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Chapter 601: Chapter 601: Do You Know, Jingmo Likes You (3)

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Chapter 601: Do You Know, Jingmo Likes You (3)

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Qiao Qiao was 100% sincere at this moment. However, as Old Master Qiao had said, “If Jingmo hears you say these things, he should be very happy.”

“l think so… right?” Qiao Qiao covered her face with both hands and smiled shyly.

Old Master Qiao said in relief, “Did you know that Jingmo likes you?”

Hearing this, Qiao Qiao’s almond-shaped eyes widened slightly. Her reaction was surprise, but she was not surprised to know that Shao Jingmo liked her.

Instead, she was surprised that her grandfather knew that Shao Jingmo liked her!

Had her grandfather seen through it, or had Shao Jingmo told him?

Old Master Qiao asked her, “Are you surprised?”

“A little.” She made a “a little” gesture.

Old Master Qiao gathered the thin blanket around his legs. “1 thought you’d be surprised and ask me in disbelief once, twice, three times until you were sure it was true. But your reaction really surprised me.”

Qiao Qiao asked instead, “Then how did you know, Grandpa?” Old Master Qiao looked like he had seen through her. “l could tell.”

“But I don’t think it’s obvious,” she said.

Old Master Qiao said, “That’s what you think. Besides, you were too prejudiced against him at that time. You thought that he had snatched everything from the Qiao family and snatched away the inheritance rights that originally belonged to you. When you hated him, you would ignore everything he had done for you.”

Old Master Qiao’s words hit Qiao Qiao’s heart. She hadn’t thought much of it before. However, after her grandfather’s reminder, she realized that she had really neglected a lot of Shao Jingmo’s kindness to her because of her prejudice.

She saw him as malicious. Naturally, she ignored his kindness to her. Every time she saw him, she either mocked or targeted him. It was rare for her to be pleasant. And he seemed to be used to it. No matter how willful she was and how she targeted him, he accepted it.

“Guigui.” Old Master Qiao’s voice came.

Qiao Qiao answered sullenly, “Yes?”

Old Master Qiao said, “If you’ve really thought it through, that you’ll spend the rest of your life with Jingmo, then you have to live well.

Qiao Qiao said, “l will.”

“Also.” Old Master Qiao added, “Guigui, you have to treat him better. He lost his parents a long time ago. Later on, I brought him into the Qiao family and acknowledged him as my son. Suddenly, he had a new family. However, in his opinion, he was always a child under someone else’s roof and was not happy. The only happiness he had was given to him by you unintentionally, so

Grandpa was not surprised that Jingmo liked you later.”

The night wind blew through the treetops, and the swaying branches rustled in the moonlight. Old Master Qiao pulled up the thin blanket on his body several times, but he still felt cold. He turned to the dazed Qiao Qiao and said,

“Guigui, the wind is rising. Push me in.”

Qiao Qiao replied, “Yes.”

Not long after Qiao Qiao pushed Old Master Qiao in, a figure walked out from under the faint shadows of the trees.

On the third day.

Qiao Qiao went to work as usual. She yawned and looked listless. It wasn’t that she had slept late last night, but she had been too busy for the past two days.

Shao Jingmo had given her a lot of things to do at the company. She was so busy that her butt didn’t touch the stool. She couldn’t even take a sip of water.

Other than being busy, she would often send Shao Jingmo some caring WeChat messages. As for why she didn’t meet him, it was because he was also busy. Other than having meetings at the company, he would have meetings outside.

There were too many dinner parties and various invitations to count.

Qiao Qiao didn’t know if it was her imagination, but Shao Jingmo had been nurturing her very carefully recently.

Buzz buzz buzz.

The cell phone on the table vibrated non-stop. Qiao Qiao rubbed her tired eyes from looking at the computer for too long, then took the cell phone and answered it.

Shao Jingmo’s voice came from the phone. “Where are you?”

Qiao Qiao replied, “In the office.”

Shao Jingmo said, “Come down. I’ve arranged a chauffeur.”

Qiao Qiao perked up a little. “Where are we going?”

Shao Jingmo said, “It’s fine if you don’t come.”

“I’m going!” Afraid that he would take back the call, she quickly saved all the pages on the computer and turned it off. She held the phone in one hand and quickly tidied her hair with the other, afraid she looked too disheveled.

She quickly took the elevator to the bottom floor.

The chauffeur was Jingcheng. He waved at Qiao Qiao. “Miss, here.”

Qiao Qiao jogged over and glanced into the car before asking, “Where’s Little Uncle?”

Jingcheng said, “Third Master asked me to take you to a place. When we reach that place, you’ll be able to see him.”

Qiao Qiao didn’t think much of it and quickly went to give someone an out. “Then let’s go. Don’t just stand there.”

Jingcheng wanted to say something but hesitated. Seeing that Qiao Qiao had already opened the car door, he sighed in his heart and followed her. After arriving, Qiao Qiao knew for the first time that the place Shao Jingmo wanted her to come to was the golf course.

They have been busy for three days, why do they suddenly have the time for this?

Jingcheng went forward and said, “Third Master is inside.”

Qiao Qiao said, “Lead the way.”

Jingcheng raised his hand and made a gesture. “Let’s go, Niiss.”

On the way in, Qiao Qiao tidied her hair and admired the scenery of the court. She had a feeling that she had been here before. It had probably been a long time, and she couldn’t remember very well.

She looked down at the clothes she was wearing. They weren’t very suitable for playing ball. She had to change it later. Thinking of playing golf with Shao Jingmo, her footsteps couldn’t help but lighten. She followed Jingcheng into the sports car.

When they were almost there, Qiao Qiao saw a few figures standing there. She had a good vision and saw Shao Jingmo at a glance. She was about to ask Jingcheng when she suddenly saw a scene that suffocated her..

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