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Chapter 574: Chapter 574: Marriage before Love, Dating (3)

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Chapter 574: Marriage before Love, Dating (3)

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“Who in the company doesn’t know about this? A while ago, the eldest daughter, who was still at the bottom of the hierarchy, entered the board of directors in the blink of an eye. What do you think will happen to Deep Blue next?”

“I thought that Deep Blue was about to change hands, but now that Missy has entered the board of directors, will Missy declare war on President Qiao and officially fight?”

“Even if they fight, Missy will only lose.”

“It’s hard to say. Missy just entered the company. To put it bluntly, a newborn calf is not afraid of a tiger. Nothing good will come of her fighting President Qiao.’!

“The version I heard was that President Qiao personally supported Missy into the board of directors, but I don’t think that’s possible. Who doesn’t know that President Qiao is famous for being ruthless? How could he tolerate Missy standing in his way? Perhaps Missy is going to be in trouble recently.”

“Don’t say that. I just saw Miss go to President Qiao’s office again. She hasn’t come down yet. He’s probably picking on Miss again.”

“Actually, Missy is quite pitiful. She just wants her family’s company back.”

Now that there were rumors everywhere in the company, there were always differing opinions.

At this moment, Obo Qiao, who was being discussed by everyone, was pressed onto Shao Jingmo’s desk. As for what they were doing… Qiao Qiao only knew that she regretted coming up, and she had been tricked by him.

Just twenty minutes ago, she was recording data in the office. She was working seriously when she suddenly received a WeChat message from Shao Jingmo: [Something happened. Come up for a while.]

When Qiao Qiao saw this message, she immediately perked up. Something happened? What happened? Looking at Shao Jingmo’s message, it seemed like she had made a mistake at work. Moreover, the situation was quite serious. She quickly replied: [Is there something wrong with the file I sent you?]

Shao Jingmo: [Come and check.]

Seeing his reply, Qiao Qiao didn’t dare to delay any longer and immediately went up.

Initially, Shao Jingmo pretended to be serious, so she did not suspect anything at all. She even believed that it was a mistake in her work that caused a data check error and the subsequent data collapsed.

Shao Jingmo said that he wanted to teach her how to verify it in the future so that it would not be easy to make mistakes.

As he taught, the scene changed.

After an unknown period of time, Shao Jingmo carried Ojao Qiao into the lounge inside the office. He placed Qiao Qiao on the soft bed and looked at her fragrant, soft, and red face. He couldn’t help but ask for it again.

In the end, Qiao Qiao didn’t leave Shao Jingmo’s office all afternoon.

But no one knew.

When someone asked Dou Ying about the situation in the afternoon, Dou Ying said, “Qiao Qiao? She’s already returned to the office.”

Someone asked Qiao Qiao how she was.

Dou Ying said, “President Qiao is such a black-bellied person. On the surface, he promoted Qiao Qiao to the board of directors, but behind her back, he let Qiao Qiao do all the dirty and tiring work. Poor little girl, she was bullied quite badly.”

Everyone’s expressions changed. They both sympathized with Qiao Qiao and were afraid of Shao Jingmo’s deterrence.

It was almost seven-thirty when Qiao Qiao woke up. She opened her eyes and looked around blankly. It wasn’t home. It seemed…

“You’re awake.’

Qiao Qiao turned around and saw Shao Jingmo lying on his side beside her. She was stunned for a few seconds, then immediately turned her back on him. “Don’t talk to me.’

Shao Jingmo hugged her from behind. “Are you angry?”

Qiao Qiao said, “Hmph.” She snorted, indicating that she was still angry.

Shao Jingmo lowered his head and kissed her cheek. “It’s almost seven. I ordered food to be sent here. Let’s go home together after eating.” “What did you tell Grandpa?” she asked.

Shao Jingmo said, “That we’re working overtime in the company.”

Qiao Qiao turned to face him. “You lie a lot. You know I’m easy to fool, so you always lie to me.”

Shao Jingmo chuckled. “It’s not because you’re gullible. It’s because you trust me.”

“You’re still laughing. Aren’t you just relying on the fact that I believe you and lying to me in all kinds of ways? You even did that in the office. If others find out… Hmm…”

She couldn’t close her chattering mouth, so Shao Jingmo kissed her and swallowed all the words. After that, he helped her put on some clothes and carried her out. He had already cleaned up the traces on the desk. It was not convenient to get someone to clean up such a matter, so Shao Jingmo did it himself.

This person was getting bolder. Each time, it became wilder.

It was said that there wouldn’t be a next time. But every time, Qiao Qiao couldn’t resist his active temptation, and Shao Jingmo was especially enthusiastic. It was as if he had eaten delicious food and always wanted to eat it. No matter what, he wouldn’t get tired of it.

Qiao Qiao sat on the sofa for a while before Shao Jingmo went to return a work call. He stood at the window to take the call. She sat on the sofa and looked at him. The atmosphere was appropriately quiet for the years.

Not long after, dinner was brought in.

Qiao Qiao was hungry. She picked up her chopsticks and began to eat the meat. The bowl was filled with the dishes Shao Jingmo had picked up for her. He was afraid that she would choke, so he would remind her to eat slowly from time to time.

Qiao Qiao was eating happily. She had never asked about what she had been suppressing in her heart. There were several times when she wanted to speak, but she swallowed her words until Shao Jingmo saw through her. He asked

her, “You want to say something?”

Qiao Qiao stopped chewing and looked up at Shao Jingmo.

Shao Jingmo said, “Hm?”

Qiao Qiao swallowed the food in her mouth and asked him very formally,

“Apart from our marriage on the surface, do we… have any other relationship now?”

For example, dating or something..

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