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Chapter 619: Chapter 619: He Knows What She Likes (2)

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Chapter 619: He Knows What She Likes (2)

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Only Old Master Qiao said, “Just do as you please.”

Qiao Qiao looked at Old Master Qiao. “Grandpa, I’ll be fine soon. Don’t worry about me.’

Old Master Qiao nodded and picked up some food for Qiao Qiao with the serving chopsticks. “Let’s eat.”

The next day, Qiao Qiao went to work as usual. The news of the shareholders’ meeting had already spread in the company. Everyone in the company knew that Deep Blue Corporation wanted to change the President.

In Dou Yings office.

Qiao Qiao handed the document in her hand to Dou Ying, then raised her hand to gather her wax- stained shawl. “The shareholders’ meeting is tomorrow.

How much internal information do you know?”

Dou Ying had a complicated expression. “I’m not sure yet.”

Suddenly, Dou Ying looked up at Qiao Qiao. “Do you know that the company is saying that you will take over President Qiao’s position next?”

Qiao Qiao remained silent, her eyes dark and unreadable. Dou Ying looked at Qiao Qiao’s expression and suddenly laughed. “Only when I think so did those people in the company not guess that you would take over President Qiao’s position. ”

From the day she entered Deep Blue, the first person Qiao Qiao came into contact with was Dou Ying. The two of them were colleagues and good friends. They were so close that they talked about everything.

However, no matter how good their relationship was, Qiao Qiao knew one thing: Dou Ying was nurtured by Shao Jingmo.

A faint smile appeared on Qiao Qiao’s lips. She raised her hand and took a book from the bookcase beside her. She opened it casually and her fingertips stopped on a page. “Why does Secretary Dou think that I’m the one taking over Deep Blue?”

Dou Ying stood up and walked around the desk to Qiao Qiao. She picked up the book in her hand. “You’re reading this book too early.”

Qiao Qiao’s gaze fell on the cover of the book. “An encyclopedia of parenting?”

“You’re not married or have children. Why are you looking at a parenting encyclopedia?” Dou Ying teased her. After putting the parenting encyclopedia back on the shelf, she took another book and handed it to Qiao Qiao. “This one suits you.”

Qiao Qiao took the book. “Take a step forward.”

“Inspiring women to pursue their goals bravely and achieve a perfect balance between career and family, ” Dou said.

Qiao Qiao said, “I’m not married.”

“Of course I know. I mentioned it just now.” Dou Ying opened two pages for her. When she reached the page of the catalog, Dou Ying said, “It’s very interesting. I think it suits you. You can read it when you’re bored.”

Qiao Qiao closed the book. “Thank you, but I don’t want to read it for the time being. Back to the main topic just now. Secretary Dou, you haven’t answered me yet. Why do you think that I’m the one taking over the Deep Blue


“After a summary,” Dou Ying said.

Qiao Qiao was puzzled. “What specifically?”

Dou Ying smiled. “When you first came to Deep Blue Corporation, President Qiao showed you the company’s important accounts. Which boss would do such a thing?”

Qiao Qiao pressed her lips into a straight line.

Dou Ying continued to say to Qiao Qiao, “You should know that the company’s accounts are equivalent to the company’s lifeline. No matter how much President Qiao dotes on you, his niece, it’s not to the extent of giving the lifeline to you directly. But President Qiao just had to do this. Then let me guess, what is President Qiao planning to do?”

Qiao Qiao didn’t say anything. She looked at Dou Ying quietly, waiting for her to finish.

“It’s to nurture you to take his place.” Dou Ying raised her hand and patted Qiao Qiao’s shoulder, giving her a reassuring and determined look. “Actually, you know that I’m a loyal subject nurtured by President Qiao. I’ll definitely be loyal to President Qiao forever. Similarly…”

Dou Ying looked into Qiao Qiao’s eyes and said word by word, ‘1 1 will also be loyal to you.” Without beating around the bush, Dou Ying made her stand clear in front of Qiao Qiao and her attitude.

Qiao Qiao put the book back on the shelf. “l don’t have the ability to take over

Deep Blue.”

“Ability requires experience. I remember that when President Qiao first entered Deep Blue, he did not have the current thunderous methods. Time is the best grinding tool, and you will also be the best knife.” Dou Yings every word was filled with deep meaning.

Qiao Qiao wasn’t in the mood to understand those deep meanings. She only said three words, “It’s boring.”

Dou Ying choked and was about to say something when Qiao Qiao turned around and went out.

In the elevator, Qiao Qiao gathered her shawl around her. The mirror on the inner wall reflected her current appearance, She had exquisite makeup and a beautiful hairstyle. She looked radiant and energetic.

This was what Father and Mother Qiao wanted to see the most.

When the elevator reached the next floor, Song Yun entered the elevator. The two of them met. Song Yun’s gaze lingered on Qiao Qiao for three to five seconds before she said, “This wax-dyed shawl really suits you..”

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