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Chapter 69: 69 Pei Jingzhou: I Cherish You

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69 Pei Jingzhou: I Cherish You

The memory chat mode finally ended.

Li Xiwu’s expression was normal the entire time. She smiled when she needed to, making it impossible to tell anything.

Everyone was praising Li Xiwu for being so happy. Especially the chatterbox Xu Muzheng, who kept asking, “Sister Li, when are you and Brother-in-law planning to have a child?”

Li Xiwu’s expression was a little unnatural, but in the eyes of others, she was just a little embarrassed to mention this topic. “I don’t have this plan for the time being.”

Xu Muzhen rested her chin on her hand. “Me too. I thought that postgraduate studies was a good time to have a child. When I graduate and officially start working, I wouldn’t have to worry about when to have a child. But who knew that a doctor-in-training would be so tired? They stay up late every day and are ordered around by nurses every day. They simply have no human rights. I’ll think about having a child when I officially start working in the future.”

Tao Jing asked in confusion, “The doctor-in-training is already a doctor. Why are you still ordered around by the young nurse?”

Xu Muzhen sighed calmly. “Other than not needing to remove needles and change the dressing, a doctor-in-training does more clinical work than anyone else. They’re so busy that they even take time out to write their mentor’s research mission. After writing for a while, the bell will ring. They have to save the patient immediately. Their salary is 1,800 yuan, and they have to laugh every day.”

Xu Muzhen was talking about her real life as a doctor-in-training. “Actually, I’m fine. I’m not in the emergency department.”

With that one sentence, one could only imagine how terrifying the emergency department was. Hearing Xu Muzhen’s words, everyone gasped.

Xiang Lan, who didn’t speak much, added, “Doctors are benevolent. Being doctors is very noble.”

That was why Xiang Lan’s heart ached for her daughter-in-law. Although it only took time to become a chief physician, if she did not wait for this day and her body was exhausted first, the gains would not make up for the losses. Therefore, as long as Xu Muzhen had time, Xiang Lan would pull Xu Muzhen out of bed for morning exercise.

Tao Jing asked, “Auntie Xiang, will you do your morning exercise tomorrow morning?”

Xiang Lan replied, “I do exercises every morning and night. Day after day, year after year. I’ve never stopped.”

Everyone thought, As expected of a fitness instructor.

Tao Jing was delighted. “That’s great.” As she spoke, Tao Jing held Min Hanrong’s arm. “Mom, let’s get up tomorrow morning and do morning exercises with Auntie Xiang?”

Min Hanrong controlled her figure all year round, so she naturally would not reject such a good activity. She immediately agreed. “There are only benefits and no harm in training your body. Then let’s wake up early tomorrow.”

After saying that, she did not forget to invite Zheng Yuehua and Han Qianye along.

Zheng Yuehua could not get up too early. Ever since Xie Wen came to her house, she did not have to worry about anything. She often slept in, but it was not easy to refuse. She braced herself and agreed. “Alright, no problem.”

Min Hanrong looked at Han Qianye. “What about you, Qianye?”

Han Qianye was in a bad mood and couldn’t care less about anything. When she heard Min Hanrong’s invitation, she did not think much of it and agreed casually. “Alright.”

Min Hanrong made the decision. “Then let’s say that us mother-in-laws will…”

Not sure of the time, Min Hanrong specially confirmed the time with Xiang Lan. “What time does Sister Lan usually start her morning exercise?”

Xiang Lan said, “Five-thirty.”

Min Hanrong: “…”

Tao Jing: “…”

Zheng Yuehua: “…”

Li Xiwu: “…”

Han Qianye, who was in a daze: “…” Didn’t that mean she had to get up at five?

[Hahahaha, when everyone heard five-thirty, their expressions froze.]

[I’m still sleeping at five-thirty.]

[It’s really too early, but I still have to praise Mother-in-law Xiang for being so self-disciplined.]

[If I had a self-disciplined mother-in-law like Xiang Lan, my figure would definitely be super hot now.]

[Can I ask if tomorrow’s morning exercise will be broadcast? I’ll set the alarm.]

Liang Sheng couldn’t help but laugh when he saw everyone’s expressions. He explained, “My mother exercises every day at five-thirty in the morning and at nine at night. This is a habit she’s persisted in for many years. It’s always been like this.”

There was nothing wrong with the number five. But the number five-thirty in the morning was a little torturous. Min Hanrong regretted saying too much, but she also knew that it was definitely too late to regret. Anyway, she could get up tomorrow morning.

Zheng Yuehua looked a little bitter. Five-thirty? Motherf*cker!

Han Qianye was very confused.

Xie Wen, who was beside her, was fine. Whether she had a child or not, she woke up quite early. Moreover, in the past, when she was filming, she often woke up at three or four in the morning. Five-thirty was easy to accept.

Tonight’s live broadcast ended two hours later than before. It ended at nine. Everyone in Group One, Group Two, and Group Three stood up one after another and prepared to go upstairs to their rooms to rest. The inn was huge and had many rooms. There was no need to worry about not having enough rooms. Everyone headed upstairs.

Only Li Xiwu held her phone and pretended to answer the call as she walked out. Han Qianye noticed and was about to follow her out. Pei Jingzhou was already ahead of her. Han Qianye did not show any weakness and immediately chased after him.

Outside the inn.

It was late autumn, and it was even colder at night. Hot steam rose from their words. Wearing thin clothes, Li Xiwu walked far away and looked down at her phone.

Han Qianye walked in front of her son and blocked his way. “Stop!” The searchlight on the roof outside the inn could illuminate a long distance. Han Qianye’s exasperated expression was clearly illuminated.

Pei Jingzhou asked calmly, “What’s wrong?”

Han Qianye asked, “How can you mention your past with Little You in front of everyone?”

Pei Jingzhou said nothing.

Han Qianye scolded, “How is that appropriate!”

Pei Jingzhou’s lips twitched. “You should go back and rest early.”

Han Qianye: “?”

Pei Jingzhou walked around Han Qianye, who was blocking his way, and walked towards Li Xiwu. Han Qianye turned around and saw the two figures getting closer from afar. She thought to herself that she could not interfere much. She was just worrying for nothing. Forget it!

Li Xiwu came out to answer Qiao Qiao’s call. Qiao Qiao had just sent a message asking if it was convenient to answer. She typed as she walked: [Just came out. Wait until I’m a little further away.]

When she was about fifty meters away from the inn, Li Xiwu called Qiao Qiao. Then someone behind her called—

“Li Xiwu.”

Li Xiwu immediately hung up. She turned around and saw Pei Jingzhou. She raised her red lips and asked, “It’s quite cold outside. Why did Fourth Brother come out?”

Pei Jingzhou took off his coat expressionlessly and draped it over her in an inelegant manner. “You also know that it’s quite cold outside. I thought you didn’t feel anything.”

Li Xiwu did not refuse. She gathered her jacket and said, “Fourth Brother still cherishes to the fairer sex.”

Pei Jingzhou said, “Who cherishes the fairer sex?”

Li Xiwu: “?”

Pei Jingzhou looked into her eyes. “I cherish you.”


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