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Chapter 60: 60 Wagging the Flag for Li Xiwu: You're My God!!

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60 Wagging the Flag for Li Xiwu: You’re My God!!

Han Qianye was unintentionally worried. Although she had never liked Li Xiwu, she had never mentioned Little You in front of her. In the past, she had thought it didn’t matter if she mentioned it. Now, it was best not to mention it.

Especially when she thought about how Li Xiwu had been Little You’s substitute for three years and was even chased away by her, the mother-in-law, she felt a little upset.

Why don’t…

After the recording of this variety show was over, she would introduce Li Xiwu to a boy who had no relationship experience and no first love in his heart. His appearance must be worthy of Li Xiwu’s looks.

After making up her mind, Han Qianye turned around and reminded him, “Don’t say anything you shouldn’t.”

Han Pin smiled. “Do you think I don’t know this?”

Han Qianye said, “I’m just afraid that you won’t understand. Little You is Little You. Xiwu is Xiwu. Don’t mix them up.”

Han Pin said, “Are you scheming again?”

Han Qianye said, “None of your business.”

Han Pin: “…” This sister of his who had always wanted to be strong.

Han Qianye realized that she had been away from the live broadcast camera for a few minutes. She hurriedly rushed in and reminded Han Pin as she walked, “Remember to control your mouth. Don’t talk nonsense.”

Han Pin was speechless.

At this moment, Li Xiwu had already packed the kumquats. Han Qianye came in and asked, “What are these kumquats for?”

Li Xiwu said, “To eat.”

Han Qianye choked and asked, “What I mean is, how do I eat it?”

Li Xiwu smiled. “How do you want to eat it?”

Han Qianye thought for a moment. “I don’t usually eat kumquat unless I make kumquat lemon tea.”

Li Xiwu asked, “Do you want to drink kumquat lemon tea?”

Han Qianye said casually, “Can I drink it if I wanted it?”

Li Xiwu smiled brightly. “Yes.”

When Li Xiwu said the word ‘yes’, Han Qianye seemed to see a light shining on Li Xiwu. Her entire body was emitting light. She was stunned for a moment before she realized. “You know how to cook?”

Li Xiwu took out three of the kumquats she’d just bagged. “I’ve never done it before, but I can try.”

Han Qianye looked very calm. But in her heart, she was already waving the flag and shouting for Li Xiwu: You’re my god!!!

Li Xiwu took the kumquats and the peeled grapefruit in the fruit basket to look for Han Pin. “Mister.”

From afar, Han Pin heard Little Li call him and looked over. “What’s wrong?”

Li Xiwu asked, “Can I use your kitchen?”

Han Pin walked over excitedly. “Of course. The kitchen is this way.”

On the way in, the live camera recorded the spaciousness of the entire villa. The kitchen was huge. There were all kinds of kitchen utensils.

The netizens watching the live-stream were even more dumbfounded.

[To have such a big villa in Fu Town, this is no longer a matter of money. Uncle, do you still lack a son?]

[Please take a picture of the nanny room. I want to see my work environment.]

[Is there a lack of lions at the door? If yes, I’ll squat.]

[No need to guess, everyone. This is my biological father, who has been separated for many years.]

[The more I look at him, the more I feel that this uncle is like the big shot in my books!]

[Can you reveal Uncle’s surname?]

The method of making kumquat lemon tea was very simple.

The kumquats’ seeds were removed from the kumquats and squeezed into the juice. They were poured into the green tea that had been brewed and cooled. As the kumquats were generally sour, if the tea was too hot, it would not taste too good. But if it was added with ice in the summer, it would be very quenching.

After that, she added the right amount of syrup, covered it with a lid and shaked it evenly.

There were no disposable cups here, so Li Xiwu filled them with glasses. Before pouring into the glass, she should put two lemon slices in first. But since there were no lemons, Li Xiwu replaced them with sour grapefruit.

Han Qianye asked, “Is this grapefruit not sour enough?”

Li Xiwu divided a piece of grapefruit meat and handed it to Han Qianye. “Try it.”

Han Qianye did not think too much about it and stuffed the grapefruit meat Li Xiwu had given her into her mouth. The next second, a painful expression appeared on Han Qianye’s face.

Li Xiwu was originally quite calm. When she saw Han Qianye’s expression, she immediately couldn’t hold it in and laughed unkindly.

Han Qianye gritted her teeth. “Why is this grapefruit even sourer than a lemon?”

Li Xiwu also said, “It’s ten yuan a piece.”

Before Han Qianye could recover from her grimace, she heard Li Xiwu say that it was ten yuan a grapefruit. She said angrily, “How immoral. Ten yuan a grapefruit.”

Han Pin walked over. “Immoral?”

Han Qianye turned to look at Han Pin. “Did you trick Xiwu into spending ten yuan to buy that grapefruit at the inn?”

Han Pin said seriously, “What do you mean by trickery? It’s so unpleasant to hear. I could have just robbed her, but I still gave her a grapefruit.”

Han Qianye stuffed the remaining piece of grapefruit in her hand to Han Pin. “If you eat it, I’ll give you a hundred.”

Han Ping smiled and pushed her away. “I don’t have any good points. One of them is that I have a little money. You should eat it yourself.”

One was almost in her fifties, the other in his late fifties. Yet, they spoke like children.

Li Xiwu handed the finished kumquat grapefruit tea to Han Qianye. “Alright, grapefruit replaced lemon. Try it and see how it tastes.”

Han Qianye quickly stopped talking and reached out to take the kumquat grapefruit tea from Li Xiwu.

Han Pin looked envious. “Little Li, do I have one?”

Li Xiwu smiled. “Yes.” She turned around and poured a cup for Han Pin. Other than Han Qianye and Han Pin, Li Xiwu also poured a cup of kumquat grapefruit tea for the director and cameraman, as well as the assistant who had sent Han Qianye over.

When Li Xiwu returned to the kitchen, Gao Yueban said to the junior assistant, “See, if you follow Miss Li, your mouth would be blessed.”

The junior assistant happily drank the kumquat grapefruit tea. “How did Miss Li grow her hands? Not only can she cook well, but she can also make drinks. If she starts a business, she can do whatever you want in the catering industry.”

Gao Yueban did not refute and even agreed.

Kumquat grapefruit tea itself was a must-have drink in summer. It was late autumn, and most of the drinks people drank were hot. Because Li Xiwu had made kumquat grapefruit tea under the live camera, under Li Xiwu’s influence, the beverage shops were doing very well today. Even the kumquats and grapefruit in the supermarket sold well. Many people wanted to learn Li Xiwu’s method and make it themselves.

The business opportunity came. Many merchants had taken a fancy to Li Xiwu’s current commercial value and had already begun to call the show.

Meanwhile, Pei You’an, who was comfortably in the Chinese courtyard, was watching the live broadcast of Mother-in-Law Joy on his phone. When he saw his mother happily drinking the kumquat grapefruit tea that his sister-in-law had personally made, his expression was filled with indescribable envy. “I want to drink.”

But he couldn’t drink it. He exited the live broadcast for the moment and got up. For the fifth time, he went to the cabinet to get snacks.

The cabinet was filled with snacks that were all handmade. When Pei You’an opened the cabinet at first, he was like a country bumpkin who had never seen the world. He was dumbfounded.

The place his sister-in-law had brought him to was not only a paradise on earth, but also an endless supply of delicious snacks. There’s no other happiness than this in life. How could he not share it?

Hence, Pei You’an turned on his camera and took a few selfies. Half of his face and a cabinet of handmade snacks were in the selfie. He posted on Weibo. He thought of it as sharing his mood.

But he didn’t expect this Weibo post he casually posted to be trending—

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