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Chapter 57: 57 Hubby Is Here

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57 Hubby Is Here

Yu Jing immediately perked up.

In the previous episode, everyone was guessing if Xie Wen had learned her culinary skills from Li Xiwu. Most netizens did not believe it. It was not until Han Qianye ruined it and Li Xiwu had no choice but to cook personally that some netizens reluctantly believed it.

But this guess had never been confirmed. And now, it was confirmed just like that, not in a live broadcast state. It was simply unexpected.

Gao Yueban said to Yu Jing, “You have to edit this scene well.”

Yu Jing said, “You don’t have to tell me.”

Gao Yueban said, “By the way, Miss Li just came back. She probably doesn’t know the arrangements for tonight.” With that, Gao Yueban woke up the little assistant who was sleeping like a dead pig beside him. “Still sleeping? Your mother is getting married.”

The junior assistant was in a daze. “It’s going to rain. Mother is getting married. What choice do I have?”

Gao Yueban reached out and pinched the junior assistant’s nose.

Unable to breathe, the junior assistant opened his eyes. “Director Gao?”

Gao Yueban said, “Miss Li didn’t come back for lunch today. Hurry up and inform her about tonight’s arrangements.”

The junior assistant said, “Director Gao, I can’t breathe.”

Gao Yueban retracted his hand. “Go, go.”

On the other side.

Li Xiwu was halfway through her meal. The junior assistant beside Director Gao came over and handed her a mission card. Li Xiwu put down her chopsticks and opened it to look at the mission card. After reading it, she calmly folded the mission card and placed it aside before continuing to eat.

Xie Wen asked, “Miss Li, are you happy?”

Li Xiwu said, “I’m happy.”

It was fake. She couldn’t get happy.

On the mission card were the arrangements for this afternoon. The four groups of daughters-in-law had to call in advance to inform their husbands to come to the inn during their lunch break. However, the final effect had to be the daughter-in-laws showing a surprised face when they saw their husbands.

It was a proper script. Therefore, the part where the junior assistant handed her the mission card would be cut.

Group One, Group Two, and Group Three’s husbands would definitely come. After all, ever since the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law participated in the recording of this variety show, they knew that just like the first season, their husband would appear in one or two episodes.

Then there was the scene of the young couple spending the entire day with their mother-in-law.

Not only did the audience want to see the couple interact with their mother-in-law, but they also wanted to see the young couple interact with their mother-in-law. If there were no conflicts between their mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, would there be conflicts between the three of them?

The flow of views that the variety show wanted to catch was quite accurate. However, this mission was impossible for Li Xiwu. Because Pei Jingzhou would not come to this variety show. She was very sure.

“Miss Li…” Xie Wen hesitated.

Li Xiwu’s tone was steady. “Speak freely. We’re talking about a mission scene now. It’ll be cut.”

Xie Wen glanced at the camera. “I’ve already called Chi Xu. He moved all his scenes for the past two days. I thought it was tomorrow, but the director arranged it for this afternoon.”

Li Xiwu ate her food. “Chi Xu is coming to the variety show. No wonder you’re very happy.”

Xie Wen smiled much more gently. “Yes.”

Li Xiwu pondered for a moment, then inexplicably said, “Did he say such words?”

Xie Wen asked without thinking, “What words?”

Li Xiwu looked up into Xie Wen’s eyes. “You belong to me alone.”

Xie Wen’s expression froze. Li Xiwu didn’t care if this scene would be cut at all. She continued, “I’ve met many beautiful girls. You’re the only one who moves me and I’m willing to guard you for the rest of my life.”

“Everyone else wants something from you. I’m the only one who’s really good to you.”

“I’ve never been so attentive to anyone.”

“Don’t ever leave me. I’d rather die without you.”

With every word Li Xiwu said, Xie Wen’s expression darkened. The more she spoke, the uglier Xie Wen’s expression became.

Li Xiwu looked straight at Xie Wen. “I want to use one of the sentences I just said as a personal signature. Which sentence do you think is better?”

Not only did Xie Wen’s expression turn ugly, but her pupils were also slowly dilated. Her lips seemed to be trembling.

Li Xiwu put down her bowl and chopsticks and reached out to hold Xie Wen’s hands. “Aren’t they all quite good? Is it difficult to choose?”

Xie Wen’s lips trembled. “E-every single one is good.”

Li Xiwu smiled. “You belong to me alone. What about this line?”

Xie Wen was not stupid. Knowing what Li Xiwu was telling her, her mood was in chaos. She immediately stood up. “I’ll go up and take a look at Shenshen.”

Li Xiwu let go. “Go ahead.”

Xie Wen ran upstairs. After Xie Wen left, Li Xiwu’s expression darkened. Looking at the food in front of her, she instantly lost her appetite.

Chi Xu was coming. She had to perk up.


Han Qianye had been in her room and did not know that Li Xiwu had returned. She lay on the bed, holding up her phone. It had been almost forty minutes since she had sent Li Xiwu a WeChat message. She wondered if she should call her directly. When she finally made up her mind to call Li Xiwu, Lin Yourong called.

Han Qianye picked it up. “Rongrong.”

Lin Yourong asked, “How did the recording go today?”

Han Qianye said whatever she thought. “I feel that my daughter-in-law’s culinary skills are awesome!”

Lin Yourong: “?”

Han Qianye’s feelings came from the bottom of her heart. However, she was puzzled. Didn’t the cooking auntie at Lake Lu say that Li Xiwu never cooked? She couldn’t figure it out, so she stopped thinking and shared it with Lin Yourong. “By the way, Li Xiwu called me ‘Mom’ on the show today.”

Lin Yourong sighed. “Yes, and then?”

Han Qianye could not suppress her excitement. “I think it’s quite nice.”

Lin Yourong: “…You make it sound like no one has ever called you Mom. You have two sons and a daughter.”

Han Qianye said, “That’s different.”

Lin Yourong asked, “How is it different?”

Han Qianye said, “Li Xiwu called me that.”

After being speechless, Lin Yourong said, “…Are you crazy, or have you been drugged by Li Xiwu?”

Han Qianye replied seriously, “No.” Then, she continued to share with Lin Yourong, “Rongrong, let me tell you, I think Li Xiwu is like a superhuman. She made six dishes this afternoon. She’s too awesome.”

Lin Yourong said angrily, “If you can cook, you’re Superman? Do you have a misunderstanding about Superman?”

“Oh, you’re right.” Han Qianye immediately reacted. “It’s still different from Superman because Superman’s underwear is on the outside.”

Lin Yourong: “…!”

“By the way,” Han Qianye said.

Lin Yourong interrupted, “You’d better get down to business.”

“Business, business,” Han Qianye said hurriedly. “I’m thinking, what if my son doesn’t come to the variety show?”

Lin Yourong said, “Isn’t that perfect?”

Han Qianye said, “What’s so good about it!”

When the time came, everyone else’s husbands would be here except for Jingzhou. Han Qianye’s heart ached inexplicably when she thought of Li Xiwu’s disappointed expression.

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