrows. “Huh?”

Qiao Qiao had been sitting down and was about to ask Dou Ying something when she stood up. She struggled in her heart for a long time before she mustered up the courage to ask, “Is-is President Qiao… very busy today?”

Dou Ying did not look very surprised by Qiao Qiao’s question. “l saw that you were distracted just now. Did you not dare to ask President Qiao?”

Qiao Qiao looked a little unnatural, but she admitted, “Yes, he’s my Little Uncle. I haven’t seen him all this time, so I wanted to ask if he’s very busy today.”

“Not very busy,” Dou Ying said.

Qiao Qiao’s heart sank and she lowered her eyes. “l understand.”

Dou Ying said, “President Qiao went on a business trip.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Qiao Qiao looked up with a surprised reaction. “He’s on a business trip?”

“Yes.” Dou Ying told Qiao Qiao the truth. “It’s an impromptu and urgent meeting in Long City. He’ll be back at three in the afternoon.”

Qiao Qiao nodded. So he went to Long City for a business trip. She thought it was very far. She nodded to show that she understood and thanked her. “Thank you, Secretary Dou.”

Dou Ying said meaningfully, “You’re welcome. I know President Qiao’s schedule very well. If you want to ask in the future, just ask me.”

Qiao Qiao nodded. “Okay.”

After Dou Ying left, Qiao Qiao immediately took out her phone and opened the takeout software.

After choosing and not finding anything she really wanted to eat, she felt that she was not that hungry. Thinking about how she had lied to Dou Ying just now, would Dou Ying really not find out if she ordered takeout now?

She might as well go to the cafe downstairs and eat some dessert.

A few minutes later, Qiao Qiao appeared in the cafe downstairs.

She ordered a mousse and a chocolate lava. She didn’t really want coffee, so she ordered a strawberry Frappuccino. She’d barely eaten when she caught a glimpse of a familiar figure outside the glass window.

On a closer look, it looked like Jingcheng. He had just gotten out of a black car. Wasn’t that the car Shao Jingmo usually drove? From the angle she was sitting, she could vaguely see Shao Jingmo sitting in the back seat.

As she watched, she supported her chin and muttered to herself, “Didn’t Secretary Dou say that he won’t be back until three in the afternoon? It’s still ten minutes to two…”

He actually came back more than an hour early..

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