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Chapter 582: Chapter 582: Untitled (2)

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Chapter 582: Untitled (2)

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Mother Qiao stood in front of Qiao Qiao. “Do you know why your grandfather called Xingruo over at this time?”

“No idea.” Qiao Qiao shook her head.

Mother Qiao said, “You don’t have to go to the Bai family’s head’s birthday banquet this time, but Jingmo has to go, so your grandfather made a decision and asked Xingruo to go with Jingmo in your place.”

Qiao Qiao didn’t quite understand. “Why must Lin Xingruo go with Little

Uncle? I can go too. At most, I’ll publicly admit my relationship with Little

Uncle. That way, the Bai family will be even more afraid.”

“You’re thinking too simply.” Mother Qiao sat down beside Qiao Qiao and said slowly, “If you publicly admit that you and Shao Jingmo are married at the Bai family’s master’s birthday banquet, the Bai family will only be more unscrupulous. Although the Bai family is fighting among themselves now, if they want to show Old Master Bai their results, you will be in danger.”

Qiao Qiao lowered her eyes. “Mom, I know everything you’re talking about.”

Shao Jingmo had already told her this. No matter who from the Bai family attacked, she would be in danger.

At this moment, Mother Qiao reminded Qiao Qiao, “Don’t forget that your grandfather asked you to marry Jingmo in order to use your status as his wife to restrain him and make him protect you with responsibility. He didn’t do it to show the Bai family and make them retreat.”

Qiao Qiao pursed her lips. She naturally would not forget her grandfather’s original intention for her to marry Shao Jingmo.

Mother Qiao also said, “Your grandfather should have reminded you that Jingmo’s personality is very tolerant. He married you to repay your grandfather for raising him, and it’s also because of his responsibility that he protected you. Don’t always think that he will do everything you want. Get the situation and straighten out your position.”

Qiao Qiao said angrily, “Then did Little Uncle agree to arrange for Lin Xingruo to attend the birthday banquet with him?”

Mother Qiao replied, “It’s obvious, isn’t it! He knows the situation and is in control of everything, including you. You’re just too innocent. You always foolishly think that everything he says is credible. He indeed won’t harm you, but he controls you single-handedly. Don’t get yourself involved. In the end, you won’t have a good ending.”

Qiao Qiao was silent. She did not say anything for a long time, her eyes dark and gloomy.

Mother Qiao knew that Qiao Qiao had heard everything she had just said. She stood up and said, “I’ll go down to the kitchen to take a look first. Don’t stay in your room for too long. Dinner will start at seven sharp tonight.” With that, Mother Qiao left Qiao Qiao’s bedroom.

Qiao Qiao sat quietly for a while, composed herself, then went to the cloakroom. She picked out a black linen windbreaker, put on a baseball cap, and changed into a pair of Doc Martens. Then, while no one was in the living room, she quietly went out the door.

She didn’t go out alone. Instead, she called Jingcheng. “Come and pick me up.”

Jingcheng: ???

Qiao Qiao urged, “Drive the car to me in five minutes, or I’ll fire you.” Jingcheng asked in a weak voice, “Miss, may I ask where you are now?”

Qiao Qiao said, “Come here first. Don’t report it to Little Uncle in advance.”

Jingcheng agreed first. “Then wait for me for five minutes, Miss. I’ll rush over as soon as possible.”

If Qiao Qiao wasn’t at the Qiao residence at this moment, Jingcheng would definitely have called Shao Jingmo before he left. However, Qiao Qiao was at the Qiao residence at this moment. At least her safety was confirmed. Although Jingcheng didn’t know what was going on, he still rushed over immediately after ending the call.

Qiao Qiao waited under the streetlight for five minutes. Jingcheng stopped the car. It was rare for him to see Qiao Qiao dressed like this. At first, he couldn’t recognize her. After lowering the window, he called out tentatively, “Miss?”

Qiao Qiao looked up. Under the brim of her hat, her face was clearly visible. After confirming Qiao Qiao’s identity, Jingcheng was about to get out of the car when Qiao Qiao walked straight forward, walked around the car door, opened the passenger door, and sat down. “To the Bar Buff.”

The confusion on Jingchengs face instantly turned to fear. “Miss, it’s so late. Why are you still going to the bar?”

Qiao Qiao turned her head. “Can’t l?”

“It’s not that you can’t. It’s just that I might have to ask Third Master for his opinion. Miss, wait for me for a minute.” As he said this, Jingcheng had already taken out his cell phone and was about to call Shao Jingmo to tell him about the situation.

Before Jingcheng could make the call, Qiao Qiao snatched the cell phone from his hand. “Contact him later. There’s no hurry..”

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