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Chapter 76: 76 The Entire Internet Knows! Shocking!

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76 The Entire Internet Knows! Shocking!

Gao Yueban also received a call yesterday afternoon and learned that Miss Li’s husband would come later. Moreover, this call was specially called by Miss Li’s husband’s assistant.

Gao Yueban asked something out of curiosity. The other party only said that he was Mr. Pei’s assistant. Mr Pei? Which Mr. Pei? The assistant lowered his voice and said, “The Pei Corporation.”

When Gao Yueban heard this, he was almost scared to death. After receiving the notice in advance, Gao Yueban was not calm in the afternoon. Therefore, when the husbands of the other three groups arrived, only Miss Li’s husband did not come. Gao Yueban did not ask or rush him. Who would dare to rush this big shot of the Pei Corporation!

Thinking back, the person who took the initiative to contact the variety show organizers to participate in the variety show was Han Qianye herself, but Han Qianye refused to give him any background information. It was only after Lin Yourong, who had participated in the variety show last season, appeared that he found out that Han Qianye had been recommended by Lin Yourong to participate.

The entire production team only knew that Han Qianye was from a wealthy family. However, they did not know that it was the top wealthy family of the Pei family! She was countless times more impressive than Lin Yourong’s background!

“A talent show? Are we going up now?” Gao Yueban, who had received the notice, was very confused.

Pei Jingzhou: “Do you have a problem with that?”

“No, no, no.” How could he have any objections?

However, wasn’t Group Three Xie Wen and her mother-in-law? What talent show? He remembered that it had only been a while since the broadcast started and breakfast was ready. Xie Wen’s mother-in-law had gone upstairs to call Xie Wen down for breakfast. Why was she preparing for the talent show so quickly?

However, Gao Yueban did not dare to ask. Since President Pei had instructed him, he immediately made arrangements. “Group Three’s live-stream, go to the attic.”

Yu Jing immediately arranged for the cameras and cameraman.

Min Hanrong, who was sitting at the dining table, asked, “Why aren’t Sister Zheng, Wenwen, and her husband down yet?”

Wu Jiacheng peeled a boiled shrimp for Tao Jing and casually said, “They have a child. I guess the child is making a fuss now?”

Tao Jing ate the prawns Wu Jiacheng had peeled for her. “I think so. Wenwen’s child is especially cute.”

Wu Jiacheng smiled and asked, “Why don’t we have one?”

Tao Jing pouted. “Not so early. We’ll talk about it in two years.”

Min Hanrong stood on her daughter-in-law’s side. “A woman can’t give birth easily with just a word. Only women know how difficult the process is. I support Jingjing giving birth a few years later. Don’t suffer so early.”

Most mothers-in-law couldn’t wait for their daughters-in-law to have children. Min Hanrong’s words were undoubtedly recognized by everyone.

[If only all the mother-in-laws in the world were like Min Hanrong.]

[It’s hard to disagree. Men all think that it’s over once the women give birth. Only women know how hard this pregnancy is.]

[Tao Jing is so happy to have a mother-in-law like Min Hanrong.]

[Xie Wen and Xu Muzhen are also very happy. They both have a good mother-in-law.]

[Li Xiwu’s mother-in-law… is fine. I just keep feeling that they’re familiar with each other because they’re on a show. They didn’t seem familiar before…]

[Those who didn’t watch the live broadcast this morning, quickly post it. Li Xiwu actually slacked off today.]

[After watching the live broadcast of the trending topics on Weibo, Li Xiwu’s behavior is very speechless. Is this the work spirit that an artist manager should have?]

[I have no feelings for Li Xiwu anymore.]

Li Xiwu, who was sitting opposite, was quietly eating her breakfast. She had no intention of talking. Han Qianye also ate quietly.

Min Hanrong changed the topic to Li Xiwu. “Xiwu, where’s your lover? Why didn’t he come down for breakfast?”

Li Xiwu looked up. “He’s dealing with work. He’ll be down later.”

Min Hanrong nodded. “That’s true. Business executives are very busy, especially executives in big companies. They control many things.”

She just couldn’t remember if she had seen Li Xiwu’s lover somewhere. Last night, Min Hanrong even called her husband to ask if Li Xiwu’s lover looked familiar. However, her husband was too busy last night and did not have time to live broadcast, so he did not know what Li Xiwu’s lover looked like. He said that he could watch the live broadcast tonight when he had time.

Then she would call and ask after tonight.

At the same time, in the attic.

The cameraman was looking for Group Three. Someone pointed the way, and the cameraman followed that direction.

On the inn terrace.

Zheng Yuehua pulled Xie Wen to the inn terrace. Taking advantage of the fact that no one was around, she said to Xie Wen, “Since Li Xiwu’s credit is yours, take it. Don’t be embarrassed.”

Xie Wen pursed her lips tightly and said nothing.

Seeing that Xie Wen was silent, Zheng Yuehua emphasized, “Did you hear me?”

Xie Wen looked up at Zheng Yuehua. “How can you be so selfish? The director knew when Miss Li came up with this method.”

Zheng Yuehua placed her hands on her hips. “So what if he knows? You’re the most popular. The director will side with you, right? How is it selfish of me to think for you? What’s wrong with taking this credit? Is water in your brain?”

Xie Wen remained silent.

Zheng Yuehua became even more impolite. “What kind of expression is that? Who are you showing your long face to?”

Xie Wen closed her eyes tightly. “…I’m not showing a long face. I just want to tell you that I won’t take Miss Li’s credit. This is my bottom line.”

Zheng Yuehua’s tone was sharp. “What lousy bottom line! Is she still your manager? She’s not your manager anymore! What other benefits do you have with her? How do you expect her to help you? She’s just an employee who works on a salary. What right does she have to help you become the same as before?”

Seeing that Xie Wen did not refute, Zheng Yuehua’s sharp tone became heavier. “When the time comes, insist that it’s your idea. Those fans who have supported you will definitely believe you.”

Xie Wen looked at the greedy Zheng Yuehua in front of her. “Miss Li is indeed no longer my manager, but in my heart, she will always be my best friend and a guiding light in my life. I’ve already said that I won’t take credit for this. You should restrain your thoughts. Don’t show all your thoughts on your face. No one is a fool.”

With that, Xie Wen turned and left the terrace. Zheng Yuehua was furious. “You’re really an ingrate! You’ve been married to our family for so long, but you’re still thinking of flying outside!”

Xie Wen stopped in her tracks. She didn’t turn around. Her voice dropped a little. “I should have been standing on a glamorous stage.” However, her wings were broken!

Xie Wen came out. After taking a few steps, she accidentally met the cameramen of her group. Xie Wen was stunned and her face turned slightly pale. “You…”

“Director Gao asked me to come up…” The cameraman’s hand holding the camera was a little nervous. What did he hear!! Not only him! The live broadcast had been on, and millions of netizens watching online had all heard it.

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