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Chapter 594: Chapter 594: Huge Misunderstanding (2)

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Chapter 594: Huge Misunderstanding (2)

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She also wanted to tell Bai Chen not to try to get close to her in the future, especially not to come to the Qiao residence openly like tonight. Even if he really didn’t have any ill intentions, she couldn’t let him into the Qiao residence.

At this moment, Bai Chen asked her, “What if I leave the Bai family? Can I be your friend?”

Qiao Qiao frowned. “Why must you be friends with me?”

Bai Chen smiled. “Of course it’s because you’re very suitable to be friends.”

Qiao Qiao couldn’t be bothered with him. She urged him, “Hurry back. I have to go in.”

“Alright, 1 was rejected when I came out to visit. I’ve also set a precedent for your Qiao family. I hope I can enter the house the next time I visit.” After saying that, he raised his hand slightly. “I’m leaving.”

When he came, he brought a bouquet of roses. When he left, he left one for Qiao Qiao and took the rest with him. Qiao Qiao watched Bai Chen’s figure disappear into the night. She didn’t know how long she watched until the bodyguard beside her reminded her, “Miss, it’s late. Let’s go in first.”

Qiao Qiao looked down at the rose in her hand, then turned and went in. At this moment, Mother Qiao and Father Qiao were already sitting at the dining table. Seeing that Qiao Qiao had returned with a rose in her hand, Mother Qiao asked curiously, “Where did the flower come from?”

Qiao Qiao casually placed the rose on the dining table. “It’s a wild rose in the courtyard. ”

Mother Qiao said, “Do you think I’ll believe you? I know everything about the Qiao residence. How dare you lie to me when wild roses grow?”

Qiao Qiao:

Father Qiao asked, “Who from the Bai family is here?”

Qiao Qiao sat down and answered, “The one from the Bai family…”

Father Qiao interrupted her. “It’s fine if you patronize your mother, but don’t patronize me.”

Qiao Qiao obediently placed her hands flat on the dining table and replied obediently, “Bai Chen.”

Although Father Qiao had never seen Bai Chen before, he knew that Bai Chen was Bai Qingfengs son, but he was not his biological son. He was his stepson and was not liked by the Bai family.

Father Qiao frowned. “When did you deal with Bai Chen?”

Qiao Qiao reached for her chopsticks. “Can we eat first?”

Father Qiao nodded. “Then let’s talk while we eat.”

The chopsticks were already in Qiao Qiao’s hand. She picked up a meatball and said before eating, “My grandpa taught me not to speak when I eat.”

Father Qiao was speechless. After mentioning her grandfather’s words, Qiao Qiao avoided the topic.

After the meal, Qiao Qiao planned to go straight back to the bedroom upstairs. Just as she went up the stairs, Mother Qiao suddenly stopped her. ‘Qiao Qiao, you haven’t taken your rose yet, right? Don’t you want them?”

Qiao Qiao said, “No, Mom, help me throw it away.”

“It’s so beautiful. Why should I throw it away? Keep it. I’ll throw it away when it wilts.” Mother Qiao really felt that this rose was beautiful, so she kept it.

When she was delivering milk to Qiao Qiao, she took this rose up for her and placed it in the vase in her room.

Around ten o’clock, it started to rain.

Qiao Qiao moved the cushion to the tatami window. She hugged her knees and looked out eagerly. Her body was in a stiff posture. She sat in the same position for a long time, looking forward to seeing the car drive back. She began to sigh unconsciously.

On the twenty-third sigh, which was just after eleven, a black car finally came into view.

The Qiao residence’s door opened and the car slowly drove into the Qiao familys house before stopping in front of the villa.

Qiao Qiao almost subconsciously got up and went down to pick him up sneakily like before. However, before she could get up from the cushion, she saw Shao Jingmo and Lin Xingruo holding the same umbrella after getting out of the car. Moreover, Shao Jingmo’s jacket was still on Lin Xingruo. At this moment, the feeling in her heart was simply indescribable.

Old Master Qiao was sitting in a wheelchair with an assistant holding an umbrella and someone pushing a wheelchair.

Behind them, Shao Jingmo held an umbrella and covered himself and Lin Xingruo. The two of them walked in unison.

Lin Xingruo seemed to be talking about something happy. The star-like smile on her face had not disappeared since she got out of the car and entered.

Qiao Qiao felt very suffocated. Even if she felt uncomfortable, she asked for it.

She was the one who suggested that Shao Jingmo change his mind and bring Lin Xingruo to the birthday banquet.

At this moment, Qiao Qiao was no longer in the mood to go downstairs. She was afraid of seeing a more depressing scene. She sat quietly on the tatami for a while, Just as she was about to go back to bed, she heard a knock on the door..

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