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Chapter 580: Chapter 580: Can’t Laugh Anymore, A Love Rival Appeared (3)

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Chapter 580: Can’t Laugh Anymore, A Love Rival Appeared (3)

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Qiao Qiao hesitated. “But Little Uncle said…”

Old Master Qiao guessed. “Jingmo doesn’t want you to go?”

Qiao Qiao nodded. “Little Uncle said that if I went this time, the Bai family might use despicable methods to make me stay.”

Old Master Qiao’s expression became even more solemn. “But if you don’t go, I’ll be even more worried.’

“It’ll be fine. Little Uncle said that he won’t go either. He’ll accompany me.” Qiao Qiao was afraid that her grandfather would be too worried, so she told him about Shao Jingmo’s arrangements.

Old Master Qiao sighed and smiled. “Jingmo is still the most considerate.” With that, he waved his hand. “You’ve been chatting with an old man like me for so long. Go rest early. As for going to the Bai family, I’ll think about it.”

Qiao Qiao stood up. “Then rest early.”

She came out of the sitting room with a heavy expression. Her mind was filled with what she had just said to her grandfather.

Why did Grandpa take her to the Bai family? Or could it be that Shao Jingmo’s considerations were not that safe? Perhaps it was safest to go to the Bai family because it was such a big birthday banquet. If she went missing, the Bai family would be the first to bear the responsibility.

Especially when Shao Jingmo said that the Bai family was fighting among themselves now. The heirs were fighting to achieve results in front of Old Master Bai.

Then what kind of results would satisfy Old Master Bai the most? Perhaps if he brought her to Old Master Bai? If Bai Qingfeng, Bai Qingnan, and Bai Qingchen attacked at the same time, she would be in danger!

She was thinking about something and walking, so she did not notice Shao Jingmo walking over. She almost bumped into his arms before she heard his voice. “What are you thinking so much about?”

Qiao Qiao let out a sigh and her eyebrows relaxed. “Grandpa’s health is getting worse and worse. I’m very worried.”

Shao Jingmo lowered his eyes. “Don’t worry too much. I’ll arrange for the doctor to give him another comprehensive examination tomorrow.”

“Then can I take tomorrow off and stay at home?” she asked immediately. Shao Jingmo said. “Mrs. Shao. the company has never had a system that doesn’t allow leave. If you’re not satisfied with the company’s system, you can suggest rewriting it.”

Qiao Qiao was stunned for a moment, then let out a sigh and laughed. She walked past him. “I understand. I’ll go back to sleep first. I’m so sleepy-” She yawned and stretched. Every physical movement indicated that she was sleepy.

Shao Jingmo watched her leave and his eyes gradually turned cold. Then, he turned around and went to Old Master Qiao’s living room.

The next day, Qiao Qiao took leave to stay at home and accompany Old Master Qiao for a full physical examination. It didn’t worsen. Many of the symptoms were related to mood. The doctor asked the family to enlighten the old man more. And this task fell on Qiao Qiao.

After an entire day, it was obvious that Old Master Qiao’s mood had improved a lot. Moreover, he had an appetite. In the afternoon, Qiao Qiao accompanied her grandfather to trim the flower branches in the front yard. It was almost five o’clock, and the person who had delivered the gown had arrived at this time.

“Guigui, they’re here to deliver the gowns. I’ve ordered two gowns. Call them over,” Old Master Qiao said, holding the teapot.

Qiao Qiao wasn’t too curious about whose gown it was. She put down the scissors and waved at the person over there. “Come here.”

Soon, the person who delivered the gown walked over.

The two of them were wearing work clothes. One of them went forward and said to Old Master Qiao, “Old Master Qiao, this is the gown you ordered a while ago. It’s already ironed. Do you want to check it or try it on? If there’s any problem, you can change it immediately.”

Old Master Qiao pointed at Qiao Qiao. “You can communicate with her. She’s my granddaughter.”

Qiao Qiao was at a loss, but she agreed. “I’ll take a look first.”

The two gowns were of both sexes. After Qiao Qiao looked at it, she had an idea. The female design style was completely in line with her aesthetic standards, and the male design was very suitable for Shao Jingmo. This was the gown her grandfather had ordered for her and Shao Jingmo.

There was no need to rack her brains to guess. Her grandfather hoped that she would go to the Bai family’s patriarch’s birthday banquet with Shao Jingmo.

After a careful inspection, the two people waiting to send the govvns away.

Qiao Qiao walked over with two big boxes and placed them in front of Old Master Qiao. ‘Grandpa, I’ve seen them. I quite like the design and style of the dress.’

Old Master Qiao hugged the teapot and took a sip of tea. He smiled and said, “l didn’t even say that this was a gown ordered for you.”

Qiao Qiao put her hand on the box. “Such a beautiful gown. If Grandpa didn’t order it for me, does Grandpa have other granddaughters?”

Old Master Qiao said, “Of course you’re the only granddaughter, but Grandpa still has another granddaughter.”

Qiao Qiao blinked. “Cousin?”

“Yes,” Old Master Qiao said. “The gown really isn’t yours. I ordered it for your cousin. She’ll be here tonight. I’ll get Jingmo to pick her up.”

Qiao Qiao asked, “Will Auntie come?”

Old Master Qiao shook his head. “Your Auntie won’t come. Only Xingruo will come.”

Qiao Qiao was puzzled. She didn’t know why Auntie’s daughter, Lin Xingruo, would come to their house at this time. It was not until dusk that a black Bentley slowly drove into the Qiao residence.

Qiao Qiao stood on the steps and looked in that direction, her eyes full of anticipation as she looked at the car. The car door opened. Shao Jingmo got out of the car. Qiao Qiao’s lips curled up when she saw him, but the next second, the smile on her lips froze.

Shao Jingmo reached into the car and placed a slender hand on his palm. Then, Lin Xingruo slowly got out of the car..

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