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Chapter 77: 77 The Truth Has Been Exposed! My Worldview Has Shattered!

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77 The Truth Has Been Exposed! My Worldview Has Shattered!

Xie Wen did not notice the strange expression on the cameraman’s face. Although she also hoped that this show would expose Zheng Yuehua’s true appearance, every time she thought that she was Chi Xu’s mother, she suppressed this thought. She explained to the cameraman, “My daughter was making a fuss just now. I’ll go down now.”

The cameraman nodded and walked behind Xie Wen in silence, holding up the camera.


Everyone sat at the table and ate. No one showed anything unusual. Xie Wen walked over naturally and sat down on the other side of Li Xiwu. “Miss Li, are you eating noodles again this morning?”

Xie Wen knew that Li Xiwu loved noodles.

Li Xiwu nodded. “Did you come down alone?”

Xie Wen had yet to realize what had happened. As if nothing had happened upstairs, she said calmly, “Yes, Chi Xu is with Shenshen. My mother is combing her hair and will be down soon.”

And with that, Xie Wen put on her collar mic and reached for the small bread on the plate in front of her. Just as she reached out, she sensed several pairs of eyes looking at her quietly.

Xie Wen looked up. It was Tao Jing and Xu Muzhen, Min Hanrong and Xiang Lan, Miss Li and Han Qianye, Wu Jiacheng and Liang Sheng, and the cold Mr. Pei. They all looked at her.

Xie Wen didn’t know why, but she subconsciously raised her hand to touch her face and asked with a faint smile, “Did I not wipe my face clean? Why is everyone looking at me?”

The atmosphere went quiet again for a long time. In the end, it was Li Xiwu who broke the silence. “There was a problem with the live recording just now. Your conversation with your mother-in-law came from the stereo. Everyone heard it.”

Xie Wen was stunned.

Just a few minutes ago—

The atmosphere at the table was still lively. Pei Jingzhou went downstairs and sat down beside Li Xiwu. He casually took a plate of noodles like Li Xiwu.

Min Hanrong was asking Wu Jiacheng about the progress of the resort project that he had personally taken over recently. As Wu Jiacheng ate, he talked about the current development progress of the resort.

Xiang Lan personally wrapped a scallion pancake for Xu Muzhen. Xu Muzhen took it happily and was about to eat it when she saw the lettuce in the scallion pancake. She said pitifully, “Mom, there’s no meat.”

Beside her, Liang Sheng smiled. “Why wouldn’t she put meat in for you? I saw Mom put the char siu at the bottom. Eat the vegetables first. You’ll be able to eat the meat again.”

Xu Muzhen chuckled. After a few bites, she indeed saw meat. Xiang Lan also felt a sense of accomplishment.

Han Qianye looked at Li Xiwu, who was quietly focused on eating noodles. She wanted to call her ‘Li Xiwu’, but she felt that she was too unfamiliar with her daughter-in-law. It was better to call her Xiwu. However, the moment she opened her mouth, it was different from what she thought. She shouted, “Xixi.”

Li Xiwu thought Han Qianye was giggling. She looked up and saw Han Qianye looking at her kindly. Li Xiwu was stunned for two or three seconds before she reacted. “You called for me?”

Han Qianye nodded and asked, “What are your plans with Jingzhou today?”

What’s the plan for today? Li Xiwu had no such plan. “Fourth Brother is very busy. He probably doesn’t have time.”

Just as she finished speaking, there was suddenly a screeching sound from the stereo. Director Gao stood up calmly and asked, “What’s going on? Is the stereo broken?”

Yu Jing walked over. “No way. The equipment for this show is all new.”

Director Gao scratched his chin. “Did something go wrong with the recording?”

Yu Jing was about to say that he wanted to check when a conversation suddenly came from the stereo—

[How is it selfish of me to think for you? What’s wrong with taking this credit? Is water in your brain?]

[What kind of expression is that? Who are you showing your long face to?]

[…I’m not showing a long face. I just want to tell you that I won’t take Miss Li’s credit. This is my bottom line.]

[What lousy bottom line! Is she still your manager? She’s not your manager anymore! What other benefits do you have with her? How do you expect her to help you? She’s just an employee who works on a salary. What right does she have to help you become the same as before?!]

[When the time comes, insist that it’s your idea. Those fans who have supported you will definitely believe you.]

After the voice came out, everyone was surprised at first.

Xiang Lan asked, “Who’s talking?”

Min Hanrong could tell that it was Zheng Yuehua and her daughter-in-law’s voices. “I think it’s… Sister Zheng and Xie Wen…”

The moment that was said, everyone looked at each other with shock. At first, no one thought about Zheng Yuehua and Xie Wen, but when Min Hanrong mentioned it, everyone could tell that it was really Zheng Yuehua and Xie Wen’s conversation—

However, Zheng Yuehua and Xie Wen were not here. What was with the stereo? Soon the squeaking of the stereo stopped.

Yu Jing took a look. “Eh, it’s fixed?”

Gao Yueban wiped his cold sweat and said seriously, “There was a small malfunction. It’s not a big problem. Why did the recording suddenly go live?”

When Yu Jing saw Gao Yueban throw him a hot potato, he was so frightened that he quickly threw it back. “I’ll call the department of equipment technology and ask.”

Gao Yueban broke out in a cold sweat. He looked in the direction where the big shot was sitting and thought to himself, The big shot should be satisfied with this arrangement, right? However, Gao Yueban did not expect Xie Wen’s mother-in-law to be so vitriolic. She actually tried to take Miss Li’s credit. Just this ‘malfunction’ segment just now would probably bring a lot of popularity to the show.

The comments went crazy—

[Ahhh, my favorite mother-in-law’s house collapsed!]

[What an eye-opener! I didn’t expect Xie Wen’s mother-in-law to be so vitriolic in private?!]

[Zheng Yuehua actually boldly asked Xie Wen to take Li Xiwu’s credit! Ahhh, my worldview has collapsed!]

[When I think about how I was still crazily cheering for Xie Wen’s mother-in-law, I really want to hammer myself!]

[So Li Xiwu was the one who suggested changing the morning exercise method today! Li Xiwu is too awesome!]

[Everyone was saying bad things about Miss Li this morning. Zheng Yuehua said the worst things. At that time, I thought there was nothing wrong with it. Now that I think about it, Miss Li has suffered greatly.]

[No one asked what Li Xiwu was doing. The first thing they said was accusation.]

[Li Xiwu is really good, but everyone always misunderstands her.]

[It’s all Li Xiwu’s idea. Zheng Yuehua wants to selfishly take it. She’s too despicable!]

[She’s not only despicable, but also terrifying.]

[Everyone says that Xie Wen is very happy. I suddenly feel that many things are not what they seem on the surface.]

[I want to know if Xie Wen is really doing well.]

[Does Chi Xu know that his mother is like this behind his back?]

[I’m so angry, I’m so angry. I feel that Xie Wen is doomed!]

At this moment, the comments in the live-stream were discussing fervently. All the netizens were collectively denouncing Zheng Yuehua!

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