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Chapter 67: 67 Romantic

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67 Romantic

That day, there was a strange phenomenon of water flowing up from the lake.

At that time, many people did not know what was going on, nor had never encountered it before. They did not know how dangerous the situation was.

Xie Wen was still in the water. The stagehands and actors who knew how to swim sensed that something was wrong and quickly went ashore. Xie Wen was also picked up by another actor and prepared to swim up together.

However, the speed at which the water flowed higher and higher became faster and faster. The male actor swam harder and harder. Seeing that the two of them were about to not be able to get up, Xie Wen let go of the male actor who knew how to swim and let him go ashore first. If anything happened, she could not drag the male actor down.

Someone on the shore realized belatedly and exclaimed, “This is a siphon phenomenon!”

When they heard that it was a siphoning phenomenon, the others also reacted. Xie Wen’s situation was too bad. She would be swept into the abyss at the bottom of the lake at any moment.

Everyone cherished their lives, and the professional sailors were not around. No one dared to save Xie Wen easily. At this moment, a figure jumped into the lake before anyone could react.

That person was Chi Xu. He tied a rope around his waist and jumped into the lake to save Xie Wen without thinking or hesitation. Chi Xu did not hesitate when others did not have the determination. Everyone could only pull the rope with all their might and pray that both of them were fine.

After that, Xie Wen was successfully saved. She was terrified. Her face was pale.

As for Chi Xu, who had saved her, he left silently after untying the rope. Xie Wen stared at Chi Xu’s back for a long time. She thought that she would drown that day, her vision had already turned black. Suddenly, there was the sound of someone falling into the water. Chi Xu swam over with all his might and pulled her ashore.

No one dared to come down and save her. Only Chi Xu did not even think about the consequences. Both of them might be sucked to the bottom of the lake. But he had jumped. Without hesitation. She had never felt so moved as at that moment.

After this incident, Xie Wen’s heart only palpitated. It was not to the extent that she wanted to date Chi Xu. She was still very rational. However, ever since then, she did not expect Chi Xu to take the initiative to pursue her.

He chased after her calmly. A good morning and good night everyday. When someone was around, he would definitely stay away and not cause her any trouble. As a result, no paparazzi had ever taken photos of the two of them together until the day of the official announcement.

Xie Wen kept feeling that he was so cautious that she panicked, but he was so meticulous that she sank into him day by day. Especially his meticulousness.

After Chi Xu finished speaking, the story came to an end. The people listening were also entranced.

Tao Jing sighed and said, “Other people who fall in love at first sight are always chasing after the other relentlessly. Chi Xu’s love at first sight really impressed me. Silently protecting her, didn’t often make his presence known, but when Xie Wen needed him, he would definitely be the first to appear.”

Xu Muzhen sighed as well. “That’s right. When I heard you mention Sister Wenwen falling into the water, my heart ached. Fortunately, you’re there.”

Wu Jiacheng said seriously, “To be honest, the siphon phenomenon is very terrifying. If you’re not careful, you might lose your life. At that time, no one dared to take this risk. Only you dared to jump down without hesitation, which means that you were mentally prepared to die at any time.”

The moment that was said, everyone gasped.

Xu Muzhen quickly said, “Sister Wenwen, you married the right person. Really.”

Not to mention that Chi Xu and Xie Wen were not married at that time and had not even fallen in love, it was really rare for Chi Xu to put himself in danger for Xie Wen. Even Han Qianye, who was not very interested, was a little moved. “Love is fought for by yourself. You fought for it with your life.”

Xie Wen was also smiling, but her smile was not so happy, as if she was hiding something.

[Chi Xu’s love is gentle and firm. Boohoo, when will I meet a good man like Chi Xu?]

[Help! Chi Xu is really too good! He loves Wenwen too much!]

[I originally thought that Chi Xu was only considerate and moved Xie Wen with some warm male behavior. I didn’t expect him to use his life to protect Xie Wen.]

[What kind of luck does Xie Wen have? She met Chi Xu, who loved her with his life.]

[Chi Xu clearly said it so calmly, but I’m so touched. I’m crying.]

[So everyone has misunderstood Chi Xu. He’s not unworthy of Xie Wen at all. On the contrary, if not for Chi Xu, Xie Wen might not still be here.]

[Just because he respects girls, I’m a fan.]

[Husband and wife in the entertainment industry don’t last long. If Xie Wen and Chi Xu divorce one day in the future, I’ll probably think that Xie Wen did something wrong.]

[It’s mainly because Chi Xu is really too good.]

Chi Xu and Xie Wen’s marriage had already dissatisfied many of Xie Wen’s fans.

Because the difference between the two of them was huge, one was a popular female celebrity, and the other was an unknown small actor. They were not compatible at all. If not for Chi Xu’s handsome appearance, he would really be a toad lusting after swan meat.

Ever since Xie Wen and Chi Xu’s relationship was out, Chi Xu had received curses on Weibo.

The [Memory Chat Mode] arranged by the production team tonight gave Chi Xu a good impression. Many people who did not like him turned into fans.

Just as everyone was feeling moved by the process of Xie Wen and Chi Xu getting to know each other, the silent Li Xiwu suddenly said, “The horse trainer happened to not be able to arrive that day, and the sailors didn’t come without saying anything. It’s quite a coincidence.”

As Li Xiwu finished speaking, the atmosphere suddenly became quiet. Everyone looked at Li Xiwu, wondering why she had said that. However, what she said sounded reasonable.

Chi Xu, who was not flustered at all, replied calmly, “It’s undeniably a coincidence, but at that time, the horse trainer did have something on and was delayed. As for the sailors, the production team investigated later on. The sailors knew in advance that the water would rise that day and was afraid that something would happen, so they called the assistant director to explain the situation. However, the assistant director was transferred to another production team that day and was so busy that he forgot about it. Later on, this assistant director was even fined two months of salary.”

He spoke calmly. No one could find any fault with it. Everyone also came to a realization. This assistant director was really harmful.

After Xie Wen and Chi Xu’s love story ended, there was no gift segment, so they went straight to Li Xiwu’s group.

Min Hanrong asked first, “Xiwu, your love story with your lover must be very romantic, right?”

Everyone also looked at Li Xiwu.

Li Xiwu smiled brightly. “It’s fine.” She hadn’t figured out what to say. If she really told the truth, it would be equivalent to laying her out in front of the camera. However, Xie Wen’s matter had yet to be settled. She did not want to bring too much negative controversy to herself too early. She glanced sideways at Pei Jingzhou and said calmly, “Fourth Brother, do you want to say it, or should I?”

Pei Jingzhou looked into Li Xiwu’s eyes. “Your memory isn’t too good. I’ll say it.”

Li Xiwu was speechless. Why did he have to say that her memory was bad?!

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