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Chapter 593: Chapter 593: Huge Misunderstanding (1)

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Chapter 593: Huge Misunderstanding (1)

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Before Qiao Qiao could speak, the bodyguard beside her immediately reminded her, “Miss, pay attention to what he says. Also, he’s from the Bai family.”

“I’m not opening the door for him!” Qiao Qiao stepped back a little. “I also know that he’s a member of the Bai family. He’s very dangerous.”

Bai Chen raised her hand and touched the half-framed glasses on the bridge of his nose. He smiled elegantly. “Are you so guarded against me?”

Qiao Qiao deliberately corrected him. “Anyone who comes to our house is a guest. Why would I be wary of guests? You’re wrong. Our family is wary of the Bai family. Unfortunately, you’re a member of the Bai family. Then I can’t open the door for you. Please go back.”

Tonight, everyone was at Old Master Bai t s birthday banquet. Her grandfather and Little Uncle had also gone there, but she knew that Little Uncle had arranged for many bodyguards to guard the Qiao residence tonight.

At this juncture, Bai Chen came and even tempted Qiao Qiao to open the door for him with the thought of what would happen at the birthday banquet tonight…

Bai Chen took out a single stalk from the bouquet of red roses. He lowered his head and sniffed it before handing it in through the gap in the iron door. “l understand that you don’t like the Bai family. Then, can I receive the Qiao family’s hospitality when I visit as Mu Chen?”

Qiao Qiao didn’t reach out to take the rose. She asked in surprise, “Who’s Mu


Bai Chen said, “My biological father’s surname is Mu. I changed my surname.

Mu Chen is also me.’

Qiao Qiao rolled her eyes at him speechlessly. “You’re really going all out. You don’t want the surname the Bai family gave you just like that.”

Bai Chen’s answer was very calm. “I’m not related to the Bai family by blood to begin with. Losing the surname Bai is insignificant to the Bai family. Finally, it’s not my turn to carry the word ‘traitor.”

With that, Bai Chen winked at Qiao Qiao and smiled frivolously. “On account of my sincere attitude, can you invite me in? Don’t you want to know what happened at the banquet tonight? I can tell you.”

Qiao Qiao was not moved by Bai Chen’s words at all. She crossed her arms and said, “Bai Chen, did you read the story of the Big Bad Wolf and the Seven Little Lambs in Grimm’s fairy tale when you were young?”

Bai Chen didn’t quite understand. “What?”

“It seems that your childhood was not complete. You don’t even know this fairy tale. Well, I’m a little sarcastic. Not all children like to read fairy tales.”

Qiao Qiao was annoyed that she had spoken too quickly because she had ignored the fact that Bai Chen was Bai Qingfengs stepson. She had also forgotten that Little Uncle had said that Bai Chen’s mother had married into the Bai family when he was six or seven years old.

His parents divorced early, so Bai Chen did not have a complete childhood. Her words just now accidentally pierced into Bai Chen’s heart.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” Bai Chen looked at her with a faint smile.

“Don’t tell me you think I’m angry?”

Qiao Qiao pursed her lips. “Sorry.”

Qiao Qiao’s unintentional words just now did not anger Bai Chen. Instead, this apology made Bai Chen a little unhappy. The smile on her lips faded. “l don’t like to hear that word.’

Qiao Qiao said, “I—

Bai Chen handed her the rose again. “I’m not coming in. Take the flowers as a greeting gift for being friends. Think about what you’ll give me the next time you see me.”

Qiao Qiao still didn’t take it. won’t take it. The most troublesome thing for me is to return the gift.”

Bai Chen looked at her gently. “Then I don’t want a return gift. This rose is for you.”

Qiao Qiao hesitated for a moment and reached out to take the rose. The bodyguard beside her immediately reminded her, “Miss, it’s better to be careful.’

Qiao Qiao’s hand froze in midair. She turned to look at the bodyguard and saw that he was very nervous and worried, afraid that something would happen to her because she took this rose. Qiao Qiao turned to look at Bai Chen, who was waiting for her to receive the flowers. He did not rush her. He just waited patiently.

Qiao Qiao hesitated for about ten seconds before reaching over and taking the rose from Bai Chen. She said, “Thank you.”

Surprise flashed in Bai Chen’s eyes. “You actually accepted my roses.”

Qiao Qiao didn’t understand why he said that. She lowered her head and sniffed the fragrance of the roses. “Thank you for the roses, but don’t think too much. I only accepted your roses, but it doesn’t mean that I accept you as my friend. I don’t care if your name is Mu Chen or whatever-Chen. In my opinion, you’re still a member of the Bai family. It has nothing to do with your surname.”

She made it very clear..

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