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Chapter 65: 65 Dying of Sweetness

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65 Dying of Sweetness

Pei Jingzhou sensed Li Xiwu looking at him. He glanced sideways and met her gaze.

Li Xiwu looked straight at him without avoiding eye contact. “It’s emotional and melancholy to think about our past.”

Pei Jingzhou asked her, “Emotional?”

Li Xiwu crossed her arms and rested her chin on one hand. “I’m emotional about the years we’ve been married.”

Pei Jingzhou wanted to laugh. “Where’s the melancholy?”

Li Xiwu adjusted her expression. “Melancholy… Fourth Brother came too late today. Does that count?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “Yes.”

Li Xiwu’s lips curved. She thought that the topic would end here, but Pei Jingzhou added solemnly, “I shouldn’t have put work first, so I’m late today. Next time, I’ll definitely be the earliest.”

Li Xiwu inhaled and looked up at him. Was this person trying to optimize his image of being late today?

[I can tell. Li Xiwu’s husband has the symptoms of Henpecked.]

[I’m dying of sweetness.]

[If I had such a handsome husband, I would scold myself when we quarrel.]

[Li Xiwu is still very natural with her husband.]

[He’s so handsome. I looked at his face the whole time.]

[The key is that Li Xiwu’s looks match her husband’s. It’s amazing.]

[With their looks, they must have given birth to one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight children.]

[College students are here to read the novel scene again.]

[It’s my turn. This is the life after the ending of the hero and heroine of the novel.]

[I’m looking forward to the process of Sister Li and her husband getting to know each other.]

[Originally, I wanted to hear the story of Xie Wen and Chi Xu the most. Now, I’m eager to hear the story of Sister Li and her husband.]

The online netizens were all reduced to Li Xiwu and Pei Jingzhou’s dogs by their appearances. It was mainly because of Pei Jingzhou’s appearance and the fact that he had become a corporate executive at such a young age. He was simply the dream lover of many young girls.

However, in terms of status, Wu Jiacheng was still better. After all, Min Hanrong’s husband, Wu Jiacheng’s biological father, was a rich man in Xiangjiang. This was a true wealthy family.

And then, they started with the first group. Wu Jiacheng raised his hand and talked about how he and Tao Jing had met and fallen in love.

It was a warm and sweet story.

When Wu Jiacheng talked about the story of him and Tao Jing falling in love, he did not forget to mention Min Hanrong solemnly. “Back then, I knew Jingjing. The matchmaker was none other than my mother.”

Min Hanrong was suddenly called out by her son. She smiled warmly at the camera.

Wu Jiacheng mentioned that back then, after his mother returned from a concert, she handed him a note. On the note was Tao Jing’s phone number. She said, “This is Miss Tao’s phone number. WeChat is synchronized. I suggest you add her on WeChat first.”

At that time, Wu Jiacheng only felt puzzled. It was easy for him with a family background like his to get a girlfriend. It wouldn’t be a problem to change one every day. Why did his mother always introduce him to a girlfriend?

However, it was a number his mother had specially given him. Even if Wu Jiacheng was perfunctory, he still added this WeChat. At that time, he thought that he would just add her on WeChat and that there was no need to contact her.

Until one day, Tao Jing posted a recording of the concert on her WeChat Moments. He casually swiped it and clicked on it. Only then did he realize why his mother had taken the initiative to be this matchmaker.

Tao Jing was completely his ideal other half.

After that, he took the initiative to send Tao Jing a WeChat message. They chatted on WeChat for a while, but they never met until another concert. Wu Jiacheng made time to go to that concert with his mother. In reality, that was the first time he had officially seen Tao Jing.

After that, the two of them interacted more. They had only gotten married last year. Speaking of which, they were still newlyweds.

After Wu Jiacheng finished talking about how he and Tao Jing had met and fallen in love, he quietly took out a small box from his pocket.

Tao Jing covered her mouth with her hands. She was clearly surprised. She probably did not expect this segment at all, so when she saw Wu Jiacheng open the small box, tears flickered in her eyes.

Inside the box was a pink gold watch from Vacheron.

[This is the charm of being rich.]

[It’s good to be rich. A watch is half a billion. I can’t earn more than half a million yuan.]

[I’d think it was an advertising sponsorship if it was another brand.]

[Tao Jing and her husband’s relationship is so sweet.]

At this moment, under the live broadcast camera.

Wu Jiacheng took out the watch and personally put it on Tao Jing. “You’re never used to carrying your phone with you. It’s not convenient to look at the time. If you wear the watch, you can look at the time at any time.”

Tao Jing pouted. “I can’t help being pretentious when you’re like this.”

Wu Jiacheng smiled dotingly. After Xu Muzhen was done being envious of Tao Jing, she looked at her husband expectantly.

Liang Sheng smiled. “I don’t have one.”

Xu Muzhen: “Aren’t you going to give me something?”

Liang Sheng said, “There is.”

Xu Muzhen’s eyes were starry. “What?”

Liang Sheng said, “I’ll send you away beyond thousands of miles.”

Xu Muzhen: “…”

Their interaction amused everyone. At this moment, Liang Sheng took out a ‘little brick’ from his pocket and handed it to Xu Muzhen. “You should have changed it long ago.”

Xu Muzhen noticed the logo on the ‘little brick’ and felt helpless and amused. “Liang Sheng, you took advantage of the show to make me change my phone.”

Inside the ‘little brick’ was a phone.

Xu Muzhen used the old phone in the variety show. Because she was nostalgic, she could not bear to change it. She did not expect Liang Sheng to prepare a new phone for her!

Shocked and pleasantly surprised!

Liang Sheng smiled. “You don’t say. I really think so.”

Xu Muzhen hammered his chest. “Hmph!”

Xu Muzhen and Liang Sheng’s interactions were more natural and closer to reality. Even the smile on Xiang Lan’s face did not stop. However, Liang Sheng was more shy. It was easy to stutter if he spoke too much. Xu Muzhen would tell their story.

After hearing the story of Xu Muzhen and Liang Sheng’s relationship, Tao Jing said, “You really almost missed each other.”

Xu Muzhen held the new phone and sighed. “Yes, we were really so close to not being together. In high school, I had a crush on him and he had a crush on me, but neither of us knew. He never spoke to me. I thought he was cold and I was afraid of rejection. After all, after a confession, a crush would become a heartbreak.”

The story of Xu Muzhen and Liang Sheng had indeed almost become a regret. Fortunately, Xu Muzhen found out from her friend who had graduated for many years that Liang Sheng had a crush on her back then. Then, she took the initiative to look for Liang Sheng. Then the two of them got together.

Li Xiwu felt emotional when she heard that. Fortunately, God would eventually arrange for those who were fated to be together. Then she glanced sideways at the man beside her. Pei Jingzhou should be very bored now, right?

However, it was not convenient for her to speak. She opened her phone and sent Pei Jingzhou a WeChat message: [Fourth Brother, have you thought of a story about how we met and fell in love?]

Pei Jingzhou saw his phone vibrate and ignored it. Li Xiwu cleared her throat.

Pei Jingzhou looked at her. “Fruit or juice?”

Li Xiwu gestured at him with her eyes. Pei Jingzhou understood. He picked up his phone and opened WeChat. After reading Li Xiwu’s WeChat message, he typed a reply: [Just tell the truth.]

Li Xiwu looked down at Pei Jingzhou’s reply and her heart sank.

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