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Chapter 6

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Who Is Her Husband

After the first season of “Mother-in-Law Joy” aired, its reputation and viewership ratings were excellent. Season two became a key project sponsored by Wind Platform.

The online publicity was done very well. Unlike the first season, which was broadcast at a specific time after the recording, the biggest publicity stunt this time was to use a real-time live broadcast to show the relationship between mother and daughter-in-law in front of the audience.

As in the previous season, there were four groups of guests.

The first group of guests was Min Hanrong, an actress who had left the industry for more than twenty years. Her daughter-in-law, Tao Jing, was a piano teacher.

Twenty years ago, Min Hanrong participated in Miss Hong Kong’s beauty pageant and debuted with the title of Miss Hong Kong. She first experienced great popularity and experienced the slump period. She gradually faded from the audience’s view. Then, she met her benefactor and became famous again. She acted out several classic works that no one had surpassed so far. Later, she low-key married a rich man in Hong Kong and stayed at home to take care of her husband and children.

Tao Jing was a slightly famous piano teacher. Because of a concert, she got to know Tao Jing. After that, Min Hanrong introduced Tao Jing to her son and it became a beautiful story.

The second group was made up of ordinary guests. The mother-in-law, Xiang Lan, was a fitness instructor who loved to work out. Her daughter-in-law, Xu Muzhen, was a doctor.

Xiang Lan loved working out at a young age. She worked out even when she was pregnant, and she worked out non-stop after giving birth. Now that she was in her forties, she looked to be in her early thirties. Working out really made her look young.

Xu Muzhen was usually very busy. A doctor had a lot of things to do. Compared to her mother-in-law who worked out every day, Xu Muzhen was so busy that she was almost invisible.

The third group of guests was the outdated starlet Xie Wen and her mother-in-law, Zheng Yuehua.

Xie Wen was once Li Xiwu’s popular starlet. In the two years that Xie Wen was famous, she firmly held the position of the top gun in Hua Guan. She could earn more than a billion yuan for Hua Guan in a year.

Unfortunately, Xie Wen fell in love. In a modern drama, she fell in love with the male lead, Chi Xu. After she got pregnant, she insisted on having the child.

Li Xiwu couldn’t persuade her, and the company couldn’t do anything to Xie Wen, so they could only give up on Xie Wen, the money tree. Now, Xie Wen wasn’t doing very well and had plans to make a comeback, so she had already contacted Li Xiwu several times in private. This time, being able to be on “Mother-in-law Joy” was a favor from Hua Guan.

Xie Wen’s mother-in-law, Zheng Yuehua, was a celebrity mother. Her son, Chi Xu, had only debuted a few years ago, but his popularity could not compare to Xie Wen’s popularity in the entertainment industry for half a year. His popularity had always been lukewarm and did not have any representative works, so there was not much attention.

The fourth group of guests was Li Xiwu and Han Qianye.

Li Xiwu was an artiste manager, and Han Qianye was a wealthy lady. On a certain level, the two of them were also ordinary guests. They are like Lin Yourong and Gao Sisi in the previous season. This episode, the two of them were also highly anticipated group.

The groups were currently divided into two groups of guests at a recording venue. The first and fourth groups were in a town in the scenic area outside the capital. The second and third groups were in the five-star hotel in the inner ring of the capital.

All the guests had already met the director and understood the recording process of the show. Before the recording, there were individual interviews and two-person interviews, as well as official posters. After that, there was some explanation of the mission.

It could be considered a transparent script. After all, it was easy to make mistakes during a live broadcast, so the program team naturally had to plan ahead. Moreover, the programs sponsored by the Wind Platform would not be shabby. The stylists hired to style the guests were all professional.

On this day, the minibus with the words “Mother-in-Law Joy” on it drove and stopped along the way. Finally, it picked up the guests from the first and fourth groups.

The live broadcast had officially started.

With the popularity of the first season and the good publicity, many of Mother-in-Law Joy’s loyal fans and netizens squatted down to enter the live-stream. The live-stream recording program had to be turned off, and only the comments were left on:

[Help! Mother-in-Law Joy’s second season is being broadcasted live. I was so excited last night that I couldn’t sleep! Anyone who is like me, raise your hand!]

[Time has never defeated beauty. After twenty years, Min Hanrong is still as beautiful as ever.]

[Min Hanrong really won’t grow old. When my father was young, he wanted to marry her! When I grow up, I want to marry her too!]

[I’ve browsed through all four live-streams. Only the first group is the most popular. Someone said that this is fake popularity? I’m laughing! Min Hanrong’s fans are just old, not dead!]

[My dad said that from today onwards, he is Min Hanrong Boy!]

Min Hanrong, who was dressed exquisitely, and Tao Jing, who was dressed elegantly, sat side by side at the front. The two of them were as close as sisters and kept talking and laughing.

Li Xiwu and Han Qianye sat at the back. They did not seem to be very familiar with each other.

Li Xiwu was calm. On the other hand, this was the first time Han Qianye was facing the camera of hundreds of thousands of people watching online. She looked a little uncomfortable. When the camera pointed at Li Xiwu, the comments suddenly became a little excited.

[Boohoo, whose DNA moved!]

[I don’t care if anyone’s DNA moves. Anyway, this is my dream connection. After a year, Xie Wen and Sister Li are together in this way.]

[When I saw Xie Wen in the other live-stream, it was really indescribable. When I saw Sister Li again, I sighed. Why did Xie Wen, this silly girl, fall in love and give up her career?]

[If only the fourth and third group of guests were in the same place. I want to see Xie Wen and her Sister Li in the same frame.]

The people who posted these comments were all fans of Xie Wen. When these fans were chasing after Xie Wen, they all knew the names of the people from Xie Wen’s management company, manager and assistant. When they saw that Li Xiwu was also on this in-law variety show, they couldn’t help but sigh.

After more than an hour’s drive, the minibus arrived at Fu Town, which was also the venue for the recording—the Inn From Beyond. After getting out of the car, the first group of guests pushed their suitcases in.

Li Xiwu took the suitcase and was about to follow when Han Qianye said, “Ahem!”

Li Xiwu turned to look at Han Qianye, then consciously turned back and reached out to take Han Qianye’s 26-inch suitcase. It was quite heavy.

Han Qianye said, “The suitcase is very heavy. I can handle it myself.” With that, she took the suitcase from Li Xiwu and Li Xiwu’s luggage. With a benevolent look, she said, “I can’t bear to see you tired.”

Li Xiwu was speechless.

[What kind of fairy mother-in-law is this! This is wonderful!]

[Her suitcase is so big, yet she’s still helping her daughter-in-law push her luggage. If I wasn’t live streaming, I’d think this was just for show.]

[Sister Li is so lucky to have such a good mother-in-law. I wonder who Sister Li’s husband is? The production team doesn’t seem to have announced it.]

Netizens began to become curious. Who was Li Xiwu’s husband?

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