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Chapter 63: 63 Pei Jingzhou Is Here

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63 Pei Jingzhou Is Here

Li Xiwu did not have any hopes that Pei Jingzhou would come. It was impossible for a famous person like him to be on such a variety show. It was precisely because she knew her limits that she did not call Pei Jingzhou.

Now that someone suddenly came in to inform her that someone was looking for her outside, Li Xiwu could not help but think of Pei Jingzhou. He didn’t even know. How could he be here?

However, before seeing him, Li Xiwu was not sure that it was him. She composed herself and went out. The cameraman followed her. The live-stream maintained its original live broadcast.

However, the number of viewers online was less than half of the number at Han Ping’s house.

[Could it be Li Xiwu’s husband?]

[No way, no way. I have to see a big-bellied CEO?]

[Chi Xu is the most handsome man among the husbands in this episode. Li Xiwu’s husband is probably at the bottom.]

[Chi Xu is not only good-looking, but he also dotes on his wife the most. I won’t accept any rebuttal.]

[Tao Jing’s husband, Wu Jiacheng, is also quite handsome, especially when he wears sunglasses. He’s very cool.]

[Xu Muzhen’s husband is tall and thin. He looks like a scholar from ancient times.]

[I hope Li Xiwu’s husband isn’t too ugly.]

Li Xiwu walked out. Seeing a sneaky figure in front of her, she raised her eyebrows and hesitated for a few seconds before walking over. The sneaky person’s head darted around. The moment he saw Li Xiwu, he immediately ran over. He shouted as he ran—


Li Xiwu never expected it to be Pei You’an. He had a cap on his head and a mask on his face. He had covered himself well to come to Fu Town and even found the inn.

Li Xiwu asked, “Why are you here?”

Pei You’an noticed the camera and cameraman. His mouth under the mask closed a little as he whispered, “…I’m in trouble.”

Li Xiwu: “?”

Pei You’an handed the phone to Li Xiwu. “Sister-in-law, take a look first.”

Li Xiwu had a bad feeling. She took the phone. It was the trending page on Weibo. A post called #Suspected to be Mother Dragon’s Son Exposed # appeared very eye-catching in front of Li Xiwu.

Li Xiwu: “…”

Son? She had a son? Li Xiwu raised her hand and tapped on the screen in confusion. After roughly understanding the cause and effect of the matter, she returned the phone to Pei You’an and asked, “How did you come to Fu Town?”

Pei You’an said, “There’s a bicycle in your yard. I rode it over.”

Li Xiwu said, “Then how did you get into Fu Town?” Nowadays, one has to make an appointment online to enter Fu Town. Logically speaking, Pei You’an would not enter so easily.

Pei You’an said honestly, “Fourth High School’s student ID.”

“Student ID?”


Li Xiwu did not expect that he could enter with his student ID. As if sensing her surprise, Pei You’an explained, “It has to be the Fourth High School. Otherwise, there’s no way.”

[I was stunned when the young man appeared. I f*cking thought this was Li Xiwu’s husband!]

[So it’s her brother-in-law.]

[Everyone, focus. The Fourth High School is the best high school in the entire capital apart from the elite schools!]

[What did brother-in-law take to show Li Xiwu? Li Xiwu’s expression immediately became very solemn.]

[Could it be that Li Xiwu’s husband cheated on her and her brother-in-law came to tip her off?]

[I think I saw a green light on Li Xiwu’s face.]

[Brother-in-law is a good person. He really tipped Sister-in-law off when his biological brother cheated.]

[No, why does everyone think that Li Xiwu’s husband cheated?]

[Li Xiwu is too miserable. Her expression was serious for a moment, and it was said that her husband had cheated on her. This batch of netizens is too good at fantasizing.]

The live-stream was filled with controversy.

Pei You’an looked at Li Xiwu’s serious expression and said sadly, “Sister-in-law, I’m sorry to have troubled you again.”

Li Xiwu looked up at him and saw Pei You’an’s self-blame and guilt. She comforted him, “It’s not as troublesome as you think.”

Pei You’an did not believe her. When Weibo exploded, he had a feeling that it was not a small matter. At the same time, he went to search for the blogger called Mother Dragon and watched all her cooking videos. He realized that things were not that simple. The small courtyard he lived in was actually the small courtyard of a short video food blogger with more than ten million fans on a certain short video platform.

This blogger was called Tyrant Dragon and was known as Mother Dragon. She was very popular and her works were very popular. He didn’t know anything. He just took photos and posted Mother Dragon’s snack cabinet, where he was recognized by countless sharp-eyed fans. Now everyone said that he was Mother Dragon’s son!!!

Li Xiwu said to Pei You’an, “Don’t worry too much. Go back first. I’ll deal with it later.”

Pei You said, “But…”

Li Xiwu raised her lips. “It’s really nothing. I can handle it. By the way, do you like to eat snail noodles?”

Pei You’an nodded crazily. “I like it.”

Li Xiwu said, “There’s snail noodles under the cabinet. Cook them yourself tonight.”

Pei You’an subconsciously wanted to ask, “Sister-in-law, did you make it…” He almost let it slip, but stopped himself in time.

Li Xiwu nodded. “Yes.”

Pei You’an had watched Mother Dragon’s video of her making snail noodles today and his mouth watered. He was so lucky. Now, there was another truth in front of him: His sister-in-law was an internet celebrity!!!

After watching Pei You’an leave, Li Xiwu returned to her room at the inn. Without the camera around, she opened her social account on the short video.

Time passed in a flash. It was almost six in the evening. There was no need for the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law to enter the kitchen tonight. The production team had thoughtfully prepared a sumptuous dinner.

The four mother-in-laws had already sat down.

Tao Jing and her husband, Wu Jiacheng, walked in hand in hand. Wu Jiacheng was very tall, estimated to be 1.85 meters. He thoughtfully pulled out a seat for Tao Jing and the two of them sat together.

Min Hanrong introduced him to the other three mother-in-laws. “This is my son, Jiacheng.”

Wu Jiacheng nodded politely and greeted, “Good evening, aunties.”

Zheng Yuehua said, “Hanrong, your Jiacheng is really tall.”

Min Hanrong’s eyes lit up. “Right? Jiacheng’s bones have developed since he was young. When he was in his third year of high school, he was already 1.75 meters tall.”

Han Qianye thought to herself, “What’s this? Her youngest son is almost 1.8 meters tall in his third year of high school. Moreover, her eldest son was 1.8 meters tall in his third year of high school. He was now 1.88 meters tall!”

After that, Xu Muzhen and her husband, Liang Sheng, walked over hand in hand and sat down. Xu Muzhen was a chatterbox. Liang Sheng’s personality was like his mother’s. He was relatively shy, but he was not boring. He was very polite and gave a good first impression.

In the end, Chi Xu held Xie Wen’s hand and went downstairs together. Currently, Chi Xu was indeed responsible for the looks of this season’s Mother-in-law Joy.

Courtesy demanded reciprocity. Min Hanrong praised, “Yuehua, Chi Xu is so handsome. Sooner or later, he will become popular with a drama.”

Zheng Yuehua was unhappy when she heard that. So her son is not popular now? Although it was the truth.

Li Xiwu was alone when she went downstairs. Everyone had a tacit understanding. After all, they all knew that Li Xiwu’s husband was not here. If they asked again, it would be poking at the wound.

However, Zheng Yuehua deliberately asked, “Xiwu, why isn’t your husband here?”

Li Xiwu looked calm. “He’s too busy.”

At this moment, Han Qianye stood up and walked to Li Xiwu’s left to sit down. “It’s a little crowded with three people. It’s just nice for us.”

[Li Xiwu is so miserable. Only her husband didn’t come.]

[Guess if her husband is really too busy?]

[Didn’t a netizen say in the afternoon that Li Xiwu’s husband cheated on her? Li Xiwu’s expression was very ugly at that time?]

[Li Xiwu’s husband’s looks are probably not presentable.]

[The rich ones are the Han family. Han Qianye’s marital family must be ordinary. I’m very sure.]

[What rich lady? It’s too fake.]

The comments were intense.

Other than Xiang Lan, the other mother-in-laws present all looked like they were watching a joke, but they didn’t make it obvious. Han Qianye’s expression was solemn and she was very angry.

Li Xiwu was calm. She did not care about this. Just as Zheng Yuehua was about to fan the flames and say something, a cold voice sounded—

“Sorry I’m late.”

This sudden voice made everyone turn around curiously. Li Xiwu was even more stunned.

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