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Chapter 606: Chapter 606: I Didn’t Let You Down (2)

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Chapter 606: I Didn’t Let You Down (2)

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Know your place…

Qiao Qiao smiled bitterly. She propped herself up on the carpet and the wall with her other hand and slowly stood up. She backed away from him, putting her other hand on the wall to stop herself from falling again.

It was enough to fall once. If she fell a second time, she would really be hopeless.

She looked at him and imitated his current expression. She put on a cold mask. “I’m really sorry for making a fool of myself just now.”

Shao Jingmo’s expression did not change at all.

Qiao Qiao didn’t expect to see the expression she had hoped for on his face again. The man in front of her was extremely cold. He was also ruthless. As expected of the top businessman. After maximizing his benefits and calculating everything, he revealed the most terrifying capitalist face in front of her.

She backed slowly to the door.

In the distance, Shao Jingmo looked at her quietly.

Qiao Qiao raised her hand to wipe the tears off her cheeks and turned to open the door. When the door closed again, she was only one door away from him, but from then on, they were separated by mountains and seas.

She had thought that their relationship was the sweetest nectar. Who knew that in the end, it was a poison?

The next morning.

Mother Qiao came downstairs and found Qiao Qiao sitting alone on the sofa. After going down the last step, Mother Qiao walked towards Qiao Qiao. “Why are you up so early today?”

Qiao Qiao looked up, her face very pale. “After listening to Mom, I went to bed early last night So I got up early in the morning.”

“You usually stay up late and don’t listen even if I say it a hundred times. What’s wrong with you today? Did the sun rise from the west?” Mother Qiao teased with a smile. After saying that, she reached out and touched Qiao Qiao’s cheek.

It would have been better if she hadn’t touched it. When she did, she was shocked. “Why is it so cold? How long have you been sitting here?”

Qiao Qiao forced a smile. “For a while.”

“You only know how to lie to me. If you really only sat here for a while, how could you be so cold? Even your hands are so cold.” After Mother Qiao touched the coldness of Qiao Qiao’s cheek, she quickly touched Qiao Qiao’s hand. It was colder than her face. She had clearly been sitting here for a long time.

Mother Qiao wanted to ask Qiao Qiao if something had happened, but seeing Qiao Qiao’s pale face, she swallowed the words. She could vaguely guess what was going on. Mother Qiao was speechless. She turned around and went to get a shawl. She carefully wrapped it around Qiao Qiao and asked her, “What do you want to eat for breakfast?”

Qiao Qiao said, “Noodles.”

“Okay, Mom will cook noodles for you.” Mother Qiao patted Qiao Qiao’s shoulder gently.

Not long after Mother Qiao went to the kitchen, Shao Jingmo went downstairs. He saw her immediately, sitting on the sofa in the living room, but he ignored

her presence. He buttoned the front of his suit and walked out the door.Seeing this, Qiao Qiao stood up and called out to him, “Little Uncle.” Shao Jingmo paused, but he did not turn around. Qiao Qiao walked over and stood beside him. She asked, “Little Uncle, are you going out without breakfast today? It’s still early.” Her tone was soft, not quite the same as usual.

Shao Jingmo did not look at her sideways and only said, “I’m not eating anymore.”

He was about to leave when Qiao Qiao stopped him again. ‘Little Uncle.”

However, Shao Jingmo didn’t stop walking until Qiao Qiao said, “When are you going to give me the divorce agreement?”

It was this sentence that made the man, who had wanted to ignore her, stop again and turn around.

Qiao Qiao had been calm for the entire night. Her heart was like ice, shattering one by one until now. It had never been her style to pester him. It was too degrading and undignified. She had waited early in the morning to ask Shao Jingmo for the divorce agreement personally.

Shao Jingmo turned around and looked at her. What he saw was her overly pale face. At first glance, she looked like her soul had been extracted. Noticing that the redness in the whites of her eyes was very faint, it meant that she had not cried again after leaving last night. Only the dark bruise under her eyes was slightly heavier. She probably didn’t sleep well last night.

He spoke slowly, his voice not as cold and heavy as it had been the night before. “The divorce papers will be in your hands by noon.”

Qiao Qiao pursed her lips, then nodded slightly.

Shao Jingmo was not at the dining table today.

Mother Qiao and Father Qiao had an unspoken mutual understanding. They didn’t mention a word about Shao Jingmo. Actually, Qiao Qiao was very puzzled. Why did her parents seem to know everything even when she didn’t say a word about Shao Jingmo?

She couldn’t help but wonder if it was arranged a long time ago.

After breakfast, Qiao Qiao went to the company as usual.

Before noon, Dou Ying sent over a yellow paper bag document. When she handed it to Qiao Qiao, she reminded her solemnly, “President Qiao said that this is an important document. After you’re done reading it, go up and look for

him as soon as possible..”

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