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Chapter 589: Chapter 589: A Kiss as a Reward (3)

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Chapter 589: A Kiss as a Reward (3)

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On the other end of the line, Mother Qiao’s tone was unreadable. She only asked, “Where are you?”

Qiao Qiao said, “Outside.” Mother Qiao said, “Where outside?”

Qiao Qiao tried to lie. “Just…”

But before she could tell the lie, Mother Qiao interrupted. “You’d better tell the truth.’

Qiao Qiao choked. “At the Tianfang Water Pavilion.”

The call suddenly fell silent. Mother Qiao didn’t ask anything else for a long time. Qiao Qiao poked her head out and glanced in the direction of the kitchen. It was impossible to go back tonight.

How could she bear to go back now when she had run away from home and used her willfulness to exchange for some alone time?

Fortunately, Mother Qiao did not say that she wanted her to go back. She only asked her, “Have you had dinner?”

Qiao Qiao replied, “Not yet. Little Uncle is cooking now.”

Mother Qiao nodded. “Then eat. Come back early after work tomorrow.” Qiao Qiao asked, “What’s the matter tomorrow?”

Mother Qiao said, “Nothing much. Now that your cousin is here, it’s good to accompany her.”

Qiao Qiao agreed. “Got it.”

At the same time as the call ended, Shao Jingmo came out of the kitchen with two bowls of seafood noodles. He shouted, “Qiao Guigui, wash your hands and eat the noodles.’

Qiao Qiao went to wash her hands and realized that Shao Jingmo had even placed chopsticks for her. She sat down and picked up her chopsticks. “I’m still blessed with food.’

Shao Jingmo pushed the plate of octopus sauce in front of her. “You’re lucky just by eating a bowl of noodles. You’re too easily satisfied.”

Qiao Qiao scooped a spoonful of octopus sauce into the noodles and stirred it evenly. “I’m not greedy to begin with. I’ll be satisfied with a little.”

Shao Jingmo looked at her. “Then I hope you’re a little greedy. After all, the money your husband saved up for you over the years is enough for you to squander for a few lifetimes.”

Qiao Qiao took a slurp of noodles, her expression as satisfied as her mood.

“I’m a person who spends a lot. What if I finish spending it in advance?”

Shao Jingmo stirred the noodles in his bowl. “Then I’ll continue to earn until you have enough to spend.”

Qiao Qiao was satisfied with this dinner.

The portion was better, and she wouldn’t be especially full. If she hadn’t remembered to maintain her figure, she probably wouldn’t have been able to help but pick another handful of noodles from Shao Jingmo’s bowl.

Fortunately, she held back.

After dinner, she accompanied Shao Jingmo to clear the dishes. After that, the two of them watched a movie together. Qiao Qiao thought that she was the only one paying attention. Shao Jingmo just accompanied her to watch casually.

However, she realized that when she was excited, Shao Jingmo could follow up with two sentences about the plot development. She also asked with a very surprised expression, “You’re watching?”

Shao Jingmo raised his hand and tapped her forehead. “Then do you think I’m sitting here with you and not watching it?”

She giggled and snuggled into his arms as she continued to watch the entire movie. At the end of the film, she didn’t know how she got together with Shao Jingmo. She forgot the beginning and the process.

After that, it was out of control.

It was very late. Shao Jingmo carried Qiao Qiao into the bathroom in the bedroom. The sound of the water didn’t stop for a long time. When they came out again, it was already late at night.

Qiao Qiao fell asleep as soon as she fell into bed.

The next morning, Qiao Qiao was woken up by Shao Jingmo very early. If it was Sunday, she would definitely be angry when she woke up, but she had to go to work. She endured it, but she silently scolded Shao Jingmo thousands of times.

They arrived at the company.

Shao Jingmo took Qiao Qiao to the top floor for a meeting. Qiao Qiao was almost yawning the entire time. She had no choice. She couldn’t help it. She was too sleepy.

Song Yun, who was sitting beside her, asked her, “Did you not sleep well last night?”

Qiao Qiao was about to yawn for the fifth time when she heard Song Yun’s question. She quickly adjusted her expression. “l didn’t sleep well.” Song Yun asked, “Staying up late to play with your phone?”

Qiao Qiao said, “…Yes.”

Song Yun reminded her, “Try not to stay up late playing with your phone. It’s not good for your eyes and your physiology will be imbalanced.”

Qiao Qiao buried her face in her hands. “Yes, I’ll be careful.”

Song Yun kept feeling that there was something wrong with Qiao Qiao’s reaction, but she didn’t intend to ask further. Just as she was about to look away, she was suddenly attracted by a mark on Qiao Qiao’s neck.

After seeing the mark, Song Yun finally understood why she felt that Qiao

Qiao’s reaction was not right. Song Yun smiled meaningfully. Coincidentally, Qiao Qiao looked up and saw the meaningful smile on Song Yun’s face. At that moment, Qiao Qiao really wanted to find a gap to hide in.

‘Qiao Qiao!” Shao Jingmo shouted.

For a moment, everyone’s eyes fell on Qiao Qiao. Qiao Qiao tensed up and looked at Shao Jingmo in confusion. “President Qiao, what’s wrong?” Shao Jingmo said, ‘Come on a business trip with me later.”

Qiao Qiao asked, “Business trip?”

After the meeting ended, the others left the meeting room one after another, leaving only Qiao Qiao and Shao Jingmo. They were both still sitting.

Qiao Qiao asked curiously, “How long is the business trip?”

Shao Jingmo said, “We’ll be back tomorrow morning.”

Qiao Qiao stood up.. “Isn’t it Bai Fengjiangs birthday banquet tonight? Aren’t you going?”

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