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Chapter 620: Chapter 620: He Knows What She Likes (3)

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Chapter 620: He Knows What She Likes (3)

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Qiao Qiao was stunned for a few seconds. “Do you like wax dye too?”

Song Yun shook her head. “l don’t like it very much myself, but I know you must like it.’

Qiao Qiao smiled. “Chief Song, why do you say that?”

Song Yun also smiled. “l also learned from President Qiao that you like wax dye.”

The smile on Qiao Qiao’s lips faded.

Song Yun didn’t notice the change in Qiao Qiao’s expression and continued, “This wax-dyed shawl you’re wearing looks very familiar. If I remember correctly, it should be the last time I accompanied President Qiao on a business trip to Long City. After his meeting, he specially went to the street market to pick it for you.”

At this point, Song Yun seemed to have thought of something interesting, and the smile on her lips deepened. “President Qiao is dignified and extremely outstanding-looking. When he stands in that crowd, he can attract too much attention. That day, my assistant and I were a human wall blocking those women. President Qiao was at the side picking the shawl for you. Now that 1 think about it, I can’t help but want to laugh.”

Qiao Qiao looked down at the shawl she was wearing. “… I thought he bought this when he came back.”

“It’s true that he came back early, but the wax-dyed shawl was indeed bought in Long City.” Song Yun reached out and gently touched the wax-dyed shawl on Qiao Qiao’s body. “You like wax dye, so you should be able to tell that this rough workmanship is from the market. If it’s too exquisite, President Qiao must have gotten someone to custom-made it for you.”

This reminded Qiao Qiao. But at that time, she had not taken a closer look at the wax-dyed shawl Shao Jingmo had brought back for her. At that time, she was even jealous because she saw him with Song Yun. Qiao Qiao choked on a laugh and said nothing in the end.

The elevator reached the first floor.

Song Yun and Qiao Qiao came out together. Song Yun asked, “Where are you going?”

Qiao Qiao looked at the cafe over there. Song Yun understood. “That’s too much of a coincidence. I’m going to order coffee too.”

Qiao Qiao said, “Then let’s go together.”

Song Yun was naturally happy.

The two of them chatted about a lot of topics, but most of them were about the shareholders’ meeting tomorrow. Song Yun knew more, but Song Yun e s

current guess was that it was Old Master Qiao.

“This mountain originally belonged to the tiger. Now that the tiger has returned to the mountain, it can be considered to have set things right.”

Qiao Qiao said, “Set things right?”

Song Yun nodded. “These are President Qiao’s words.”

These were Shao Jingmo’s exact words. He wanted to put everything back on track.

They waited until the next day.

Qiao Qiao and Old Master Qiao arrived at Deep Blue Corporation together. The three secretaries and assistants were all busy. All the higher-ups of the company came out to welcome them. It was a huge scene.

Qiao Qiao was dressed formally. She pushed the wheelchair under Old Master Qiao and entered the company under countless gazes.

Shao Jingmo was also present at today’s shareholders’ meeting. After two days, Qiao Qiao saw him again. He didn’t seem to have changed much. His face was as cold as ever and he wasn’t easy to approach.

In the past, he had looked at her coldly, but at least the gaze he gave was familiar. Now, he had not even given her a look. It was as if they had become complete strangers.

At the long oval table sat all the generals and elders of the Deep Blue Corporation. Old Master Qiao sat at the head of the table, Qiao Qiao and Shao Jingmo faced each other, and below them were the others.

At this moment, Old Master Qiao said firmly, “Today, 1 officially announce to everyone that I will transfer all the shares under my name to my granddaughter, Qiao Qiao.”

With that, Qiao Qiao slowly clenched her fists in her lap. She looked up at Shao Jingmo opposite her. His expression was cold and he did not speak.

Old Master Qiao’s gaze landed on Qiao Qiao and he said gently, “Then for now, the person who has the most shares in Deep Blue Corporation is my biological granddaughter, Qiao Qiao. I announce that she will become the actual controller of Deep Blue Corporation. She will also take over the future of Deep Blue Corporation.”

Not a word of objection came from below. Everyone’s eyes were on Qiao Qiao now, waiting for her next speech. Under everyone’s gaze, Qiao Qiao slowly stood up and faced them. Her expression was calm, without a trace of timidity.

She looked around first before stopping on Shao Jingmo. She slowly said, “1 will definitely not let Grandpa down and everyone down. In the coming days, I will definitely lead Deep Blue Corporation to a better future.”

A short speech. There was no need to say too much. Just say what needed to be said. Then, Qiao Qiao slowly sat down amidst waves of applause. Her gaze remained on Shao Jingmo. He was finally willing to look at her squarely and say a word to her. “Congratulations..”

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