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Chapter 591: Chapter 591: Welcoming Wolves, Fighting Wolves (2)

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Chapter 591: Welcoming Wolves, Fighting Wolves (2)

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Qiao Qiao shook her head. “President Qiao has something else on. The business trip plan will be postponed.”

Dou Ying was puzzled. “President Qiao was already planning this afternoon’s business trip a few days ago. Why did he suddenly postpone it…”

Qiao Qiao turned her head and asked Dou Ying, “You’re saying that President Qiao already planned today’s business trip a few days ago?”

“That’s right.” As long as Dou Ying knew about President Qiao, she basically wouldn’t hide it from Qiao Qiao. “Besides, President Qiao’s plan is only to take you there. Although he goes to Long City for business all year round, he doesn’t know much about some fun places in Long City. He even asked me to make a plan…”

Realizing that Qiao Qiao’s expression was getting stranger and stranger, Dou Ying stopped talking. At this moment, Qiao Qiao asked, “Can I see the plan?”

“The plan is in my cell phone file. I made it with my phone. Go back to your office first. I’ll send it to you later.” With that, Dou Ying raised her wrist to look at the time. “My client is here. I won’t talk to you anymore. I’ll leave first.”

Qiao Qiao watched Dou Ying leave in a hurry and reminded her at the top of her voice, “Secretary Dou, remember to send me that file.”

“l know.” Dou Ying had already walked away.

Qiao Qiao returned to the office. Less than a minute after she sat down, she received a WeChat notification on her cell phone. She picked it up and opened it. It was a document from Dou Ying. After taking a closer look, she realized that there was no business plan in Long City at all. They were all scenic spots and delicacies.

On the surface, it was called a plan, but in fact, it was a complete and detailed tourist guide to Long City.

Qiao Qiao felt even worse after reading it. She endured in the office until she got home. She had just arrived at the living room when she heard Lin Xingruo call her from the second floor— “Sister Qiao Qiao.”

Qiao Qiao looked up and saw Lin Xingruo, who had already dressed up, smiling at her. Her smile was very bright, like a sunflower blooming under the sun.

Tap, tap, tap. She came downstairs.

Lin Xingruo walked a little faster when she went downstairs. In the blink of an eye, she was beside Qiao Qiao. She held Qiao Qiao’s arm affectionately and said in a coquettish tone, “Before I came here last night, I was thinking that I must sleep with you tonight and talk to you about many, many happy things… Who knew that when I came out of the tiler’s place, I would hear that you had gone out? Sister Qiao Qiao, where did you go last night?” Qiao Qiao said, “A friend asked me out to play.”

Lin Xingruo snorted. “You didn’t even bring me along.”

Qiao Qiao’s gaze fell on Lin Xingruo’s govvn. “You’re not familiar with my friend. I’m afraid you’ll feel uncomfortable if you go.”

“Not at all. I’ve always been very friendly.”

Qiao Qiao said, “You’re called a social butterfly.”

Lin Xingruo smiled. Realizing that Qiao Qiao was looking at the gown on her, she stepped back a little and spun in front of Qiao Qiao. Then, she asked, “Does it look good, Sister Qiao Qiao? Grandpa prepared this for me. He said that I’m going to a banquet with Little Uncle tonight.”

Qiao Qiao asked Lin Xingruo, “Do you know what kind of banquet it is?”

Lin Xingruo: “Birthday banquet?”

Qiao Qiao looked surprised. “You know?”

“Auntie told me about the situation in the afternoon. I roughly know everything now.” Lin Xingruo held up her dress and waved it in front of Qiao Qiao. “It’s the Bai family, right? Little Uncle and Grandpa were invited to Old Master Bai t s birthday banquet. They should have taken you there, but for some reason, they replaced you with me.”

Qiao Qiao took a deep breath. “So you already know.”

Lin Xingruo nodded. “Yes, of course. Sister Qiao Qiao, just stay at home in peace. I’ll go meet the Bai family for you.”

She did not know if Lin Xingruo did not know how dangerous the Bai family was, or if she did not take the Bai familys danger seriously at all, but her words were very unrestrained. Qiao Qiao wanted to remind her, but before she could say anything, she suddenly heard her grandfather’s voice— “You’re back, Guigui.”

Qiao Qiao looked in the direction of the voice and saw Mother Qiao pushing her grandfather in a wheelchair over.

Qiao Qiao and Lin Xingruo went forward at the same time. After Qiao Qiao called her grandpa, Lin Xingruo immediately showed off her dress in front of Old Master Qiao. Just like what she had shown Qiao Qiao just now, she spun around and asked, “Grandpa, the dress you chose for me suits me very well.”

Old Master Qiao’s gaze was attracted by Lin Xingruo’s dress. “As long as you like it.’

Lin Xingruo’s voice was crisp. “l really, really like it.”

At this moment, Mother Qiao suddenly said, “Our Guigui should look good in it. ”

Lin Xingruo looked at Mother Qiao, then at Qiao Qiao. She continued, “Sister Qiao Qiao is beautiful and has a good figure. No matter what she wears, she’s a fairy.. But…”

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