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Chapter 78: 78 Collective Denouncement! The Face of an Evil Mother-in-law!

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78 Collective Denouncement! The Face of an Evil Mother-in-law!

A phone could watch several live-streams at the same time. If one clicked on any of the live-streams in the frame, they could watch that live-stream alone. This was how they compared the popularity when they first started the live-stream.

Initially, Xie Wen’s group created the highest popularity in a single live-stream. Today, it has once again created the highest popularity in a single group with more than five million viewers online!

Everyone was discussing Xie Wen’s mother-in-law. Many netizens also recorded and posted it on Weibo. It quickly became popular. The attentive netizens went to find out if the various stories of Xie Wen and Chi Xu being together were as Chi Xu had said in front of the camera.

At this moment.

Everyone looked at the confusion and helplessness on Xie Wen’s face and did not know what to say. What should they comfort her with? After all, no one had expected that the good mother-in-law, who looked like she was thinking for her daughter-in-law, was actually so vitriolic behind her back.

It was Xu Muzhen who spoke first and asked with concern, “Sister Wenwen, do you want to eat noodles or gruel? The gruel this morning is seafood porridge. There are abalones and fresh prawns.”

Xie Wen had yet to answer when Min Hanrong suddenly stood up. Min Hanrong brought the plate of fried dumplings in front of Xie Wen. “The fried dumplings this morning are mutton and corn filling. There’s no smell at all. Try them.”

Han Qianye silently poured Xie Wen a glass of milk. “Wenwen, I heard from the director that this milk was fresh milk ordered last night. It was just delivered this morning.”

Xie Wen thanked everyone gratefully. She took the bowl of porridge and drank the milk first. Then, she picked up a dumpling with her chopsticks and took small bites. It was very quiet.

Li Xiwu watched quietly as Xie Wen ate the dumplings in silence. After a moment, she retracted her gaze and looked sideways at Pei Jingzhou, as if she was suspecting something.

Pei Jingzhou received Li Xiwu’s gaze. “What else do you want to eat?”

Li Xiwu shook her head. “I’m full.”

At this moment, Zheng Yuehua, who had arrived late, came downstairs. “Coming, coming, I’m coming.”

Zheng Yuehua walked over happily and pulled out the chair beside Xie Wen. She saw that everyone was looking at her. The smile on Zheng Yuehua’s face froze. “Why is everyone looking at me? Hurry up and eat breakfast. Today’s breakfast is too sumptuous.”

With that, Zheng Yuehua picked up her chopsticks and picked up the fried dumplings. However, she did not eat it first. Instead, she placed it on Xie Wen’s plate and said considerately, “Wenwen, this fried dumpling smells good. Try it.”

Xie Wen said, “I’ve eaten.”

The smile on Zheng Yuehua’s face did not fade. “Eat more. Look at how thin you are. My heart aches just looking at you.”

No one said anything. Other than Zheng Yuehua’s voice, the atmosphere was strangely quiet.

Zheng Yuehua did not think too much about it. Before anyone could start a conversation, she cleared her throat and deliberately said, “Fortunately, Wenwen came up with such an interesting method to lead everyone to complete different morning exercises this morning.”

When Zheng Yuehua said this, she could not hide the smugness on her face. She was waiting for everyone to praise Xie Wen, including her. After all, the outstanding Xie Wen in everyone’s eyes was her daughter-in-law. However, Zheng Yuehua realized that no one spoke after she said this. The atmosphere was still quiet.

The smug smile on Zheng Yuehua’s face froze. She thought that no one understood what she had just expressed, so she prepared to repeat, “This morning, Wenwen led everyone…”

“Mom!” Xie Wen’s voice interrupted Zheng Yuehua.

Zheng Yuehua was dissatisfied, but she did not show it on her face. She smiled kindly and asked, “What’s wrong, Wenwen?”

Xie Wen took a deep breath. “Mom, stop talking.”

Logically speaking, Xie Wen had already interrupted Zheng Yuehua and reminded her, but Zheng Yuehua did not understand. She even raised her voice. “Aiya, Wenwen, I know you’re thin-skinned, but after all, it’s all your credit this morning. You’re the one who led everyone to do morning exercise in a more interesting way.”

Xie Wen closed her eyes tightly. She was about to say something when Min Hanrong couldn’t help but say, “Sister Zheng, isn’t this Xiwu’s idea?”

Zheng Yuehua’s expression froze. She probably did not expect that after Xie Wen came down, she had already told everyone that the person who really thought of this method was Li Xiwu! Then wouldn’t she have embarrassed herself by deliberately mentioning this in front of everyone just now? This Xie Wen was really something! So frustrating!

Zheng Yuehua gritted her teeth in anger, but she could not show it. She pretended not to know. “Really? It’s Miss Li? Aiyo, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t know. Wenwen was the one who led everyone to do morning exercises. I thought it was Wenwen’s idea.”

The moment that was said, she had removed her selfish thoughts. Moreover, when Zheng Yuehua said these words, she used a very apologetic tone. She felt that no one would think too much about it.

Min Hanrong smiled meaningfully. “Is that so?”

Zheng Yuehua did not mind. “Of course.”

Han Qianye suddenly shouted, “Zheng Yuehua!”

Zheng Yuehua was shocked when she shouted. She looked at Han Qianye. “Han Qianye, just call me. Why are you suddenly shouting so loudly!”

Actually, no matter how vitriolic Zheng Yuehua was, Han Qianye did not care. In any case, it had nothing to do with her. However, when she thought about how Zheng Yuehua had tried to let Xie Wen take Li Xiwu’s credit not long ago, Han Qianye was very angry.

Wasn’t this clearly bullying her Xixi? She couldn’t even bear to bully Li Xiwu now. Why should she let these people bully her? Therefore, the more Han Qianye thought about it, the angrier she became. When she called Zheng Yuehua, she could not control her voice!

Han Qianye asked, “I called you because I wanted to ask you, don’t you know what you said?”

Zheng Yuehua was stunned for a moment before asking, “What did I say? Don’t tell me I don’t know what I said? Han Qianye, just talk normally. Why are you being so sarcastic?”

Han Qianye: “…”

No one present mentioned it directly. It was considered leaving some shame for Zheng Yuehua. However, not only did Zheng Yuehua not notice everyone’s reminder, but she also spoke rudely!

At this moment, the millions of netizens watching the live-stream were about to explode—

[Pfft! Zheng Yuehua is so shameless!]

[I’m so angry! I’m so angry! Zheng Yuehua’s face just now was really infuriating.]

[Everyone has reminded her so tactfully. Yet she’s still acting.]

[If I hadn’t heard those conversations, I probably would have believed Zheng Yuehua’s lie.]

[Oh my god, Xie Wen’s mother-in-law is really amazing. I actually thought she was good before. No, I have to poke my own eyes.]

[Help! I can’t imagine what kind of life Xie Wen has with such a mother-in-law.]

[Xie Wen’s mother-in-law is too good at acting. She must look like this when she interacts with Xie Wen, right?]

[My heart aches for Xie Wen. She has such an evil mother-in-law. Hurry up and escape.]

The popularity of the millions of viewers in the live-stream was still rising. The denouncing comments almost flew up! It also became a trending topic on Weibo in the shortest time possible.

Soon, the entire Internet knew.

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