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Chapter 570: Chapter 570: Shao Jingmo, Do You Like Me? (2)

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Chapter 570: Shao Jingmo, Do You Like Me? (2)

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That was undeniable. In the eyes of successful men, lust was the lowest level of desire.

Qiao Qiao stared at him for a long time, then asked a particularly annoying question. “You’re not just trying to make me feel better, are you?”

Shao Jingmo smiled. “You can think so, but I have the right to defend myself.”

“You’re still arguing.” Qiao Qiao said in a very complaining tone, “It hurt so much last night.”

Shao Jingmo’s eyes darkened. “Sorry.”

“Forget it, forget it. Who asked you to be a rookie? I’ll reluctantly believe you this time.” The corners of Qiao Qiao’s lips curled up hard. She was also trying her best to suppress her joy, and trying not to make it too obvious.

She circled the back of her hand and patted his arm on her lower back, indicating that he should let go. Shao Jingmo let go of her this time and said with a faint smile, “I’ll be more familiar with it next time. I’ll be careful next time.”

Qiao Qiao’s cheeks burned. She turned around and turned her back to him. “l told you to treat last night as an accident. We’re legally married to begin with. It’s fine if an accident happens. It won’t happen again.”

Qiao Qiao had said this just now. Then, she got a good ‘serve’ from Shao Jingmo and almost couldn’t get out of bed again. However, such a question of principle had to be made clear. Last night was a moment of impulse. How could she be impulsive from time to time in the future? Therefore, she had to draw a line in this matter.

“Qiao Guigui.”

Behind her, Shao Jingmo called out to her. His tone sounded no different from usual.

Qiao Qiao didn’t turn around. “What?” Shao Jingmo said, “Turn around.” Qiao Qiao slowly turned around. Shao Jingmo reached out, grabbed her neck, and hooked her in front of him. Then, he lowered his head and covered her lips. He kissed whenever he wanted. He was so domineering that he was unreasonable.

Fortunately, he did not kiss her for long this time. After an extremely rough kiss, he let go of her and said, “I’ll come to your room tonight.” Then he turned and went out. He closed the door for her considerately as well.

Qiao Qiao’s mouth was numb. She waved her arms at the air. “I’ll lock the door and close the window tonight!” She didn’t know if the arc of her waving was too wide, but the soreness in her body became more obvious. Her small face fell as she endured the flash of discomfort and cursed. “Beast.’

During breakfast, Qiao Qiao acted like a coward the entire time. She didn’t look at anyone and didn’t dare to look at him for a second. Fortunately, Shao Jingmo was more restrained and did not deliberately find anything to talk about at the dining table.

However, Father Qiao said, “The two of you have been in a stalemate for almost a month. What problem can’t you bury the hatchet?”

Qiao Qiao hung her head and didn’t reply. She ate her breakfast in silence. Shao Jingmo replied, “She looked for me this morning.”

As soon as he said this, Father and Mother Qiao’s gaze landed on Qiao Qiao, who was buried in her head. Even without looking up, Qiao Qiao could feel her scalp go numb from the stare. She cursed Shao Jingmo a million times in her heart!

Fortunately, Mother Qiao immediately realized what Shao Jingmo meant and chimed in, “That’s right. This morning, 1 went to wake Guigui up. Jingmo was with her and even helped her look at the toilet bowl. It seems that their relationship has eased a lot.”

Qiao Qiao immediately replied, “We’re all under the same roof. We’ll see each other often. One month is enough to appease my anger.”

“It’s a good thing to reconcile.” Father Qiao was very relieved. “The two of you have finally reconciled. What’s there to be unhappy about between uncle and nephew? This commotion lasted for a month…”

“Ahem.” Shao Jingmo coughed lightly.

Attention at the dining table quickly focused on the coughing Shao Jingmo. Other than Old Master Qiao, who was eating breakfast in the bedroom, he was not present. Shao Jingmo said indifferently, “Don’t mention the word uncle and nephew in the future. It’s not appropriate.”

Father Qiao found it strange. “Usually…”

Shao Jingmo said, “That’s in the past. This is a critical period.”

The attitude of these words was unquestionable. How could Father Qiao not understand? Currently, the tug-of-war with the Bai family has begun. In the eyes of the Bai family, Qiao Qiao had to be Shao Jingmo’s wife. Nothing could go wrong.

Father Qiao replied, “That’s true. I’ll try to watch my words in the future.”

After breakfast, Father Qiao was about to drive Qiao Qiao to the company as usual. Qiao Qiao also planned to take Father Qiao’s car. At this moment, Shao Jingmo walked past her and held her hand. “Let’s go to the company.”

Qiao Qiao quickly said, “I’ll take Dad’s car.”

Shao Jingmo turned to look at her. “There’s a meeting this morning. You have to listen in. It’s too late now..

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