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Chapter 73: 73 Preparing to Make Her Popular Again

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73 Preparing to Make Her Popular Again

Surprisingly, Gao Yueban did not refute this. He nodded as he wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes. “Alright, I’ll communicate with Miss Li.” With that, Gao Yueban got up. Because he was not awake, he walked unsteadily as if he had drunk two taels.

Li Xiwu was serious. Her body was already sweating from the heat. Seeing that everyone was getting sleepy as they exercised, Li Xiwu raised her hand to wipe the sweat off her forehead. When she looked up, she realized that Director Gao was waving at her.

Li Xiwu’s dancing stopped. Without much hesitation, she left the camera and walked towards Gao Yueban. She breathed lightly, still unsteady. “Director Gao, what is it?”

Gao Yueban resisted the urge to yawn and said, “It’s like this. The popularity of this morning’s live broadcast isn’t very good. Do you have a better way?”

Li Xiwu: “…”

Gao Yueban was also a little embarrassed. As a director, he couldn’t think of a way. He had to ask the guests for their ideas. It would be embarrassing if word got out. But he inexplicably believed Li Xiwu. It was mainly because after these few days of contact, he felt that Li Xiwu was a very powerful person. There was nothing she couldn’t do!

Li Xiwu had already completely calmed down. “Director Gao, do you mean that you want me to think of a way to raise the popularity of doing morning exercises?”

Gao Yueban looked relieved. “That’s right.”

Gao Yueban even said, “Actually, my plan for the group morning exercise segment was to record it in the form of an edited broadcast. That idiot director insisted on suggesting a live broadcast, but in the end, it ended up like this.”

It was not appropriate to turn off the live broadcast. After all, some people online were also setting the alarm to squat. However, there were too few people. Compared to the live broadcast during the day, there were less than ten percent.

Li Xiwu thought for a moment. “Let me think.”

Gao Yueban was also afraid of troubling Li Xiwu. “Just think about it. As long as it’s feasible, if not, forget it.”

Li Xiwu nodded. After Gao Yueban left, Li Xiwu went to the side and picked up her phone to look at it. It took more than ten minutes. She had no intention of returning to the morning exercise.

Min Hanrong noticed and was a little dissatisfied. No matter how listless the elders were, they still braced themselves and jumped. It was fine if young people like her did not jump, but she could have just gone upstairs. She actually stood at the side and played with her phone.

Min Hanrong couldn’t stand it anymore and spoke to Han Qianye. “Qianye, is your Xiwu feeling unwell?”

Han Qianye replied without thinking, “Yes.”

Min Hanrong said, “I saw her doing quite well just now.”

Han Qianye turned around. “You said just now.”

Min Hanrong: “…”

Zheng Yuehua’s voice was much louder. “Everyone is exercising seriously. Only your daughter-in-law is playing with her phone at the side. Qianye, control your daughter-in-law well.”

Han Qianye was furious. “What’s wrong with my daughter-in-law!”

Zheng Yuehua’s voice was even louder than before. “Don’t you have a good relationship with your daughter-in-law?”

Han Qianye choked. How infuriating, this guy!

[Why is Li Xiwu missing?]

[Li Xiwu was so serious at first. Where did she go now?]

[Li Xiwu couldn’t have gone slacking off, right?]

[Everyone is trying their best to exercise. Only Li Xiwu ran away first? She’s too good at cheating.]

[I originally had a good impression of Li Xiwu. Isn’t it not good to sneak away alone?]

[I thought about Li Xiwu’s love story with her husband all night. In my heart, Li Xiwu is already a very beautiful image. In the end, she ruined it this morning?]

[Speaking of which, will the intelligence army find out the true identity of Li Xiwu’s husband today?]

Min Hanrong could not help but laugh when she saw Han Qianye’s defeated expression. She turned to her daughter-in-law, Tao Jing, and said, “Jingjing, you danced too well.”

Tao Jing was a little embarrassed. “It’s alright.”

Zheng Yuehua did not admit defeat. She turned to Xie Wen and said, “Wenwen, you dance very well too.”

Xie Wen slowly stopped. “Mom, I’m a little tired. I want to rest.”

Zheng Yuehua’s expression changed. Xie Wen had actually undermined her in public. It was not appropriate for her to reprimand her in front of the camera. She only said, “Jump a little longer. It’s only been a few minutes.”

Xie Wen hesitated. “It’s been twenty minutes.” With that, without caring if Zheng Yuehua was unhappy, Xie Wen walked towards Li Xiwu.

The director looked puzzled. “Director Gao, what did you tell Miss Li?”

Gao Yueban unscrewed the bottle of mineral water and drank the water. After drinking it, he said, “I asked Miss Li if she had any way, such as organizing some interesting fitness activity to make the live-stream popular.”

The director nodded. “There shouldn’t be much hope. Look over there. Miss Li is playing with her phone excitedly. I guess everything you just said has been thrown to the wind.”

Gao Yueban put the mineral water back and said calmly, “What’s the hurry? I believe in Li Xiwu.”

The director was speechless. He was really obsessed. He didn’t believe that she could come up with any new tricks just by playing with her phone.

Xie Wen walked over and asked, “Miss Li, what are you looking at?”

Li Xiwu looked up. “Swiping the short video.”

Xie Wen fanned herself with her hand as she walked. Because the heat was too heavy, Xie Wen did not lean against Li Xiwu. “What video are you watching?”

Li Xiwu said, “A fitness video.”

Xie Wen was puzzled. “Huh?”

Li Xiwu said simply, “Looking for inspiration.” She searched for many morning exercise videos to watch repeatedly. They were all similar.

After two to three minutes of silence, Xie Wen did not disturb Li Xiwu. When her breathing calmed down, she asked, “Miss Li, have you found inspiration?”

Li Xiwu stopped her phone. “Do you think people are not interested in anything that’s too rigid?”

Xie Wen said truthfully, “Be it things or people, they’ll be boring if they’re too rigid.”

Li Xiwu smiled. “I’ve thought of a way. I hope you’ll lead.”

Xie Wen was surprised. “Ah… me?” Because of her unconditional trust, Xie Wen hesitated for only a second or two before agreeing.

Li Xiwu told Xie Wen about her inspiration and the fitness slogan she had just thought of. After saying that, Li Xiwu asked, “Can you do it?”

Xie Wen was a little nervous. “…Miss Li, this is a method you racked your brains to think of. I think you should be the one to lead it. The effect will definitely be better this way. What if I screw it up?”

Li Xiwu looked at the hesitant Xie Wen. “Have you thought about being famous again?”

Xie Wen was stunned.

Li Xiwu’s expression was serious. “I’m not an artist. I don’t need too much exposure. If you want to become famous, show your former high spirits. I’ll give you an idea, you should be bold enough to do it. If you do it well, I’ll be the first to be happy for you. If you don’t do it well, I’ll be the first to take responsibility for you.”


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