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Chapter 603: Chapter 603: Let’s Get a Divorce (2)

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Chapter 603: Let’s Get a Divorce (2)

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Wen Lu was reallv embarrassed to sav the word ‘Aunt’. It would make her

seem unreserved and impatient. Wen Lu could only turn to look at Shao Jingmo. “Aren’t you going to introduce me?”

Shao Jingmo lowered his eyes and looked at Wen Lu. There was no emotion on his face. But to Qiao Qiao, this scene was like a sweet couple looking at each other. Qiao Qiao couldn’t stand it anymore. She lowered her head and calmed herself down. She tried her best to maintain a calm tone and asked, “Aren’t you going to introduce me, Little Uncle?”

Shao Jingmo looked over. “The occasion isn’t that formal. I called you over to get to know President Wen. Since we’re at this point, let me introduce you.”

Wen Lu looked at Shao Jingmo hopefully. Qiao Qiao also looked at Shao Jingmo, waiting for him to continue. Mr. Wen was also waiting for Shao Jingmo to officially introduce his daughter, Wen Lu.

‘Qiao Qiao. Her name is Wen Lu, my fiancée.”

The moment Shao Jingmo finished speaking, Qiao Qiao seemed to hear something shatter. Only Wen Lu smiled happily. Qiao Qiao had seen that kind of happiness before. In the mirror, on her face.

At this moment, Qiao Qiao really wanted to say that out loud:

—1 was married to him a long time ago!

—You’re not a fiancée!

But… could she really say it?

Her rational mind told her not to say.

What if the scene in front of her was just a show between Shao Jingmo and Wen Lu? Her horizons should not be so narrow, let alone ruin Shao Jingmo’s matter because of a moment of anger and jealousy.

That had to be it.

Because it was impossible for Shao Jingmo to fall in love with someone else, He even announced that someone else was his fiancée. She was his wife. After comforting herself like this, Qiao Qiao finally felt a little better.

But even if she convinced herself, the image of Wen Lu kissing Shao Jingmo kept flashing through her mind. The moment that image appeared, her heart felt like it was placed on the gallows as she suffered.

Her eyes reddened and she fought not to cry.

Wen Lu realized that her eyes were red. She asked curiously and worriedly,

“Miss Qiao, what’s wrong?”

Qiao Qiao sniffed and shook her head. “Nothing much. I just suddenly found out that Little Uncle is in love and will soon enter the marriage hall. I’m quite emotional. His life is finally going to be complete.”

Wen Lu smiled happily. “So you’re sighing. 1 thought you didn’t like me.”

Qiao Qiao shook her head again and forced herself to continue acting. “How can that be? You have to be good to Little Uncle… He used to be very bitter.” Shao Jingmo’s eyes darkened and he suddenly said, “Qiao Qiao.” Qiao Qiao looked up at him sharply. Shao Jingmo said, “Lulu and I are going to play golf for a while. Take your time to talk to President Wen about the bidding.”

When Qiao Qiao heard this, she didn’t feel uncomfortable. Instead, she felt much more at ease. Look, he was just putting on an act. It was because of cooperation. There was no other reason. He hadn’t changed his mind. When the collaboration was agreed, everything would quickly be back on track.

She replied, “l understand.”

Wen Kaiqin was very cooperative. During the entire conversation with Qiao Qiao, his attitude was very attentive. He had no intention of going through the motions. This also boosted Qiao Qiao!s confidence.

However, she could not control her gaze. From time to time, she would look at the two figures on the court.

Wen Kaiqin realized and said with a smile, “Lulu fell in love with your Little Uncle at first sight.”

Qiao Qiao came back to her senses and looked away. “Little Uncle is very outstanding. Many girls like him very much.”

“Liking is one thing. To be able to gain his favor and win his heart is an ability. It took some effort for Lulu to woo him.” Wen Kaiqin’s words were very emotional. He also said, “I’ve never seen her so concerned about anyone. Shao

Jingmo is good in all aspects, and he’s also my ideal and most satisfied son-in-law. Now that fate has arrived, what happens in the future will depend on their luck.”

Qiao Qiao echoed with a faint smile and didn’t reply. The collaboration went very smoothly. After the discussion, Qiao Qiao couldn’t wait to go home. She took the initiative to go over and say to Shao Jingmo, who was teaching Wen

Lu how to play basketball, “Little Uncle, I want to go home.”

She thought it would be almost over by the time they finished talking about the collaboration. However, Shao Jingmo only replied, “Let Jingcheng send you back. ”

Qiao Qiao asked, “What about you?”

Wen Lu looked over. “Don’t worry. I’ll send your Little Uncle back later..”

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