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Chapter 604: Chapter 604: Let’s Get a Divorce (3)

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Chapter 604: Let’s Get a Divorce (3)

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Qiao Qiao ignored Wen Lu’s words and looked at Shao Jingmo. “Are you really not going back?”

Shao Jingmo changed his grip on the cue stick and didn’t look at Qiao Qiao, who was standing at the side. He held Wen Lu’s hand and walked to the other side. ‘You can go back first. You don’t have to wait for me.”

Qiao Qiao stood rooted to the ground in a daze. Her hands and feet were as cold as ice, and she let the wind mess up her hair.

She didn’t know how she’d left the field.

She didn’t know how she got home.

Just like that, the afternoon passed in a daze.

Shao Jingmo did not return even after dinner. Mother Qiao asked, “Is Jingmo having a business dinner today?”

Qiao Qiao shook her head.

Mother Qiao said, “Then why didn’t he come back?”

Qiao Qiao said, “l don’t know.”

Mother Qiao did not speak anymore. She turned to look at Father Qiao and asked softly, “She looks like she’s in a bad mood. They’re probably bickering again. ”

Father Qiao said the truth, “One is in his early thirties and the other is in her early twenties. Do you expect them to respect each other for the rest of their lives? It would be strange if they didn’t quarrel.”

“…” Mother Qiao was speechless and scolded softly, “l asked you to comfort your daughter, not make sarcastic remarks.”

Father Qiao corrected her. “That’s not sarcasm. That’s the truth that people who have been through it can see. It’s not a big deal. It’ll be fine in two days.

Didn’t the two of us go through it like this?”

Mother Qiao stopped talking and ate in silence.

After dinner, Qiao Qiao went back to her room. It wasn’t that she was sleepy. She just didn’t want her family to see her break down and doubt herself. It was a mess. She couldn’t control it herself. She could only hide and not let them see or worry.

Shao Jingmo did not come back very late tonight.

It was exactly ten o’clock. She sat on the tatami in front of the window and watched the car drive into the front yard. After the car stopped, Shao Jingmo got out of the car. Time passed. She calculated when Shao Jingmo would return to the bedroom. Hearing the door close, she got out of the tatami, put on her slippers, and went out.

Standing outside Shao Jingmo’s door, she hesitated for a long time before she mustered the courage to knock. After three knocks, the door opened.

“Little Uncle.” She smiled and tried her best to sound normal.

Shao Jingmo had no intention of turning his body to let her in. He asked her, “What is it?”

Qiao Qiao took the initiative to ask, “Can I go in?”

She realized that she had been much humbler in this relationship recently. In the past, she could enter and leave his bedroom whenever she wanted. She had never asked for his wishes. At this moment, she still had to get his permission before she dared to go in.

Fortunately, Shao Jingmo moved aside. “Come in.”

Qiao Qiao was overjoyed. She went in obediently first. When Shao Jingmo closed the door, she secretly hugged him from behind. “l just missed you. I won’t ask you about today. Not a word. I promise.”

Shao Jingmo covered the back of her hand with his palm, pried open her arm, and turned around. Disappointment appeared on her face, but he didn’t seem to see it. His expression was cold enough to keep her at bay for a thousand miles. “You can ask about this afternoon.’

Qiao Qiao shook her head and smiled. “I’m not asking. I know you were just putting on an act. I understand now, and I won’t be jealous.”

Shao Jingmo’s gaze flickered and he did not look at her. His tone was so cold that it was unreasonable. “I’m not putting on an act.”

Qiao Qiao stiffened. She didn’t actually believe it, but she couldn’t suppress the dull ache in her heart. She couldn’t understand why he had to say that.

When she spoke again, her voice was more muffled. “l said I wouldn’t be jealous. I’m very sensible now. I won’t mess with you, and I’ll try not to be willful in front of you. Don’t say these things to anger me, okay?”

She reached out tentatively and gripped a little of his cuff.

Shao Jingmo raised his hand to avoid it. He walked past her and went to the bedside table to get a box of cigarettes. He turned around and went to the

French window. He took out a cigarette from the box and lit it. He took a puff.

When Qiao Qiao was around, he rarely smoked. Second-hand smoke was too harmful. He cared a lot about her health. Earlier, it had been out of frustration, but after reason, he stubbed it out again.

Qiao Qiao walked over slowly. Seeing the cigarette he had stubbed out, she felt a little relieved. She asked him in a low voice, “Has something happened to the company recently?”

“No,” he said.

Qiao Qiao asked again, “Then why do you look so frustrated?” There was a two-minute silence in the air. He didn’t answer. Qiao Qiao couldn’t help but ask again, “Is it about the Bai family?”

Shao Jingmo’s eyes did not move. She felt that she should have guessed correctly and continued, “You said three days last time, but it’s already three days. Is it still not resolved? Actually, there’s no hurry. I’ll be obedient during this period and definitely not interact with anyone in the Bai family.”

“Qiao Qiao,” Shao Jingmo called to her.

Qiao Qiao’s reaction changed from a little stunned to surprised. “You never call me Qiao Qiao. You always call me Qiao Guigui.”

Shao Jingmo turned to face her. “I’ll call you Qiao Qiao from now on.” Qiao Qiao shook her head. “No, I just like hearing you call my nickname.”

“I’m not calling you that anymore. It’s not suitable,” he said.

Qiao Qiao was stunned for a while. “Little Uncle…”

She didn’t lose control of her emotions or throw a hysterical tantrum, let alone question him. All her reactions were well behaved. She just wanted him to see the change in her. However, she did not understand why Shao Jingmo’s attitude towards her had changed so much since she came into contact with Bai Chen last time!

She thought that they would be fine in two days. When Shao Jingmo’s anger subsided, they would be fine.

However, for the past few days, Shao Jingmo had always treated her with a lukewarm attitude. Other than really wanting to teach her at work and being very strict with her, she did not feel any love from him.

She didn’t understand why this was happening. She lowered her head and said, “1 already know my mistake. Why are you still so angry? I—

Before she could finish, Shao Jingmo interrupted her. He said, “Let’s get a divorce..

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