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Chapter 75: 75 Pei Jingzhou: You Want To Take My Wife's Credit?

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75 Pei Jingzhou: You Want To Take My Wife’s Credit?

[Got up immediately when ‘Push Back’ sounded!]

[Cao Da! My god!]

[Just now, it was still proper morning exercise music. Why did it suddenly become Cao Da’s Push Back? I was so sleepy that I woke up.]

[I want to jump along, but it’s so cold.]

[Damn, I can’t hold it in anymore. I’m going to get up and jump with you. This ‘Push Back’ sounds too exciting.]

[I’m not a member. I’ve heard the prelude countless times. Why were they looping the prelude too.]

[Details! The show didn’t directly play the entire song. It focused on the copyright! I love it!]

[Sisters! I’m already up!]

[I’m up too. I jumped up with Xie Wen!]

There were originally only two to three hundred thousand viewers online. But due to the change in the morning exercise music, coupled with Xie Wen’s unique slogan and rhythm, at 6:20 in the morning, the entire live-stream had 1.5 million viewers online, and its popularity was still rising.

Live broadcasts were not exclusive like television stations. There were easily tens of millions or hundreds of millions of views. Moreover, ever since Mother-in-Law Joy’s live broadcast, the highest online viewership in a day was only five million, and that was still the scene of yesterday’s gathering. That time happened to be the golden time for everyone to be idle at night.

However, it was only 6:20 a.m. today, and there were already more than a million viewers online. It was resurrected with full health!! By 7:30, after the morning exercise ended, the number of viewers online had exceeded 2.8 million.

To be able to do this at this time, to the program team, it was undoubtedly a knife stabbing their butt—it was an eye-opener.

Gao Yueban was overjoyed. “It’s still Miss Li’s suggestion! This data is really awesome!”

Yu Jing walked over and looked at the data. “Impressive!”

The director sat on the bench awkwardly and did not dare to make a sound. Gao Yueban extended his leg and kicked the leg of the director’s bench. “Why aren’t you barking anymore?”

The director: “…”

With this data, he couldn’t bark even if he wanted to… Who knew that Miss Li’s suggestion was so awesome!

Director Gao said earnestly, “Go apologize to Miss Li. Your attitude just now was really bad. If I were Miss Li, I would have given you an earful!”

The director: “…”

“Also, just because Miss Li doesn’t mind doesn’t mean that her husband won’t be angry when he finds out. Let me give you a piece of advice. Don’t offend the big shot.”

The director: “?”

Li Xiwu’s husband had a powerful background? Perhaps only Director Gao knew this. However, the director had to admit that ‘Push Back’ was indeed a light touch. Xie Wen’s lead and slogan were the most important, but if Li Xiwu had not racked her brains to think of this method, the live broadcast data would have been a pile of mud. The director felt guilty and apologized to Li Xiwu obediently.

Around nine in the morning, on Weibo’s trending list, a trend called #Push Back Exercise # appeared fifth on the trends.

The title confused many. The netizens thought about it. They had only heard of Push Back Pictures. What kind of new invention was Push Back Exercise? They clicked on it—

[Cao Da will probably be dumbfounded when he wakes up. Songs that are already popular have become popular again this morning!]

[Should I say it or not? Mother-in-Law Joy is the most copyright-conscious variety show I’ve ever seen.]

[No one slacked off during today’s live broadcast!]

[Xie Wen performed so well. She taught everyone to do their exercises. In the end, they relied on Xie Wen to shout the slogan and lead everyone.]

[My youth is back! Xie Wen will definitely be famous again!]

[Talented Wenwen is back.]

[I’m looking forward to the day Xie Wen becomes famous in the entertainment industry again!]

[Xie Wen is awesome. Her performance today was the best.]

Meanwhile, Chi Xu also saw the trends on Weibo. He saw that the netizens were all praising Xie Wen and looking forward to her returning to her peak state!

Xie Wen, who had taken a shower after exercising, was sitting by the bed playing with her daughter, who had just woken up. Chi Xu approached from behind. “Wenwen.”

Xie Wen turned around. There were only three of them in the room. The atmosphere was very warm, but when Xie Wen turned around and saw Chi Xu’s expression, her heart tightened. Chi Xu walked up to Xie Wen and slowly squatted down to hold her hand. Xie Wen subconsciously shrank back, but Chi Xu held her tightly. She asked, “What’s wrong?”

Chi Xu slowly tilted his head on Xie Wen’s thigh. “Wenwen, I was very afraid when I saw those comments online.”

Xie Wen said, “Huh?”

Chi Xu said, “Those people want you to go back to the past, but if you get busy, we won’t be together much. Can you bear to? I’m so afraid of being forced to separate from you.”

Xie Wen was silent.

Chi Xu raised his head and looked at Xie Wen deeply. “You know that the premise for me to always love you is… you have to always be by my side. Don’t lie to me. Can you do that?”

Xie Wen swallowed. “Chi Xu, don’t be like this. How could I leave?”

Chi Xu’s gaze was slightly cold. “You have to swear. If you leave me one day, I will die. Can you bear to see me die because I lost you? Can you bear to?”

Xie Wen’s heart tightened. “Didn’t we agree not to mention these words at the drop of a hat? It’s inauspicious. You’ll be fine, and I’ll always be by your side. Look, don’t we have Shenshen?” With that, Xie Wen changed the topic and pulled Chi Xu to look at her daughter on the bed.

Chi Xu smiled. “Wenwen, it’s good to have you around.”

Xie Wen smiled faintly, but her heart felt like it was being clenched tightly by a hand. She was almost out of breath. She thought about leaving many times, but she was afraid to leave. Chi Xu said that he would die if she left. He was not joking.

Later on, she got pregnant, but she still had countless thoughts of leaving. Every time this thought appeared, Chi Xu would always notice. He would humbly beg her not to leave him. She was his life. One step at a time. It seemed that she could never leave him again…

At this moment, Zheng Yuehua walked in. The moment she entered, she saw her son lying on Xie Wen’s lap. Zheng Yuehua walked over with a cold expression. “Xie Wen.”

Xie Wen pushed Chi Xu away and stood up. “Mom.”

Zheng Yuehua’s expression improved a little. “You’ve really brought me glory today. I saw the Internet praising you too. I heard from the director that the live broadcast just started and the comments were all praising you. Your performance was not bad.”

Xie Wen explained, “Actually, it was all Miss Li’s idea.”

Zheng Yuehua was stunned. Then, she raised her voice in agitation. “Her idea? Isn’t it you?”

This voice shocked Shenshen on the bed and she burst into tears. Chi Xu picked up his daughter immediately. Seeing that Chi Xu was carrying her daughter, Xie Wen was relieved. She turned around and said, “Miss Li told me the method she thought of and asked me to lead. She also thought of the slogan.”

Zheng Yuehua’s expression did not look good. “It’s all your credit anyway. It’s fine if you claim it. She just used her brain. You’re the one who worked hard.”

Xie Wen pursed her lips. “Mom!”

Zheng Yuehua’s expression did not look good. “Little Xu, I’ll bring Wenwen down for breakfast. Watch over Shenshen.”

Before Chi Xu could respond, Zheng Yuehua hurriedly pulled Xie Wen out of the door. As soon as she came out, she bumped into Pei Jingzhou. Zheng Yuehua smiled politely and hurriedly pulled Xie Wen to the other side. She did not go downstairs, as if she had something to say in private.

Pei Jingzhou’s expression was cold. The sound from inside the opposite door was almost clearly audible. Taking his wife’s credit? Very good!

Pei Jingzhou took out his phone and called Chen Xin. “Send me Director Gao’s number.” He hung up. In less than ten seconds, Chen Xin sent Gao Yueban’s number to Pei Jingzhou’s phone.

Pei Jingzhou called and the other party picked up. “Who is it?”

“Pei Jingzhou!”

“Pei Jing… President Pei, hello. Are you upstairs? Do you need anything? I’ll get someone to arrange for it to be sent up to you immediately.” When Gao Yueban heard that it was Pei Jingzhou, his voice changed in shock.

Pei Jingzhou said coldly, “Move the live broadcast of Group Three upstairs. Group Three has a talent show.”

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