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Chapter 595: Chapter 595: Huge Misunderstanding (3)

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Chapter 595: Huge Misunderstanding (3)

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For a moment she thought she was hearing things, until the second and third knock came.

Qiao Qiao immediately put on her slippers and ran towards the door. However, she did not open the door immediately. Instead, she took a deep breath to calm herself down before opening the door.

Shao Jingmo was standing outside the door. He was still wearing a rain-stained jacket. His hair was not messy at all, and his face was still Qiao Qiao’s favorite.

As she’d hoped, she opened the door and saw the person she’d wanted to see most. The hidden joy in her heart was obvious, and the corners of her eyes quickly filled with smiles. She said, “You’re back.”

Shao Jingmo pushed the door open a little and stepped into her bedroom. She stepped back when he stepped in until he reached out and closed the door. He raised his hand to untie his jacket and twist it away. Qiao Qiao took the initiative to help him take off his rain-stained jacket.

She took her coat and turned around to get a hanger to hang it up. Behind her, Shao Jingmo reached out and hugged her. “I’m back, Qiao Guigui.”

He held her very tightly.

The coldness on his body dissipated the moment he approached her, leaving only a room of gentleness. Qiao Qiao smelled his faint alcohol smell. It was not strong, which meant that he had only drunk a few glasses tonight.

She could not turn around and could only let him hug her like this. With her back facing him, she asked, “Little Uncle, do you want to take a bath? I’ll fill the bathtub for you now.”

Shao Jingmo gently placed his chin on the crook of her neck. “I’ll fill the bathtub myself.”

Qiao Qiao asked again, “How much did you eat tonight? Are you hungry? Do you want supper?”

Shao Jingmo chuckled softly. “Why do you suddenly look so much like a domestic wife? As soon as your husband returns, you busy yourself around him.”

Qiao Qiao asked, “Isn’t that good? It means that you’re all I care about.”

“Good, but not exactly good,” he said.

Qiao Qiao was puzzled. “l could understand what’s good. But what’s not good?”

Shao Jingmo said, “You’re my wife, not the nanny I hired. When I get home, you just need to tiptoe and hug my neck and take the initiative to kiss me. You don’t have to do anything else.”

Qiao Qiao grinned. “Your awareness is so advanced.”

Shao Jingmo loosened his arm slightly and grabbed her shoulder to turn her around to face him. “Actually, I’m a little hungry.”

“l knew you went to the birthday banquet. It was basically just a chat. Or you were just coping with the wine. You definitely didn’t eat much.” She straightened the jacket in her hand. “Then wait. I’ll hang up your clothes and make you supper. You can order whatever you want. If it doesn’t take too much time, I can consider satisfying you.” With that, she turned to hang up her clothes.

Shao Jingmo pulled her back. “That’s too troublesome.”

Qiao Qiao shook her head. “It won’t be troublesome. Cooking is a very easy thing for me. If you’re bored waiting, you can go to the kitchen and talk to me.

That way, you won’t be bored.”

Shao Jingmo smiled. “It’s still too troublesome. There’s another better way.” Qiao Qiao asked with a dazed and adorable expression, “Are we going out to eat?”

Shao Jingmo raised his hand and unbuttoned his shirt unhurriedly. “It’s most convenient to eat supper here.”

Qiao Qiao stared at his hands as he unbuttoned his shirt. “You, you, you, you…”

Shao Jingmo picked up her hand. “Help me untie it.”

If she had unbuttoned herself, she would definitely be familiar with it. Even though she had unbuttoned Shao Jingmo three or four times, she was still unfamiliar with it, as if she did not know how to unbutton it.

Shao Jingmo looked down at her and saw all the nervous expressions on her face. He leaned forward and looked at her closer. “Is it difficult to undo it?”

Qiao Qiao swallowed and ignored the face so close to her. “I’m holding your jacket in the crook of my arm. It’s not convenient to move. Why don’t you unbutton it yourself? I’ll hang up your clothes first.”

Her face was hot. She grabbed her clothes and turned to leave.

Shao Jingmo watched her leave in a hurry. Unknowingly, a smile had been on her face for a long time. After drinking tonight, he was a little thirsty. He went to get himself a glass of water. Approaching the table, he paused when he touched the glass of water, his gaze lingering on the rose in the vase. It wasn’t big or small, but there was only one rose in it.

Shao Jingmo remembered that when he went to the Bai residence tonight and met Bai Chen, he was holding a bouquet of red roses. This was just a thought. It was actually nothing. Coincidentally, when Bai Chen passed by him with the bouquet of red roses, he said, “l wonder if Miss Qiao will like this bouquet.” At that time, Shao Jingmo casually said, “She doesn’t like roses.”

Bai Chen asked, ‘E ls that so? That’s a pity. I carefully selected every single rose in this bouquet. If Miss Qiao is willing to accept a rose, I’ll be happy too.”

Shao Jingmo did not take Bai Chen’s words seriously. When he entered, he reminded Bai Chen, ‘You can’t enter the Qiao residence.”

Bai Chen smiled. “It doesn’t matter if I can’t enter, but I will definitely let one of my roses stay by Miss Qiao’s side. 1 hope Mr. Shao can see my flowers too.”

At this moment, Shao Jingmo did see it.

The rose..

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