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Chapter 622: Chapter 622: A Life for a Life (2)

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Chapter 622: A Life for a Life (2)

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Shao Jingmo did not say anything and turned back. Seeing him return, Qiao Qiao smiled proudly, but soon, she couldn’t smile anymore. Shao Jingmo grabbed her wrist. “Then go to the doctor for a checkup now.”

When Qiao Qiao heard that he was going for a checkup now, her face was full of resistance. “l just checked it. There’s no need to check it a second time.”

Shao Jingmo asked her calmly, “Where’s the checkup form?”

Qiao Qiao said, “At home.”

In the past few days, she had hardly seen any emotions on Shao Jingmo’s face. He always had a cold expression and treated her even more. She felt uncomfortable and wanted to make him uncomfortable, but she couldn’t bear to.

After thinking about it, this thought suddenly came to her. Even though she knew the consequences of lying, she still wanted to take the risk.

And now, Shao Jingmo’s reaction hovered between trust and disbelief. He looked extremely pale. It was as if he had encountered the most difficult thing. There was no surprise or joy.

Qiao Qiao suddenly realized that even if she was really pregnant now, it was not something that could change Shao Jingmo’s mind. Therefore, when Shao Jingmo wanted to confirm it with her for the third time, Qiao Qiao suddenly smiled and said to him, “I’m pregnant, but it’s not yours.”

Shao Jingmo’s eyes were deep as he stared at her.

Qiao Qiao was not afraid of his gaze. She raised her voice and said, “I’ve officially taken over Deep Blue Corporation today. Everyone is celebrating, so 1 made a child to celebrate.’

Shao Jingmo’s gaze moved down and stopped on her flat abdomen. The way he looked at her abdomen made her uncomfortable. “We’re just divorced, not enemies. I just want to say a few more words. You’re the one who’s been too cold to me.’

Shao Jingmo’s expression changed. “You’re not allowed to make such jokes again. ”

Qiao Qiao was naturally rebellious, especially when she heard his words. She was very indignant. “We’re already divorced. Why do you care if I’m joking?”

Shao Jingmo ignored her unconvinced look and pulled out a chair to sit down. “Don’t you have something to say? Say it. I’m in a hurry. Lulu is waiting for me to go back.”

“You two are very close.” Qiao Qiao sat down again.

Shao Jingmo’s tone softened. “Of course.”

Qiao Qiao couldn’t stand his double standard attitude. He was cold to her. At the mention of Wen Lu, not only did his face soften, but even his tone was so gentle.

“Little Uncle, you don’t have to deliberately make me unhappy. Actually, I don’t care as much as you think. It’s only been a few months. Do you think I love you so much? It’s just for fun.” For the first time, she realized that loving and killing each other was an appropriate way to describe her and Shao Jingmo. With that, she gave Shao Jingmo a provocative look. Her gaze conveyed: Not inferior.

Shao Jingmo said, “You’re right. It’s just for fun. Is that what you’re forcing me to say?”

Qiao Qiao’s lips curled into a playful smile. “Yes, to insult you.”

Shao Jingmo’s eyes were calm. “Anything else? You can insult me all at once. You won’t have such an opportunity in the future.”

The smile on Qiao Qiao’s lips faded. “Shao Jingmo…”

Shao Jingmo said, “Hm?”

Qiao Qiao stood up slowly and placed her hands on the table. She leaned forward and looked at him. “Can you make another choice?” Shao Jingmo asked her, “What choice? For example?”

Qiao Qiao said word by word, “Choose me firmly.”

Shao Jingmo suddenly smiled. “Is this a new way for you to insult me?”

Annoyed, Qiao Qiao sat down again. “Yes, it’s a pity you didn’t fall for it.”

Her expression was filled with loneliness. It was impossible for Shao Jingmo not to see it, but he chose to ignore it. Or, he didn’t care. Qiao Qiao quickly composed herself. When she looked up at him again, her eyes were clear. “l have nothing to say. Little Uncle, you can go.”

Shao Jingmo stared at her for a moment before standing up. “Take care of yourself.”

Qiao Qiao nodded.

Shao Jingmo turned around and left.

Qiao Qiao sat still and watched as he walked further and further away. Just as he was about to disappear, she suddenly said, “If it were me, I would choose you firmly.”

She wondered if Shao Jingmo had heard her.

The door was empty. There was no sign of him.

At night.

Qiao Qiao returned home.

She had just taken office today, so she was busy. Ever since she personally sent her grandfather back to the Qiao residence in the morning, she had been busy when she returned to the company.

Dou Ying and Song Yun became her left and right assistants and assisted her in everything she had to do after sitting in this position..

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