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Chapter 572: Chapter 572: Marriage before Love, Dating (2)

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Chapter 572: Marriage before Love, Dating (2)

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Qiao Qiao only asked this on a whim. However, Shao Jingmo did not give her an answer directly. Instead, he asked her, “Are you certain or just guessing?”

Qiao Qiao pursed her lips. “I’m just asking. I’m not certain or guessing.”

Actually, she shouldn’t have asked. She clearly knew that Shao Jingmo had someone he liked, and that person was very likely the outstanding, capable, and beautiful Song Yun. After having sex with Shao Jingmo, she still felt a little guilty, even though she was Shao Jingmo’s legitimate wife.

As she thought this, Qiao Qiao’s chin was suddenly gently hooked by his outstretched hand. She was forced to turn her gaze to him.

Shao Jingmo asked, “You’re not certain, nor were you guessing?” Qiao Qiao wanted to nod, but she couldn’t with his hand under her chin. Shao Jingmo lowered his hand and gently caressed her fair neck. “Aren’t I obvious enough?”

Qiao Qiao blinked.

Shao Jingmo suddenly pressed her down.

There was a leather seat under her, so it wouldn’t hurt her back, but the space was too small. She couldn’t stretch her arms and legs too far. While Qiao Qiao was still savoring Shao Jingmo’s words, he kissed her one after another.

The more Qiao Qiao thought about it, the more she felt that something was wrong. She suddenly pushed him up. “Wait!”

Shao Jingmo helped her up and hugged her. His lips were close to her neck as he gave her an answer— “It’s you.”

Hearing this, Qiao Qiao didn’t move for a long time.

When the car arrived at the company, she got out of the car first and went in. Shao Jingmo walked behind. Other than getting out of the same car, the way they interacted and the distance between them were no different from usual.

Qiao Qiao arrived at her office. She closed the door, covered her face with her hands, and paced the office. On the surface, she looked like she was thinking calmly, but her heart was already in turmoil.

It’s her!

Shao Jingmo admitted it himself! The person he liked was her!!

The corners of Qiao Qiao’s mouth curled up uncontrollably, and her smile quickly covered her entire face.

Her mood was indescribably good. The only regret was that when she found out from Shao Jingmo that the person he liked was her, she forgot to ask him when he liked her because her mood was too complicated.

Could it be from the moment he picked her up from the capital?

Knock knock—

Two knocks on the door startled Qiao Qiao. She turned to look at the door and saw Dou Ying open her office door. She was standing there quietly, looking at her. Qiao Qiao immediately put down her hands that were covering her face.

Dou Ying walked in and placed the document on the table. “You didn’t hear the sound I made when I opened the door.”

“Maybe 1 was thinking too seriously and didn’t notice you coming in.” Qiao Qiao was a little nervous. As she spoke, she raised her hand and scratched her chin.

Dou Ying walked up to Qiao Qiao. “I saw you walking around just now. Did you encounter something difficult?”

“No, no.” Qiao Qiao quickly waved her hand.

Dou Ying leaned forward slightly. “Huh?”

Qiao Qiao moved back slightly and swallowed. “It’s really not difficult.”

The best way for adults to communicate was to stop when necessary. There was no need to ask too much, especially since it was taboo to get to the bottom of things.

Therefore, Dou Ying did not pursue the matter. She pointed at the document on the table. “It’s for a meeting soon.”

“A meeting?” Qiao Qiao was slow to react.

Dou Ying said apologetically, “l forgot to tell you yesterday. President Qiao arranged it at the last minute. He just asked me to prepare the materials for the meeting for you.”

Qiao Qiao remembered that when she went out in the morning, Shao Jingmo had carried her away in front of her father with the excuse that he had a meeting in the morning! “When does the meeting start? Is it now?” She wasn’t ready to go into the conference room, so she was a little worried.

Dou Yings gaze landed on her lips for a few seconds before she said meaningfully, “There’s no hurry.”

Qiao Qiao breathed a sigh of relief.

Dou Ying reminded her, “At least touch up your lipstick first. After all, the people sitting in the meeting room are all the company’s elders.”

Qiao Qiao:

The smile suddenly disappeared from her lips.

Seeing Dou Ying leave her office and close the door for her considerately, Qiao Qiao covered her face and was on the brink of tears. If she had known, she would have touched up her lipstick first when she came into the office just now, but she had forgotten just now.


The phone on her desk beeped.

Qiao Qiao got up and picked up her phone. It was a WeChat message from Shao Jingmo.

Shao Jingmo: [Come to my office first..]

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