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Chapter 79: 79 Couple Date

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79 Couple Date

On the Internet, countless netizens participated in the discussion about Xie Wen’s mother-in-law.

Netizens’ comments were all about ‘Xie Wen is too pitiful’, ‘Is Xie Wen really happy marrying Chi Xu’, ‘The life with a mother-in-law like Xie Wen should be very suffocating’, and ‘I hope Xie Wen can enter the entertainment industry again’.

Xie Wen’s former fans also took advantage of this popularity to put the television dramas and variety shows that Xie Wen had filmed in the past on the trending searches.

Not long after, Xie Wen’s Weibo, which she had not had time to manage for a long time, fell.

[After watching the fans summarize the television dramas that Xie Wen has filmed over the years, I sigh at how energetic Xie Wen was when she debuted.]

[I’ve always felt that it’s a pity for Xie Wen. Hurry up and return to the entertainment industry.]

[Although there are many mother-in-laws like Xie Wen’s in reality, that recording screen makes me so angry! I’m so angry!]

[Xie Wen’s matter told us that we must study to death. You form a family, not a world of two people.]

[Girls must enjoy their elegance at the age when they should.]

[Keep the ink in your head instead of your stomach. Don’t get married so early!]

The breakfast ended in an eerie silence. Other than Zheng Yuehua, who had yet to realize anything. She was even in a good mood and had a smile on her face. No one had directly torn off her superficial disguise, but that was not important. Anyway, everyone already knew Zheng Yuehua’s other side.

However, because of this matter, Zheng Yuehua could not always appear in front of the camera. The production team had to let the netizens calm down. Otherwise, today’s live broadcast would not be able to continue.

Gao Yueban asked the editor to temporarily adjust today’s guest mission arrangements. So they changed today’s trip to a ‘couple date’ with only two people. That way, the four mother-in-laws would have free time since they did not have to appear on camera.

The daughters-in-law and their husbands must appear on camera and complete a full day’s ‘couple date’. Of course, it was only for today. After all, this was a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law variety show.

Although Gao Yueban knew that the live broadcast would not go so smoothly, he felt that no matter how rough it was, it was not a big deal.

Unless a daughter-in-law got a divorce before the recording of the show ended. However, the probability of such a thing happening was minimal. No matter how much she endured, she would have to wait until the variety show was finished before getting a divorce. Unexpectedly, it was the mother-in-law whose reputation was ruined first!

Today’s mission was released. Millions of netizens watching online said they were looking forward to today’s ‘couple date’. After Zheng Yuehua’s incident, everyone wanted to see Xie Wen, but they did not want to see Xie Wen’s evil mother-in-law. The ‘couple date’ arranged by the show was simply too good.

Zheng Yuehua still did not know what was going on. At the thought that she had to take care of Shenshen all day, she felt very depressed. However, she could not show it. She still had to say kindly, “Wenwen, I’ll take care of Shenshen. You must have fun with Little Xu outside today.”

Xie Wen stood up with a cold expression. “Got it.”

[Wenwen, ignore her!]

[Zheng Yuehua is still acting like nothing happened. I’m angry just looking at her!]

[Wenwen must be beautiful alone.]

[What should we do? Because of Zheng Yuehua, I think Chi Xu might not be a good person.]

[If Chi Xu’s reputation was also ruined, the trending searches on Weibo that day would definitely be a big scene!]

Xiang Lan didn’t have much to say. She only reminded Liang Sheng, “Don’t let Zhenzhen eat too much sweet food.”

Liang Sheng smiled. “I’ve done a lot in controlling her intake of sweet food.”

Xu Muzhen pouted. “The joy hasn’t even started, but it ended early.”

During the few months of Xu Muzhen’s postgraduate examination, her life was extremely chaotic. She did not eat properly, which resulted in her stomach disease. Although she had recovered a lot, she still had to avoid sweet food.

Xiang Lan controlled Xu Muzhen’s diet well, and Liang Sheng constantly urged her.

[It’s so funny every time I see Xu Muzhen’s hopeless expression.]

[Liang Sheng is really a very qualified husband. I’m envious.]

[Stomach disease really has to reduce the intake of sweets. The body is the most important.]

[Xu Muzhen is simply the funniest daughter-in-law.]

Min Hanrong turned to Tao Jing beside her. “Jingjing, I remember that you said before that you wanted to go to Universal Studios again? Since you have time today, let Jiacheng book the entire place to take you out for a day.”

Tao Jing said, “Booking the entire venue is too extravagant. It’s more fun with more people.”

Wu Jiacheng said, “Let’s book the entire venue. I’ll just make a call. Otherwise, the queue will take half a day.”

Min Hanrong smiled in satisfaction.

[As expected of a rich man in Xiangjiang City. That’s Universal Studios! How much does it cost to book the entire place?]

[Money is willful!]

[Let’s change Min Hanrong’s family’s name to the paywall group.]

[The last time I went to Universal Studios, I queued for half a day and played for twenty minutes.]

[Other people who book the entire venue communicate in advance. With the Wu family’s identity here, booking the venue only requires a last-minute call. It’s good to be rich.]

Everyone was instructing their daughter-in-law how to play and have fun. Only Han Qianye looked at Li Xiwu eagerly and did not say anything. Everyone was going upstairs to change and prepare to go out today. Pei Jingzhou stood up and held Li Xiwu’s hand when he left his seat. Li Xiwu did not break free. She stood up naturally and walked beside Pei Jingzhou. It seemed ordinary.

[Is this what childhood sweethearts look like? I feel that Sister Li and her husband talk so little.]

[Li Xiwu and her husband are too compatible in appearance! But their personalities don’t complement each other!]

[A cold person and a sunny person are the most suitable!]

[I imagined that Sister Li’s partner was younger than her. That scene was really too awesome.]

They went back upstairs to their room.

Li Xiwu immediately took out her phone and returned the missed call. The first missed call was from Qiao Qiao.

Li Xiwu called. Qiao Qiao picked it up and asked her, “Are you feeling better?”

Li Xiwu smiled. “When have I been in a bad mood?”

Qiao Qiao said, “That’s true. You don’t even care.”

The surroundings were silent. These words happened to enter Pei Jingzhou’s ears. He glanced sideways at Li Xiwu.

Li Xiwu sensed it and smiled calmly. She changed the subject. “What else?”

Qiao Qiao got to the point. “The episode of ‘Palpitation Light’ that you participated in for me was broadcast. There are two things I have to tell you now.”

Li Xiwu predicted Qiao Qiao’s words. “Two things. One is a good thing and the other is a bad thing. Worry first and be happy later. Tell me.”

Qiao Qiao was silent for a few seconds. Then she laughed like a goose. Qiao Qiao said, “The bad thing is that Old Yu called me and asked me to be on Palpitation Light permanently. After you went on that episode, the registration number for the show was almost exploding. I heard from Old Yu that more people have signed up in the past few days than in the past six months.”

These words seemed to be expected by Li Xiwu. She continued, “It’s not a bad thing, but I’ve already guessed the good thing.”

Qiao Qiao snorted. “I don’t believe you’re so godly as to predict precise answers.”

Li Xiwu said casually, “The good thing is that I wasn’t recognized when I participated in the show for you.”

Qiao Qiao: “…”

How could she be so accurate? I’m really impressed!


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