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Chapter 66: 66 Childhood Sweethearts

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66 Childhood Sweethearts

There was nothing to say about her acquaintance with Pei Jingzhou. An agreed marriage was even less honorable. Therefore, when Pei Jingzhou replied to her that he’s going to tell the process of how they met and fell in love truthfully, Li Xiwu did not feel depressed. Could it be that he had to say in front of millions of netizens watching online that she and Pei Jingzhou were getting married by agreement? Would the two of them part ways after recording this variety show?

While her thoughts were running wild, Pei Jingzhou held Li Xiwu’s hand. Li Xiwu looked down. Her gaze landed on the back of Pei Jingzhou’s hand. She took a shallow breath and pulled her hand out to get the pomegranate on the table. The pomegranate broke into four petals, but the pomegranate seeds were not peeled.

However, Li Xiwu preferred to peel them herself. She peeled one and ate it calmly, listening to the love story of Chi Xu and Xie Wen getting to know each other. Pei Jingzhou then took a petal of pomegranate and peeled it. Li Xiwu had just noticed when Pei Jingzhou placed the peeled pomegranate seeds in her hand.

Li Xiwu: “?”

After Xu Muzhen and Liang Sheng’s love story ended, it was Xie Wen and Chi Xu’s love story’s turn.

[I’m just waiting for Xie Wen and Chi Xu. I’m looking forward to it.]

[Where’s the baby? Does anyone take care of the baby?]

[Someone must be taking care of her. Otherwise, the baby is asleep.]

[I saw on the live broadcast today that Chi Xu fell in love with Xie Wen at first sight.]

[Unless they’re childhood sweethearts. Most relationships these days are love at first sight.]

[There are very, very few childhood sweethearts who can get together now because there will always be someone who will snatch one.]

[I’m too obsessed with childhood sweethearts. Unfortunately, none of them are childhood sweethearts today.]

[Childhood sweethearts will always be my greatest of all time!]

[Is it possible that Li Xiwu and her husband were childhood sweethearts?]

[It’s obvious that Li Xiwu and her husband are love at first sight who was introduced by friends. They can’t be childhood sweethearts.]

The netizens made wild guesses.

At this moment, the two of them had yet to decide who would tell the story of Xie Wen and Chi Xu getting to know each other.

Xu Muzhen said, “Sister Wenwen, tell me quickly. I’m really curious about how you and Brother Xu met and how you became lovers.”

Xie Wen smiled and turned to look at Chi Xu. “Go ahead.”

Chi Xu smiled dotingly. “It’s the same if you said it.”

Min Hanrong teased, “Yo, yo, yo. Look at this young couple. They’re all embarrassed.”

Xu Muzhen looked expectant and said, “Why don’t you do it, Sister Wenwen?”

Just as Xie Wen was about to agree, Chi Xu said, “Let me do the talking.”

Everyone looked at Chi Xu. Xie Wen also turned to look at Chi Xu. Chi Xu raised his hand and rubbed Xie Wen’s head. “I remember many details of us falling in love. Why don’t I tell them?”

Zheng Yuehua immediately chimed in, “Wenwen, I’m sorry. Let Little Xu do the talking.”

It didn’t matter who said it. However, it was really rare for someone to remember the process of knowing and falling in love clearly in their relationship and marriage. He must have taken it to heart and loved her deeply enough to do so.

At this moment, everyone looked at Chi Xu expectantly.

“Actually, our love story is a little tacky, too. It was love at first sight.”

Chi Xu’s calmness would make people like him. Everyone waited expectantly for him to continue.

“At that time, Wenwen was a popular female celebrity. Wherever she went, she was the moon surrounded by stars. I thought that I would never interact with this moon until that day, when I entered Wenwen’s production team…”

At that time, Xie Wen was very popular and had countless suitors around her. However, she had clearly said that she would not fall in love easily now. However, there were still many suitors, so Xie Wen ignored them. She knew Chi Xu in a period drama starring Xie Wen as the female lead.

Chi Xu played the role of the guard beside the male lead. He did not have many scenes and occasionally had some contact with Xie Wen.

Initially, Xie Wen did not even look Chi Xu in the eye. It was not that she was arrogant, but she was busy memorizing the script, rehearsing scenes, and filming. She was not familiar with Chi Xu and did not have many scenes with him. There was really nothing to interact with.

However, Chi Xu was especially polite. Even if they did not interact in private, her first impression of him was still very good.

Until one time when she went overseas to film a horse scene. Xie Wen had always been a little afraid of riding a horse. Moreover, that day, the horse trainer was on the way, and Xie Wen was in a hurry to film a scene, so she had to bite the bullet.

It was Chi Xu who took the initiative and volunteered himself on behalf of the horse trainer who failed to arrive. He put Xie Wen on the horse, then he led the horse around several times until Xie Wen overcame her fear of riding.

At that time, Xie Wen was on horseback. Chi Xu held the reins and walked slowly. He kept walking and walking while sweating.

When the horse trainer arrived, Xie Wen had already started filming. After that scene ended, Xie Wen wanted to thank Chi Xu officially.

However, she was surprised to hear the stage supervisor and Chi Xu’s conversation. The stage supervisor asked Chi Xu, “You’ve been walking that horse for so long and the weather is hot. Why aren’t you riding on the horse? This will make it easier for the female lead to overcome this fear as soon as possible.”

What did Chi Xu answer at that time? He said, “It’s not appropriate for a man and a woman to ride the same horse. Besides, I think my method is better. If I teach her on horseback, she’ll still be afraid when I come down.”

That was all he said. This made Xie Wen start paying attention to Chi Xu. When she was acting opposite the male lead, Chi Xu stood behind him as a guard. Once the scene ended, Xie Wen could not help but glance at Chi Xu. He was really polite. He did everything with propriety. He never did anything offensive. He was also very thoughtful in every small detail.

Occasionally, some actors in the production team would go overboard with their dirty words. The other actors would roar with laughter, but Chi Xu reminded them, “Don’t say that with a girl around. It’s disrespectful.”

At the time, he was just a small actor. No one took him seriously and gave him cold looks. Only Xie Wen quietly paid him more attention.

At that time, Xie Wen’s attention on Chi Xu had not reached the stage of liking him. It was just that the things Chi Xu did and those gentlemanly and polite actions would always subconsciously attract her to take another look at him.

As the movie was about to end, the two of them interacted further. That day, Xie Wen was going to film a drowning scene. It was a field shot. The director had already arranged for two sailors to dive into the lake. He was afraid that something would happen to the actors. Sailors were the best guarantee.

But nobody knows what had happened to the sailors that day. In the end, they didn’t come. However, there were many stagehands and several actors who knew how to swim at the time, and they were as good at it as the sailors. The purpose of finding the sailors was only to ensure the safety of the actors.

Hence, the director did not wait and announced that filming would begin.

But in the end, an accident happened…

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