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Chapter 568: Chapter 568: The Beginning of Emotional Warming (2)

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Chapter 568: The Beginning of Emotional Warming (2)

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“Shao… Jingmo…”

“l can hear you.”

“My back hurts…”

There was a three-dimensional relief sculpture on the back of the door. Qiao Qiao felt uncomfortable leaning against it. Slowly, he found some semblance of reason. He drew back and pressed his forehead to hers. “Say you regret it.”

Qiao Qiao’s eyes were blank. “What?”

Shao Jingmo repeated in a hoarse voice, “Say that you regret your rashness just now. Say that you regret it.”

Qiao Qiao pursed her lips and said nothing. Shao Jingmo coaxed her. “Guigui, listen to me. Say you regret it. That you regret your rashness. Okay, Guigui?

You’re just regretting it…”

Qiao Qiao gritted her teeth. “l don’t regret it.”

The air went quiet for a moment.

Qiao Qiao knew what she had to face after saying this. She had to face her hidden feelings for Shao Jingmo. It was a secret liking, an uncontrollable palpitation, and an indescribable jealousy. After saying this, she could clearly feel that Shao Jingmo’s breathing was much heavier than before. Because she couldn’t see, she didn’t know if it was anger or something.

But there was no time to give her time to think. Shao Jingmo picked her up horizontally, turned around, and strode towards the bed. She was placed on the bed by Shao Jingmo, and right on the heels of that, his body covered hers.


The warm yellow light at the head of the bed lit up. Qiao Qiao finally saw Shao Jingmo’s face clearly. His pupils were so dark that she couldn’t see the bottom. His invasive gaze made her have nowhere to hide.

It was this moment.

The warm yellow light swayed slightly. The two figures reflected on the white wall were faintly visible. The night was still long…

The next morning.

The sky was not completely bright yet. Qiao Qiao came out of Shao Jingmo’s bedroom after putting on her clothes. Her sneaky figure looked like she was a thief.

Back in her bedroom, Qiao Qiao immediately went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Although Shao Jingmo had carried her to take a shower in the middle of the night, they had done it again later on. It was equivalent to washing for nothing. She fell asleep just like that. At that time, she didn’t feel it, but when she woke up, she realized how sticky her body was.

The sound of running water filled the bathroom.

Qiao Qiao looked at herself in the mirror. There were some obvious marks on her snow-white body. She didn’t regret it at all. It was just that… her waist and legs hurt terribly. She had always firmly believed that Shao Jingmo was a newspaper, but last night, all the signs were sending her a message that Shao Jingmo was not an experienced chauffeur.

He even needed to look for the location! Didn’t he say that he had raised so many women? In the end, he made her suffer like a rookie. But after what happened last night, it probably wouldn’t happen again. Although she didn’t regret it, she did feel a little impulsive, so she couldn’t be impulsive again.

She quickly washed and wiped her body before applying a layer of fragrant body lotion. Finally, she wrapped herself in a bathrobe and came out. She was shocked when she came out. Shao Jingmo had quietly entered her bedroom and was still lying on her bed.

At this moment, he was still the same as when she slipped out of his bedroom just now. His upper body was bare, his chest was firm, and his abdominal muscles were well-defined. His figure was impeccably self-disciplined, especially the ratio of his shoulders to his waist. Qiao Qiao’s eyes widened.

It was just that some scratches on his chest and arms were too conspicuous.

Qiao Qiao knew that it was her work. Enduring her discomfort, she walked to the bed and asked, “What are you doing here at this time?”

Shao Jingmo grabbed her wrist and pulled her down to lie on the bed. He covered her with the blanket. “Continue sleeping.”

Qiao Qiao struggled to get up, but Shao Jingmo pressed her down. “Sleep a little longer. It’s still early.”

“No, no. Get out. Mom often comes straight into my room in the morning to call me. If she comes in and sees you here, I won’t be able to explain myself.” She panicked and wanted to chase him away.

Shao Jingmo reminded her calmly, “We’re legally married.” With that, he pushed himself up to look at her, his dark, deep eyes much hotter than they’d ever been. “What needs to be done has been done. It’s more legal.”

Qiao Qiao’s face heated up and she looked away, not daring to meet his gaze.

She still said, “I’m an adult, and you’re even more so. Just pretend that nothing happened last night.”

“Never happened. Heh…” Shao Jingmo chuckled.

This laugh sounded extremely dangerous to Qiao Qiao. She roughly knew what was going to happen next. She got up and was about to escape, but she was too naive. Shao Jingmo was beside her. How could she escape when the two of them were pressed together?

She was immediately pressed under him.

Qiao Qiao knew that she was panicking. She begged in a delicate voice, “No, 1 really can’t. It hurts.”

“Let me see.” His eyes darkened. He lifted the blanket and lifted her bathrobe…

Around eight o’clock, there was a knock on Qiao Qiao’s door.

Mother Qiao stood outside the door. “Why aren’t you up yet? Get up. Hurry.”

Knock knock knock Knock knock knock –

She knocked a few times, but no one opened the door. Mother Qiao was prepared to go in and pick her up as usual. At that moment, the door opened. Mother Qiao was about to say something when she saw that the person standing in front of her was Shao Jingmo. Mother Qiao’s eyes widened.


Shao Jingmo was wrapped in a bathrobe, and his fine black hair hung on his forehead. It was very different from his usual elite behavior. He looked calm. “The toilet in Qiao Guigui’s bedroom is blocked. I came over to take a look at her.’

Qiao Qiao, who was hiding at the bathroom door, heard his lie and mouthed silently, “Who would believe you?”

At this moment, Mother Qiao, who was outside the door, said, “Oh, the toilet is blocked. It’ll be fine after it’s done. By the way, is Guigui up?”

Qiao Qiao:

Was this her biological mother’s reaction?

She actually did not suspect anything!

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