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Chapter 74: 74 Li Xiwu Is Too Awesome

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74 Li Xiwu Is Too Awesome

Xie Wen was so young.

If she was really happy, her mother-in-law would treat her well, her husband would love her, and sweetness and happiness would intertwine. Even if she was already a mother, she could live like a young girl. Instead of growing haggard and smiling less and less after being tricked into marriage by that man.

Li Xiwu had thought that although she was very prejudiced against Chi Xu, as long as Chi Xu really made Xie Wen happy, she would not change what had already been done.

Therefore, for more than a year, she had never taken the initiative to disturb Xie Wen’s life. Even if the paparazzi took photos of Xie Wen’s prenatal checkup and posted them online, she would inform them to delete them immediately and not let the outside world disturb her life. However, Chi Xu was not worth it.

Under Li Xiwu’s urging, Xie Wen returned to the morning training team. She went to communicate with Gao Yueban. “Director Gao, I heard a few songs just now. I’ll share them with you.”

Gao Yueban was dumbfounded. “Huh?”

Li Xiwu had already turned on the music.

The first song was the famous song of a certain popular singer. It was accompanied by a very moving metal instrumental. As Gao Yueban listened, his body could not help but dance. “It’s Singer Lin’s song. It’s an old song. I’ve heard it since I was young.”

Li Xiwu played another song for Gao Yueban.

Gao Yueban could tell immediately. “‘Push Back’! Cao Da’s song! I’m too familiar with this! I’m even more familiar with it than Singer Lin’s song.”

Li Xiwu continued to play another song. The director couldn’t stand it anymore and quickly said, “Director Gao! Director Gao! We’re live-streaming.”

Li Xiwu looked up at the director. The director looked unhappy. He did not understand Li Xiwu’s behavior. It was true that he had high hopes that Li Xiwu could think of a solution, but she did not take it to heart. It was fine if she played on her phone for half a day, but she did not return to the morning exercise team. She even had the time to share the song with Director Gao!

What kind of operation was this? The director felt that he had misjudged.

Director Gao could not guess Li Xiwu’s thoughts. He probed, “Miss Li, what are your plans?”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “I’ve thought of a way. Now, I have to choose a song to replace the original morning exercise song. Auntie Xiang will teach the moves, and Xie Wen will lead everyone to follow the rhythm of the music.”

Director Gao looked happy. “That’s great.”

There was no joy on the director’s face. He could not help but ask, “Just another song? Miss Li, are you sure this will work?”

Li Xiwu asked humbly, “Do you have a better suggestion?”

The director was speechless. Although he did not understand what Li Xiwu was up to, no matter how dissatisfied he was, he could not say anything now. After all, he was the one who suggested that Li Xiwu help in the beginning. Indeed, one had to think twice before acting.

Gao Yueban was very cooperative with Li Xiwu. He listened to the other songs seriously. In the end, he chose Cao Da’s song. Gao Yueban said, “Although the style is similar, Cao Da’s songs are famous for their rhythm. Why don’t we use this song, ‘Push Back’?”

Li Xiwu said, “Then play this song, ‘Push Back,’ but you have to keep looping the prelude because this song will be charged after 30 seconds on the music platform. We have to pay attention to the copyright.”

Gao Yueban wanted to give Li Xiwu a thumbs up. As expected of Miss Li. She had considered everything.

It was already six in the morning. Everyone was listless and perfunctorily danced to Xiang Lan’s rhythm. Then the morning exercise music stopped.

At this moment, Li Xiwu had also returned to the morning training team. For some reason, Xiang Lan thought that there was a problem with the sound system and went over to communicate. Everyone took the opportunity to rest.

Zheng Yuehua looked at Li Xiwu, who had returned, and couldn’t control her tone. “Xiwu, what’s wrong with you? You were standing at the side resting when we were exercising just now. Now that we’re not exercising anymore, you’re back. You can’t be so lazy.”

Xie Wen immediately said, “Mom, Miss Li wasn’t being lazy.”

If not for the fact that she was on camera, Zheng Yuehua would have glared at Xie Wen. She didn’t glare, but ignored Xie Wen and continued, “You can’t be lazy like this. After all, everyone is dancing.”

Min Hanrong added, “Xiwu, training is only good for the body. You can’t be lazy anymore.”

Tao Jing did not speak because when everyone was dancing just now, only Li Xiwu was standing at the side playing with her phone. It was indeed a little inappropriate.

Faced with everyone’s dissatisfaction, Li Xiwu pursed her lips. “Sorry.”

Han Qianye stood up. “The two of you are more than a hundred years old. Isn’t it funny to target a child?”

Han Qianye’s words made everyone’s expressions change.

Zheng Yuehua wanted to retort, but Xie Wen stopped her and reminded her, “Mom, it’s a live broadcast.”

Zheng Yuehua secretly pinched Xie Wen’s hand. Xie Wen winced, but tried not to show it.

Just as Han Qianye was about to say something more, Li Xiwu went forward and shouted, “Mom.” Han Qianye’s aura immediately died down. Li Xiwu tried to smooth things over. “Auntie and the others were just reminding me out of kindness. I’ll take note.”

Han Qianye looked unhappy and muttered, “Whatever you say.”

Li Xiwu had called her “Mom” just now to remind her that this was a live broadcast. No matter how unhappy Han Qianye was, she could only restrain her temper.

[I only squinted for a moment. Why did they start arguing?]

[Li Xiwu is lazy herself. It’s only right for her to be criticized by her elders. Han Qianye is still protecting her children. What a loving mother.]

[I remember that Li Xiwu was quite self-conscious. Why isn’t she self-conscious today?]

[Mother-in-law Zheng and Mother-in-law Min are right about their criticism.]

[I’m so sleepy. I’d better go back to sleep. I’ll watch the live broadcast during the day.]

[This morning exercise is really boring to watch. I’m looking forward to it too much. It’s a waste of my sleep.]

Xiang Lan went to ask the production team. At this moment, she walked over and shouted to Lan, “Xie Wen! Xie Wen!”

Xie Wen looked up at Xiang Lan.

Xiang Lan said, “It’s a change of music. I don’t have a strong sense of rhythm for pop music. It’s up to you now.”

Xie Wen turned to look at Li Xiwu again. Li Xiwu gave Xie Wen a reassuring look as a form of encouragement. Xie Wen gathered her courage and agreed. “Okay.”

When Zheng Yuehua saw that her daughter-in-law would be in charge next, she immediately raised her head and puffed out her chest proudly. “Our Wenwen is still the best.”

Although she was not her daughter-in-law, Min Hanrong still echoed, “Best of luck, Wenwen.”

Tao Jing and Xu Muzhen were also very happy to cheer for Xie Wen. At this moment, Xie Wen walked to Xiang Lan. The two of them stood side by side in front. The moment the music started, everyone felt goosebumps rise.

Xie Wen began to shout slogans. These slogans were all thought of at the last minute by Li Xiwu. They formed a jingle and were very smooth to shout.

Everyone thought it was a little strange at first, but the song “Push Back” was the rhythm of moving music. It made people unable to stop at all. Their bodies involuntarily jumped up with it, and the more they danced, the more energetic they became. It was obvious that they were no longer as listless as before.

In addition, Xie Wen shouted the slogan well. Not only did everyone follow the rhythm and move their limbs, but they also followed the slogan with all their might.

Not only the guests, but the entire live-stream’s popularity was revived.

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