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Chapter 61: 61 Exposed

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61 Exposed

Pei You’an did not like to post on WeChat. He liked to browse Weibo and share some of the joys and routines he felt he could share. For example, a jersey signed by James, a pair of joint edition sneakers with only ten pairs in the world, a seat in the first row of tickets for a Chinese music superstar concert…

Every Weibo post was so ‘simple’ and ‘low-key’. His simple and low-key Weibo sharing also attracted more than a thousand fans.

Handsome to the Point: [Mom!!! (JPG)]

There were six accompanying photos. After Pei You’an posted this on Weibo, it was half an hour before the fans saw them one after another.

The comments one after another on Weibo:

[There was a loud bang in the sky. I appeared.]

[Young Master has finished school? Young Master has worked hard at school today. What is Young Master eating tonight?]

[From James’ jersey to paying attention to Young Master, only this time, Young Master’s sharing is truly honest and low-key.]

[There are so many snacks. Young Master can’t finish them all.]

[Damn! Why does this background look so familiar? Isn’t this the cabinet where Mother Dragon stored pure handmade snacks? Even the sealed jars are placed exactly the same.]

[Aren’t those two cans of handmade pork jerky made from Mother Dragon’s sixteenth video? Even the label is the same.]

[I thought Young Master’s sharing this time was really simple and low-key. I was naive.]

[I wasn’t envious in the past, but I am envious after seeing this cabinet of snacks. Mother Dragon’s snack cabinet ahhhh.]

[The document is ‘Your biological mother!’ So Young Master, your biological mother is Mother Dragon?!!!]

[I’ve been following you for so long. You’re actually Mother Dragon’s son?]

Countless comments were visible to the naked eye, mainly because many people had forwarded it and even brought hot words related to Mother Dragon. Before long, it was trending. Then, it became sixth on the trending list.

An eye-catching post called #Suspected Son of Mother Dragon Exposed # attracted countless netizens to click on this trending topic. After the fans of Mother Dragon finished reading this Weibo post, they were all suspicious at first.

Some netizens said: [It’s photoshopped, right?]

Some netizens said: [An identical snack cabinet after copying from the photo of Mother Dragon.]

There were even netizens who said: [The reason why Mother Dragon is called Mother Dragon is because she cooks very well, not because she’s already so old.]

These doubts gradually fell silent after the netizens flipped through Pei You’an’s Weibo posts.

—James-signed jersey.

—The first row of tickets for the concert of a superstar in the music industry.

—Wearing a pair of shoes that starts at six figures.

—The young master of a rich family!

Soon, the style of the comments changed.

[I admit that I barked a little too loudly just now.]

[Although it’s only half a face, I can vaguely tell that it’s my boyfriend.]

[If this is Mother Dragon’s son, everyone knows how a son takes after his mother, right? How beautiful is Mother Dragon herself?]

[‘About the Idol I Chase Became a Plot in a Novel’]

[Wuwuwuwu Mother Dragon is married and has such a big son??]

[I’ve been paying attention to Mother Dragon until now. I always thought that she was only 25 or 26 years old. This kid is probably 18 if not 16. Damn! Mother Dragon is already in her thirties this year.]

[Pass it down. Mother Dragon is married. Her son is 18 years old. I’m heartbroken.]

The heated discussion on the Internet spread very quickly.

Pei You’an went to take a dump and went out for a walk. When he returned, he saw that there were 999+ messages on Weibo.

Pei You’an: “?”

What’s going on? What happened? The phone was actually still ringing.

“Damn… What’s wrong with my Weibo?” Pei You’an hurriedly picked up his phone. Weibo-related notifications were still popping up.

Every time he posted on Weibo, he would usually have a few comments. It was not to the extent of turning off the message notifications. What was going on today? Why were there so many messages?

When he opened Weibo and took a look, he was shocked. “I took a photo of a snack cabinet and it’s actually trending?!”

At this moment, Li Xiwu, who was recording a show, still did not know that she had a son and was trending. She and Han Qianye were already on their way back to the inn.

Han Pin did not follow them, mainly because his appearance in the live broadcast today had already blown up some netizens’ guesses about his identity. Although he had already retired and lived his life in luxury, too much had been exposed. If those students knew that he was so carefree, they would definitely call him.

However, Li Xiwu and Han Qianye did not know that after they left, Han Pin called Pei Jingzhou.

At this moment.

Han Qianye was still holding the cup of kumquat grapefruit tea. She drank it as she walked, not losing a milliliter.

Li Xiwu glanced at her. “If it doesn’t taste good, pour it into the trash can by the road.”

Han Qianye did not say that it was good, nor did she say that it was bad. She held it very firmly and said, “Don’t worry about it.”

Li Xiwu could only stop talking. After she’d poured grapefruit tea for everyone, there was a little left. She tried it herself. The taste was barely okay. Han Qianye didn’t drink it. She probably didn’t like kumquat grapefruit tea very much. After all, she had said kumquat lemon tea at the beginning.

As they walked, Han Qianye suddenly said, “That’s strange. I’ve finished reading the wild protected animal knowledge book, but I haven’t encountered another wild protected animal. Did you see it on the way here today?”

Li Xiwu said, “No.”

Han Qianye muttered, “How strange.”

Li Xiwu explained, “After late autumn, most wild protected animals will enter hibernation one after another. Some are still storing food for the winter, and some will migrate to the south.”

Han Qianye: “…”

Was it such a coincidence? She had just finished reading the wild protected animals knowledge atlas when these wild protected animals went into hibernation?

Li Xiwu smiled brightly. “There’s another possibility. It’s pure luck.”

Han Qianye: “…”

[The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law CP I was on is now called [Strange Combination].]

[It’s clearly [Brainless and Unhappy Combination]

[The first three groups of husbands have already arrived at the inn. Why hasn’t Li Xiwu’s husband appeared yet?]

[I feel that Li Xiwu’s husband should be very ordinary. Perhaps he’s a big-bellied company CEO?]

[Don’t tell me Li Xiwu’s husband isn’t coming?]

The person involved, Li Xiwu, had almost forgotten that the daughters-in-law’s husbands were coming to the variety show this afternoon. She and Han Qianye slowly walked back to the inn. Although they did not talk much along the way, compared to when they first entered the variety show, at least the atmosphere was not as quiet as before.

After returning to the inn, Li Xiwu understood why Han Qianye had not drunk much of the kumquat grapefruit tea along the way. She had brought it back to the inn to show off.

Min Hanrong said, “Qianye is back.”

Han Qianye immediately said, “Hanrong, how did you know that I was drinking grapefruit tea?”

Min Hanrong: “?”

Han Qianye showed off even more. “This is the grapefruit tea Xiwu made for me. It’s delicious.”

Min Hanrong: “…”

Min Hanrong turned to ask Li Xiwu, “Xiwu, where’s your husband?”

Li Xiwu was stunned for a moment before she realized that the husbands of Group One, Group Two, and Group Three should be here. Without changing her expression, she replied, “He’s too busy to leave.”

Min Hanrong could not ask further and just smiled. Li Xiwu turned around and went upstairs, planning to give the kumquats to Xie Wen. As she turned around, Li Xiwu’s expression suddenly froze. She looked up at the man who was coming down the stairs—

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