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Chapter 600: Chapter 600: Do You Know, Jingmo Likes You (2)

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Chapter 600: Do You Know, Jingmo Likes You (2)

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Qiao Qiao pouted. “No way. It’s easier to guess what we young people are thinking. You old people are the ones. You keep your thoughts hidden so tightly that others can’t tell at all.”

“Oh? Then look. Do I look like I have something on my mind?” Old Niaster Qiao asked her with a smile.

Qiao Qiao shook her head. “It doesn’t look like it.”

“Right? Hahaha.” Old Master Qiao laughed a few times, but as he laughed, the smile on his face faded a little. He sighed and said calmly, “Actually, there is.” Soon, Old Master Qiao waved his hand. “Let’s not talk about me. Tell me about you.”

Qiao Qiao had thought that she would hear her grandfather take the initiative to chat with her. Obviously, she was thinking too much. Even if she asked her grandfather directly now if he was hiding something from her in dealing with the Bai family, her grandfather would not tell her.

Knowing the consequences of asking, she simply knew better than to ask. She pushed the wheelchair and walked slowly. “Uncle and 1… No, I think I should call him Shao Jingmo in front of you. Otherwise, it will mess up seniority.”

Old Master Qiao was interested. “It’s fine with the addresses, but I’ve heard your mother mention that your relationship with Jingmo is much better than before.’

Qiao Qiao didn’t deny this. In the past, Qiao Qiao would have echoed Old Master Qiao’s words, but that performance sounded fake.

Actually, Qiao Qiao didn’t realize that Old Master Qiao knew very well that she and Shao Jingmo were acting lovingly in front of him every day. He just didn’t say it out loud. He knew that even if he said it, it would be making things difficult for Qiao Qiao, so he had never deliberately mentioned anything.

At this moment, Old Master Qiao suddenly raised his hand. ‘Guigui, come here.’

Qiao Qiao walked around and squatted down on Old Master Qiao’s right. She looked up. “Grandpa.”

Old Master Qiao looked loving. “Tell Grandpa the truth. After interacting with

him for so long, haven’t you been serious about Jingmo at all?”

Qiao Qiao was very embarrassed. Her voice became blurry. “Grandpa, do you think… that Shao Jingmo and 1 are acting lovingly in front of you to reassure you?”

Old Master Qiao’s expression was unfathomable, as if he had seen through everything. “Your grandfather is just old, not blind. Of course I can tell.”

Qiao Qiao beamed and asked, “What about now?”

Old Master Qiao thought for a moment. “It’s hard to say. You seemed to be acting quite well a while ago. In the past two days, your acting skills have deteriorated like before.’

Qiao Qiao: “…” What? Her acting skills have deteriorated…

Old Master Qiao asked curiously, “Did the two of you bicker because of something in the company recently?”

Qiao Qiao said, “No. Actually, we have a good relationship.”

Old Master Qiao was a little surprised. ‘Good?”

Qiao Qiao nodded. “Yes, it’s really good. We aren’t acting. It’s all true feelings.

What I wanted to tell you just now is that I want to hold a wedding with Shao Jingmo after the grudge between the Qiao family and the Bai family is settled. You can host it then.’

“You’re holding a make-up wedding?” Old Master Qiao was even more surprised.

Qiao Qiao nodded and said seriously, “Grandpa, I’m not joking. And I hope you can agree to let Shao Jingmo restore the surname Shao to the outside world so that he can marry me openly.”

At this moment, her face was filled with anticipation. She was already fantasizing about how beautiful it would be to put on a wedding dress and walk on the red carpet with Shao Jingmo. Now, just the fantasy made her yearn for it and look forward to this day.

Old Master Qiao didn’t know what to say for a moment. After a moment of silence, he asked, “Have you really thought about spending the rest of your life with Jingmo?”

Qiao Qiao’s face was full of happiness. She nodded. “I’ve thought about it.”

Old Master Qiao asked, “You won’t regret it?”

Qiao Qiao subconsciously wanted to shake her head and tell her grandfather in a very firm tone that she wouldn’t regret it. But just as the words were about to slip out, she hesitated again.

Seeing her hesitation, Old Master Qiao reminded her, “There are still many choices in the future. There’s no hurry to make a decision now. You still have to think about your own life before making a decision.”

“Actually… I’ve already thought about it,” Qiao Qiao said. “The reason I didn’t answer just now is that I think no one can say for sure what will happen in the future. Feelings can’t withstand the tempering of time, Over time, everything will fade easily. But now, I’m really prepared to give my all. I want to spend the rest of my life with him..”

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