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Chapter 615: Chapter 615: Forget Him (1)

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Chapter 615: Forget Him (1)

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On the night Shao Jingmo left the Qiao residence, Qiao Qiao had insomnia for the first half of the night. She tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep. She finally fell asleep in the latter half of the night, but she only slept for less than two hours. When she woke up at four in the morning, she could not fall asleep again.

Without turning on the lights, she crept out of bed, fumbled for her coat at the end of the bed, and put it on. Then she went to sit quietly on the tatami in front of the window.

Without any sense of time, she sat until dawn. Then she was sick There was no high fever, no nausea, and no dizziness. She was just like an eggplant that had been frostbitten. She was listless, looking very haggard.

Mother Qiao invited the family doctor to take a look. Qiao Qiao didn’t make a fuss. She was very cooperative with the doctor the entire time. A few minutes later, the doctor closed the door and came out. Seeing Mother Qiao and Father Qiao waiting anxiously, the doctor shook his head at them.

Mother Qiao was shocked. “How can it be so serious?”

Father Qiao didn’t look any better. “We were talking and laughing last night. Everything was fine. Why would she…”

The doctor said seriously, “What I mean by shaking my head is that Miss Qiao is fine.’

As soon as she said this, Mother Qiao and Father Qiao heaved a sigh of relief. Mother Qiao said to the doctor unhappily, “You could have just said it. Why did you have to shake your head? I was so frightened that I thought it was a

serious illness.’

The doctor frowned, his expression grave. “There’s nothing physically wrong with Miss Qiao at the moment, but if she continues like this, her psychological situation might not be very optimistic.”

Father Qiao asked, “What do you mean?”

The doctor said, “There’s too much on her mind. This state didn’t just show up today. I’m guessing it’s been going on for a few days.”

Father and Mother Qiao looked at each other.

They also knew about Qiao Qiao and Shao Jingmo’s divorce. Not long after Shao Jingmo came out of Old Master Qiao!s room last night, they also went in and found out about the divorce,

Qiao Qiao had been hiding her emotions very well recently, especially in front of her parents and grandfather. She looked almost the same as usual, in the company too. No one knew how unhappy she was.

Only when it was late at night was she in her worst mood. She had been suppressing it and had never let it out, so she was extremely pained and even tortured herself repeatedly. Finally, last night, the secret she wanted to know the most was in front of her. Everything came crashing down, and the line of defense that had supported her body finally broke.

Mother Qiao pushed the door open and entered.

Qiao Qiao was sitting on the bed. Her hair was draped over her shoulders, and her face was very pale. She had been staring at a certain place for an unknown period of time with her empty eyes. That emotionless state made Mother Qiao’s heart ache.

“Guigui.” Mother Qiao walked to the bed.

Qiao Qiao was in a daze when Mother Qiao’s voice brought her back to reality.

She slowly raised her head to look at Mother Qiao and called out hoarsely, “Mom.”

Hearing this hoarse voice, Mother Qiao’s heart was about to break. She sat down by the bed and reached out to cup Qiao Qiao’s face. “What’s on your mind? Can you tell Mom?”

Qiao Qiao looked at Mother Qiao quietly for a few seconds, then suddenly smiled sarcastically. “There’s nothing to say.”

Mother Qiao frowned. “Is it because of Jingmo?”

There were tears in Qiao Qiao’s eyes, but that wasn’t a sign that she was going to cry. She realized that after her mood became neither sad nor happy, her emotions no longer rose and fell. She couldn’t cry even if she wanted to.

Mother Qiao’s heart almost ached when she saw this. “l know it’s because of him.”

Qiao Qiao looked away, and Mother Qiao’s hand fell.

“He liked another woman. What’s so important about him that you can’t let him go? He didn’t hesitate when he agreed to marry you, and he didn’t hesitate when he mentioned divorce. What does that say about you? It means that you didn’t matter to him from the beginning to the end. He didn’t take you seriously at all.

“Listen to Mom. There’s still a long way to go. You don’t have to waste it on him. He’s not worth it.”

When Mother Qiao finished saying, “He’s not worth it,” Qiao Qiao’s emotions suddenly fluctuated greatly. She didn’t refute Mother Qiao’s words, but pushed her away. “Get out! Get out!”

Mother Qiao did not expect her daughter to have such a big emotional reaction because of what she said.

“Guigui…” Mother Qiao hesitated. Seeing that her daughter was in an extremely bad mood, her heart ached. “When it comes to him, you can still keep your heart calm. Once I say that he’s not good, you lose control of your emotions. He affects you too much.”

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