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Chapter 64: 64 He's Actually Li Xiwu's Husband!!

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64 He’s Actually Li Xiwu’s Husband!!

Just when everyone thought that Li Xiwu’s husband would not come—

Pei Jingzhou had appeared!

Without any warning, he appeared in everyone’s vision. At this moment, he was walking towards Li Xiwu step by step.

Everyone present was dumbfounded.

…This-this man was Li Xiwu’s husband?

Gao Yueban, who was sitting in front of the monitor painting, stood up in shock and muttered, “Damn, this big shot is here…”

The junior assistant was curious. He lowered his voice and asked, “Director Gao, is Miss Li’s husband very influential?”

Yu Jing clicked his tongue. “Don’t you have some judgment? Even if you don’t know him, look at his aura. It’s not something ordinary people have, okay?!”

Yu Jing was right. Even if one did not know Pei Jingzhou, just looking at Pei Jingzhou’s aura, it was not an aura that ordinary people could see.

Meanwhile, under everyone’s extremely surprised and shocked gazes, Pei Jingzhou, who was walking over, pulled open the seat to Li Xiwu’s right and sat down elegantly.

He was wearing an expensive suit and a very formal Windsor knot. Although it looked too formal, no one would think that he was deliberately pretending to be here. Instead, it was more like he had just come from Vanity Fair and was in a hurry to participate in his wife’s variety show.

And it was.

Li Xiwu’s body stiffened. When she glanced sideways at Pei Jingzhou, he happened to be looking at her. Their eyes met. Pei Jingzhou’s face was expressionless, but his eyes were gentle. For a moment, Li Xiwu felt that the scene in front of her was an illusion. Pei Jingzhou was actually here?

She had indeed not expected this. Besides, she hadn’t called him, had she? Or… was he watching the live broadcast? Li Xiwu took a deep breath as her thoughts raced. At this moment, his clear voice sounded in her ear with an apology. “I’m a little late. Don’t be angry.”

Li Xiwu was stunned again. Although she restrained her emotions, her instinctive reaction was sometimes uncontrollable. She inhaled again and asked in a steady tone, “…Finished?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “I came over after I’m done.”

At this moment, the comments went crazy—

[Ahhh, this is Li Xiwu’s husband?]

[I’m sorry, Li Xiwu!! I admit that my barking was a little too loud just now!!!]

[I won’t say who was handsome that made me faint.]

[My face hurts! Li Xiwu’s husband is too handsome!]

[There are two people in bed. One is me, and the other is me, because I’m split. I really didn’t expect Li Xiwu’s husband to be so handsome!]

[Who said that Li Xiwu’s husband is a big-bellied greasy man? Come out and I’ll give you two earwax!]

[If Li Xiwu’s husband was a little uglier, I would definitely scold him when he came so late. How can I scold him when he looks like this? I’ll just scold myself!]

[Li Xiwu’s husband is the one responsible for the good looks, right? And he’s so good-looking!]

[U1s1, with Li Xiwu’s husband’s looks, are you sure you won’t consider debuting?]

[Raise your hand strongly. I suggest that Sister Li support her husband’s debut!]

The moment Han Qianye saw her son arrive, it was no exaggeration to say that she seemed to see Di Jia appear against the light. Unknowingly, an old mother’s smile appeared on her face. She thought to herself, Fortunately, it’s not that bad. Her son was here. Xiwu would be in a better mood, right?

Han Qianye quickly changed the topic and introduced warmly, “This is my son, Jingzhou.”

Other than Xie Wen, no one present could remain calm. Zheng Yuehua’s expression was the stiffest. Just two minutes ago, she was deliberately mentioning that Li Xiwu’s husband was not here. Now, she has been slapped in the face. Not only was her husband here, but he also looked so imposing.

Min Hanrong spoke first. “Qianye, where did your Jingzhou work?”

Why did he look a little familiar? Min Hanrong could not remember. However, she felt that she had seen Li Xiwu’s husband’s face once on a certain occasion. It was not on some occasion in the entertainment industry, but on a business occasion. She just could not remember it.

Pei Jingzhou’s expression was calm. “R.E.”

Min Hanrong fell silent when she heard R.E.

Zheng Yuehua quickly followed Min Hanrong’s topic and asked, “What position?”

Pei Jingzhou did not show any impatience. “Management.”

Zheng Yuehua looked enlightened. “Oh… that means executive, right?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “You can interpret it that way.”

Zheng Yuehua thought that he was not that powerful. So he was just an executive. She was so frightened that she thought he was very important. In that case, Han Qianye and her daughter-in-law could not be considered wealthy mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, right?

[Li Xiwu’s husband can become an executive at such a young age?]

[If I remember correctly, R.E Group seems to be the fourth largest financial company in the world?]

[Isn’t R.E. the Pei Corporation?]

[R.E. is not the Pei Corporation, but it’s from the same family as the Pei Corporation. I think to be able to become an executive at R.E, how capable must he be?]

[Should I say it or not? I seem to have… seen Li Xiwu’s husband on the financial channel? Could it be that Li Xiwu’s husband has already achieved a lot as an executive?]

[Someone, where’s my intelligence army?]

Tonight, the production team had prepared a sumptuous dinner.

There was a mushroom stewed chicken that was closer to Li Xiwu. Pei Jingzhou saw it and calmly changed the mushroom stewed chicken with the dishes in front of him.

Li Xiwu noticed his behavior and glanced sideways at him. After Pei Jingzhou swapped places, he took the folded tissue beside him and wiped his hands elegantly.

Li Xiwu raised her lips and said in a low voice, “Why didn’t you call? I’ll come out and pick you up.”

What she meant was: Why didn’t you tell me when you came over! I was caught off guard just now.

Pei Jingzhou pursed his lips. “Blame me?”

Li Xiwu: “?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “Why don’t I remind you?”

Li Xiwu: “…”

If he hadn’t watched the live broadcast, he wouldn’t have known about this today. The other guests were accompanied by their husbands, but Li Xiwu acted as if nothing had happened. She did what she had to do, as if her husband was just for show. If she had looked a little lonely, he wouldn’t have been so depressed.

The atmosphere of this dinner was very good. The conversation during the meal never stopped.

Li Xiwu had a medium appetite and mainly ate more vegetables. She was not deliberately losing weight.

Min Hanrong and Tao Jing, who were in Group One, also ate less. Xiang Lan controlled her diet very strictly. She did not eat a single grain of rice at night and only ate some vegetables. Xu Muzhen’s appetite was not bad and she ate two small bowls.

Xie Wen drank the kumquat juice Li Xiwu had given her this afternoon. It was rare that her appetite was not bad at night. Chi Xu had also been serving Xie Wen and was very considerate.

After dinner.

The production team had arranged for fruit scoop and freshly squeezed juice. There were all kinds of flavors. The deputy PD handed them a small mission card: Activate Memory Chat Mode.

Their respective mother-in-law did not have to participate much. They mainly listened and let either son or daughter-in-law tell the story of the two of them knowing each other. It was a very warm segment. It was also the segment the netizens wanted to see the most.

Li Xiwu glanced sideways at Pei Jingzhou. It was obvious that she and Pei Jingzhou’s ‘love story’ would probably be made up.


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