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Chapter 611: Chapter 611: Farewell, We Will Never Meet Again (1)

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Chapter 611: Farewell, We Will Never Meet Again (1)

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Bai Chen snorted. “You call this sincerity?”

Qiao Qiao looked at him expressionlessly. “If you know what’s going on, don’t talk nonsense. It’s meaningless.”

The arrogant and confident expression on Bai Chen’s face instantly dissipated. “Miss Qiao, you’re making me feel very defeated. 1 thought you were moved by my sincerity and persistence in sending flowers. That’s why you invited me to your house for dinner.”

“l thought it was clear when you came over,” Qiao Qiao said.

“If I really knew better, I would have casually dressed up and come over empty-handed. Why would I have been worried about what to wear tonight? Why would 1 care about the gifts 1 should prepare? After all, your parents’ first impression is very important.”

The more Qiao Qiao listened, the more ridiculous she felt. She reminded him angrily, “Bai Chen, I’m inviting you to dinner. This isn’t the first time I’ve brought you back to my house to see my parents. Get this straight.”

Bai Chen chuckled and pressed the tip of his tongue against his cheek. “You said that. But 1 didn’t think so.’

Qiao Qiao: ‘

After leading Bai Chen in, Mother Qiao was the first to welcome him.

Mother Qiao had never seen Bai Chen before, so she naturally did not know him. She looked at Bai Chen from head to toe and commented in her heart: He’s dignified, talented, and quite a handsome young man.

Noticing that Bai Chen was carrying fruits and milk, Mother Qiao’s expression changed. “It’s good that you’re here. Why are you carrying so many things?”

Bai Chen was very polite. “Auntie, this is my first time here. I didn’t know what to buy, so I just bought some.”

Mother Qiao said, “Young man, you’re quite honest. The things you gave were also shocking.”

Qiao Qiao couldn’t help but laugh at the side. She said, “Alright, Mom. Keep the things. Bai Chen, please entertain her too. There are still two dishes that haven’t been stir-fried. I’ll go to the kitchen first.”

Mother Qiao agreed and put down the milk and fruits. After Qiao Qiao went to the kitchen, the smile on Mother Qiao’s face suddenly disappeared. She turned to look at Bai Chen and asked with a scrutinizing gaze, “Your surname is Bai?”

Bai Chen did not avoid his surname and admitted frankly, “Yes, my surname is Bai, my name is Bai Chen.”

Mother Qiao’s face turned cold. “The Xingzhou Bai family?”

Bai Chen nodded. ‘Yes.’

The only family that could be called the “Xingzhou Bai family” was the Xingzhou Bai family, which was opposite the Qiao family.

Although Mother Qiao really hoped that the person in front of her just happened to have the surname Bai, it was obviously just hope. The person in front of her was from the Bai family.

However, since he was invited to the house as a guest, Mother Qiao naturally would not give the other party an ugly expression. She smiled understandingly, but her tone was much more distant than before. She casually pointed at the sofa. “Sit down. Don’t be restrained.”

Bai Chen did not feel nervous. He sat down on the sofa casually. “When Auntie heard that I’m a member of the Bai family, you almost chased me out immediately. It’s really difficult for me to relax. Auntie, don’t mind if I’m too restrained.’

“You don’t look restrained to me.” Mother Qiao sat down on the sofa opposite Bai Chen and reminded him, “It’s better to be honest. I don’t like your glib words.’

Bai Chen restrained himself a little to make himself look less casual. “There’s a good saying. The wind knows the strength of the grass. As time passes, people will see the heart. When I come more often in the future, 1 believe Auntie will slowly understand me better. I’m definitely a very reliable person. Auntie, don’t worry.”

“Alright, who doesn’t know how to say nice things?” Mother Qiao asked seriously. “How did you meet our Guigui?”

Bai Chen asked, “Auntie, do you want to hear the truth?”

Mother Qiao made a move to get up. Bai Chen quickly said, “In university.”

Mother Qiao looked cold. “Kid, don’t try to fool me just because I haven’t seen you before. Do you think I’ll believe you?”

If Qiao Qiao and Bai Chen had really known each other in university, Mother Qiao wouldn’t have only found out now, especially since Bai Chen was a member of the Bai family.

At this moment, Qiao Ruzhang pushed Old Master Qiao downstairs for dinner. As soon as they arrived downstairs, the two of them noticed Bai Chen, who was sitting opposite Mother Qiao, Old Master Qiao was the first to recognize him and shouted, “You’re… Bai Chen?”

Bai Chen stood up and nodded. “Grandpa Qiao.”

Behind Old Master Qiao, Qiao Ruzhang asked, “Dad, who is he?”

Old Master Qiao said, “Bai Qingfengs son, Bai Chen. I’ve seen him a few times. You and Xiao Lin shouldn’t have seen him before.’

When he heard that it was the Bai family, Qiao Ruzhangs expression changed slightly. “Why are the Bai family here?”

At this moment, Bai Chen had already walked over. He looked at Qiao Ruzhang and called him uncle before explaining why he was here..

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