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Chapter 56: 56 Exposed! Exposed!

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56 Exposed! Exposed!

A few minutes later.

Li Xiwu drove Pei You’an to a small Chinese courtyard. The Chinese courtyard was located in the suburbs of the capital, closer to Fu Town. It was surrounded by bamboo forest, fences, vegetable fields, and small gazebos.

Pei You’an had never been here before. When he got out of the car, he looked shocked. “Sister-in-law, what kind of paradise is this?”

Li Xiwu walked in front. “Are you so surprised that you want to go back and write a Peach Blossom Origin?”

Pei You’an said, “I only know how to write stories like Makka Pakka.”

Li Xiwu smiled and opened the door to lead Pei You’an in. “You’re staying here tonight.”

Pei You’an looked around. “Sister-in-law, when did you and Brother buy a Chinese courtyard here?”

Li Xiwu handed Pei You’an the key. “I didn’t buy it with your brother. A friend of mine bought it.”

Pei You’an did not take the key. “Then is your friend a man or a woman? Will they come back to stay tonight? I’m socially afraid. Why don’t I stay in a hotel?” This Chinese courtyard was beautiful. If the owner came back and he didn’t know him, it would be so awkward to stare at each other. He might as well stay in a hotel.

Li Xiwu stuffed the key into Pei You’an’s hand. “Stay here in peace.” She raised her hand to her wristwatch. Time was tight. “She rarely comes back. Don’t worry about running into her.”

Pei You’an asked, “What if we meet?”

What if? Li Xiwu thought for a moment. “Don’t worry. She doesn’t eat people.”

Pei You’an: “…”

Before leaving, Li Xiwu did not forget to remind Pei You’an, “There’s a lot of food in the fridge and a lot of dry goods in the cabinet. Don’t eat too much. By the way, don’t go into the room that’s locked on the left. I’ll leave first.”

After giving her instructions, Li Xiwu hurried out the door. After Pei You’an reluctantly watched Li Xiwu leave, he began to size up the Chinese courtyard.

On the way back to the inn, Li Xiwu thought about her next countermeasure.

There was something wrong with Chi Xia, but she couldn’t just say it and suggest that Chi Xia go to a psychiatrist. If she said such a thing, the form teacher would probably treat her like an unreasonable parent.

Without any evidence, she could only transfer Pei You’an away first. As for what happened next…

Li Xiwu took a deep breath. This was really tricky.

Back at the inn. It was almost one in the afternoon. At this time, everyone had already had lunch. Li Xiwu entered the inn and did not see a single guest. There was only the sponsor who was arranging yogurt.

“What about them?” Li Xiwu asked the staff.

The staff said, “Everyone’s gone up for their lunch break.”

The live broadcast had already entered an advertisement interlude that lasted for an hour and a half. When their lunch break ended, they would return to the live broadcast after two-thirty. However, there were also camera records during this period. From the moment Li Xiwu returned to the inn, she had already entered the recording.

“Miss Li.”

Li Xiwu looked up. It was Xie Wen coming downstairs.

Xie Wen went downstairs quietly, afraid that the tapping sound would disturb the other guests during the lunch break. After going downstairs, she ran towards Li Xiwu happily.

Li Xiwu subconsciously reached out. However, when Xie Wen arrived in front of her, she immediately stopped. “Miss Li, did you think I would throw myself into your arms?”

Li Xiwu retracted her hand. “No.”

The next second, Xie Wen went forward and hugged Li Xiwu’s arm. “Miss Li, you don’t mean what you say.”

Li Xiwu suppressed a smile. “You sure keep your word.”

Xie Wen couldn’t stop giggling.

Perhaps it was because of her exquisite makeup, but Xie Wen’s eyes were bright and charming when she smiled. She looked very young. Li Xiwu looked a little dazed and thought of Chi Xia’s mental state. Chi Xu was not that simple either.

Moreover, to be honest, she did not know much about Chi Xu.

This was because Chi Xu might have some small problems, but she could not find any big problems. There had never been any rumors spread that there were problems with his way of interacting with the production team. He was also quite motivated in terms of thinking, but he did not encounter any good opportunities. He did not shine in the entertainment industry and later fell in love with Xie Wen.

Xie Wen asked her, “Have you eaten before you came back?”

Li Xiwu shook her head. “Not yet.”

Xie Wen stuck out the tip of her nose. “I knew it.” With that, she turned and went to the kitchen. Soon, two dishes were served to Li Xiwu.

Li Xiwu recognized that it wasn’t what she’d cooked for lunch today. She asked, “Did you cook it?”

Xie Wen said, “Miss Li, your culinary skills are too awesome. We’ve already finished all six dishes at noon today. I saw that everyone had eaten two bowls of rice. I thought that you would definitely have to eat when you came back after settling your matters, so I cooked two more dishes for you. It doesn’t matter even if you ate before coming back. Anyway, I wasn’t full at noon today.”

After placing the dishes on the dining table, Xie Wen waved her hand. “Miss Li, come here quickly.”

Li Xiwu’s heart warmed. She walked over and sat down.

Xie Wen did it herself and scooped rice for Li Xiwu. “Stir-fried meat and vegetables. This vegetable was stir-fried like you did last time. It’s been warm in the pot for a long time. I wonder if it will affect the taste.”

Li Xiwu smiled and said, “As long as the earthy smell is removed, it will taste good no matter what.”

Xie Wen rested her chin on one hand and watched Li Xiwu eat with a focused expression. If she was live-streaming now, her online viewership would definitely soar to the top. However, there was a recording and editing. When it was broadcast on the Wind Platform, the comments for this scene would also fill the screen.

Xie Wen casually found a topic to ask, “Miss Li, did you go out this time to solve your work problem?”

Li Xiwu nodded in agreement. Then, she found a topic and asked Xie Wen, “When are you and Chi Xu holding a wedding?”

The smile on Xie Wen’s face froze. “…We have to wait until Shenshen is a year old. Both of us are quite busy now. Chi Xu said that when Shenshen is a year old, he will hold a wedding for me.”

Li Xiwu ignored the existence of the camera and said in a joking tone, “Aren’t you worried that he’s painting a big picture for you?”

Xie Wen shook her head. “No. From the moment we got together until now, Chi Xu has done everything he promised me. He has responded to everything.”

Li Xiwu said, “No wonder you insisted on being with him back then.”

Xie Wen’s other hand was flat and her thumb was pinched on her index finger. Li Xiwu noticed that just as the camera was about to point at Xie Wen’s hand, Li Xiwu reached over and covered it.

Xie Wen was stunned. She looked up at Li Xiwu. She saw the gentle smile on Li Xiwu’s face. At this moment, Xie Wen thought how good it would be without the camera.

Li Xiwu said, “Both dishes are delicious. You’re thoughtful.”

Xie Wen smiled again. “I used to be an idiot in life. You always said that as long as I knew how to stir-fry a dish, and knew how to cook rice. Even if I fell from grace one day, I wouldn’t starve to death no matter where I went, so I learned cooking from you.”

The moment that was said, Gao Yueban, who was dozing off behind the monitor, suddenly woke up. His shocked reaction shocked the sleepy Yu Jing.

Yu Jing glanced at him. “Do you have sleep shock?”

Gao Yueban pointed at the monitor screen. “It’s been exposed.”

Yu Jing: “?”

Gao Yueban said loudly, “Xie Wen just said that she learned her culinary skills from Miss Li!”

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