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Chapter 612: Chapter 612: Farewell, We Will Never Meet Again (2)

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Chapter 612: Farewell, We Will Never Meet Again (2)

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Qiao Ruzhang was a little surprised. “When did you meet Guigui?”

Bai Chen said, “A long time.”

“This kid said in front of me that he had known Guigui since university, and he said that he had known her for a long time. From the looks of it, he’s not telling the truth,” Mother Qiao said as she walked over from behind.

Old Master Qiao smiled and said kindly, “It doesn’t matter if he knows her or not. Since Guigui invited him to our Qiao family as a guest, he’s a guest of our Qiao family.”

Mother Qiao glanced sideways at Bai Chen and did not say anything. She turned around and went into the kitchen.

Bai Chen leaned over slightly and greeted politely, “Grandpa Qiao, how have you been?”

Old Master Qiao said, “Other than my blood pressure being a little high, I’m relatively stable.”

Bai Chen said, “You have too many worries, so it’s not easy to lower your blood pressure.”

Old Master Qiao was stunned for a moment. Then, he looked up at Bai Chen and asked with a smile, “Young brat, you can tell that I have too many worries. Then why don’t you take a look again? What’s on my mind?”

Qiao Ruzhang sized up Bai Chen quietly.

Bai Chen smiled meaningfully. “Then I have to think carefully. At this stage, what else can Grandpa Qiao have on his mind…”

“Dinner’s ready!” When Qiao Qiao came out, she saw her grandfather and Bai Chen chatting happily not far away, so she interrupted.

Everyone came over and took their seats. Bai Chen sat next to Qiao Qiao. The first thing he asked after sitting down was, “Qiao Qiao, where’s your Little Uncle? Aren’t you waiting for him?”

Qiao Qiao had just taken off her apron and handed it to the servant. Just as she was about to sit down, she heard Bai Chen ask her this. She was unperturbed. “He’s busy,” she replied calmly. She had yet to tell her grandfather and parents about her divorce and chasing Shao Jingmo out of the Qiao family, so she naturally would not mention it to an outsider like Bai Chen.

“l thought I would be able to see your Little Uncle tonight. 1 especially admire him.” Bai Chen’s words were filled with regret.

Qiao Qiao had already sat down. “Admire him? It turns out that people like

you, who think so highly of yourself, also admire others.”

“Are you praising me? Or teasing me?” Bai Chen smiled.

Qiao Qiao gave him a sideways glance. “Can’t I even shut you up when you’re eating?”

Old Master Qiao, who was sitting at the master seat, said, “Let’s eat. The food will turn cold later.” With that, Old Master Qiao looked at Bai Chen and asked, “Bai Chen, do you drink?”

Bai Chen said, “l usually drink, but I drove here today. I still have to drive back later, so I won’t drink.’

“Alright.” Old Master Qiao nodded.

The atmosphere at dinner was very good. It was not considered harmonious, but it was a little warm. It was mainly because there was a chatterbox from the Bai family—Bai Chen.

Bai Chen could pick up any topic and chat about anything. He was not uncomfortable at all, let alone make the atmosphere cold. To use Qiao Qiao’s description of him, it was, “You really knew how to talk.”

Bai Chen continued, “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Halfway through the meal, Shao Jingmo returned. Everyone was eating. At first, no one noticed. It was the servant’s voice who sounded. “Third Master, everyone is eating over there.”

Qiao Qiao’s hand froze on her chopsticks. Bai Chen noticed the change in Qiao Qiao and an ambiguous smile flashed across his eyes. Father and Mother Qiao looked in Shao Jingmo’s direction.

Old Master Qiao shouted, “Jingmo, you’re back. Come and eat. We just sat down.”

Shao Jingmo walked over. There was no need to circle around. As soon as he arrived, he happened to be standing behind Qiao Qiao. His gaze landed on Old Niaster Qiao first and he replied gently, “I’ve eaten.”

“What time did you eat?” Old Master Qiao asked.

Shao Jingmo said, “Five forty.”

Old Master Qiao reached out his hand and gestured. “It’s already seven-thirty. Why don’t you sit down and eat some more? The dishes on this table tonight were all cooked by Guigui personally. How can you have this fortune usually?” Niother Qiao also said, “Jingmo, why don’t you sit down and eat some more?”

Shao Jingmo didn’t say anything. His gaze landed on Qiao Qiao’s back. Bai Chen, who was sitting beside her, took the opportunity to greet him. “Hi, Mr.


Shao Jingmo shifted his gaze to Bai Chen.

Bai Chen put down his chopsticks and smiled brightly. “Mr. Shao, we meet again, but this time, I came to your house shamelessly as a guest.”

Shao Jingmo glanced at Bai Chen. “You’re indeed shameless.”

The smile on Bai Chen’s lips froze.

At this moment, Qiao Qiao put down her chopsticks and said, “Little Uncle, Bai Chen is a guest 1 invited. I hope you can respect my guest..”

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