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Chapter 80: 80 Pei Jingzhou Is Looking for His Wife!

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80 Pei Jingzhou Is Looking for His Wife!

Li Xiwu asked, “Then how did you reply to the director?”

Qiao Qiao said, “I—”

Li Xiwu said, “Let me make it clear first. It’s impossible for me to participate in it for you again. Just because no one recognized me this time doesn’t mean that my true identity won’t be exposed next time. If the outside world finds out that I, a female guest on a in-law variety show, turned around and went on a blind date show, this kind of scolding won’t sound good.”

Qiao Qiao naturally understood this logic. She said, “Don’t worry. I told the director that I have a stable job now. I’ll go when my job is unstable in the future. At that time, you and Pei Jingzhou will be divorced and can officially go on a blind date show.”

Li Xiwu ignored Pei Jingzhou’s existence for a moment. She couldn’t help but laugh. “That’s a good arrangement.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the phone was taken away. Li Xiwu turned around. Her phone was already in Pei Jingzhou’s hand. He pressed the speaker button in front of her. “Thank you for your concern for my wife. I want to give you a gift.”

Qiao Qiao, who was laughing happily on the other end of the line, immediately stopped talking. Why did it become Pei Jingzhou’s voice? However, that was not the point. The point was that Pei Jingzhou said that he wanted to give her a gift. There’s such a good thing?

Qiao Qiao asked nervously, “What gift is President Pei going to give me?”

Pei Jingzhou said concisely, “A lawyer’s letter to your house.”

Qiao Qiao: “… !!!”

If she couldn’t afford to offend him, she could hide. Qiao Qiao hung up silently. Sigh! This petty man!

Pei Jingzhou returned the phone to Li Xiwu. “Are you planning to divorce me?”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. “This isn’t about my plan. It’s…” It was about time in the agreed marriage. The two of them should be divorced.

But before she could finish, Pei Jingzhou snorted coldly. “No wonder you were hoping that I would die so that you could inherit my inheritance.”

Li Xiwu: “…”

Heaven and earth! Although she had indeed thought so, how could she admit such thoughts?

Li Xiwu smiled brightly and naturally changed the topic. “Was Fourth Brother behind what happened to Xie Wen’s mother-in-law?”

Pei Jingzhou’s expression was calm. He did not like these unimportant topics. Li Xiwu understood. It was Pei Jingzhou’s doing. However, she did not expect him to take action!

Seeing that Pei Jingzhou was not interested in this topic, she remembered something more important and said, “I took You’an out of school and placed him with my friend for the time being.”

Pei Jingzhou said, “I know.”

Li Xiwu raised an eyebrow. “You knew?”

Pei Jingzhou picked up the bag she had to carry when she went out and handed it to her. “What did you think?”

Li Xiwu took the bag. “I hope You’an transfers schools.”

Pei Jingzhou took a scarf and personally fastened it for Li Xiwu. “I’m already working on the process. Let him play for two days. He’ll enter Lankas in two days.”

Lankas, the number one elite high school in the capital! Li Xiwu looked at him in surprise. Pei Jingzhou raised his eyebrows. He liked to see her surprised expression. It was very vivid. He asked, “Now let’s talk about our arrangements for today. Where do you want to go?”

Li Xiwu wasn’t in the mood to think about that. “Anything.”

Pei Jingzhou’s lips curled up. “There’s a place you’ll like.”

Looking at Pei Jingzhou’s confident gaze, Li Xiwu pondered. The place she liked?

From the moment they left the house, every move of every couple was displayed on the live broadcast.

Tao Jing and Wu Jiacheng left the inn first. The car that picked them up was a black Rolls-Royce worth at least five million yuan. The driver was wearing standard white gloves.

[This is standard! A real-life version of a domineering CEO and his little wife!]

[A few million yuan worth of Rolls-Royce when they go out. I can’t even live like this if I started working as a caveman at the top of the mountain.]

[I’m tired of envying you.]

[Gao Sisi from the first season’s Mother-in-Law Joy also went out according to this standard. At that time, I was always envious. In the end, as soon as the variety show ended, Gao Sisi was divorced by a wealthy family.]

[I know about Gao Sisi. There’s something wrong with her brain. She was unwilling to cooperate with the treatment and even turned against the slander of her husband’s family. In the end, she only divorced because it was very embarrassing.]

After that, Liang Sheng drove Xu Muzhen out of the inn in a niche car that he had bought for nearly two years.

Xie Wen was very worried when she handed her daughter to her mother-in-law. Especially since Zheng Yuehua did not know about the abuse online yet. If she knew, she was really afraid that something would happen.

In the end, Li Xiwu and Pei Jingzhou got into a low-key black car.

Netizens said:

[I can’t see any brand of car. Yes, it suits Li Xiwu’s husband’s profession!]

[This car isn’t cheap either. It seems that a naked car costs a million yuan at the base, but it does match the identity of a corporate executive.]

[Other than the fact that Sister Li and her husband’s personalities are not complementary, their external conditions and occupations are very compatible!]

[I’m looking forward to Tao Jing and her husband going to Universal Studios. They’ve book the entire venue! I like to see such a rich show-off!]

In the car.

Li Xiwu’s phone was on silent. She would not be disturbed by calls and messages during this time.

After more than ten minutes of driving, the car arrived at the paragliding base. Li Xiwu got out of the car. When she saw the words written on the wall, she looked a little surprised.

Pei Jingzhou stood beside Li Xiwu. “Is it a place you like?”

Li Xiwu admitted frankly, “Yes.”

Paragliding was her favorite aeronautical sport. Whenever she had time, she and Qiao Qiao arranged to come to the paragliding base to play. This paragliding base was the largest paragliding base in the entire capital.

She had come with Qiao Qiao once before, but she had bumped into Pei Jingzhou that time. At first, she thought it was just a coincidence. After all, there were fewer girls and more boys who liked air sports. Until she found out that this paragliding base was a construction project funded by Pei Jingzhou.

Pei Jingzhou held her hand. “Let’s go. They’re already waiting.”

Li Xiwu’s thoughts returned and she followed Pei Jingzhou. “They? Who else?”

Pei Jingzhou smiled. “You’ll know later.”

They entered the paragliding base together.



Two voices spoke at the same time. Li Xiwu looked into the distance and saw He Wang and a young man wearing a mask and sunglasses beside him. It was Pei You’an!

Pei You’an ran over like a magpie. He raised the sunglasses on his nose bridge and said, “Sister-in-law, you’re finally here. I brought my precious knee guard equipment. Let’s go and take a look.” The young man invited her warmly.

Li Xiwu found it difficult to refuse. “Okay.”

The camera followed Li Xiwu. The netizens recognized this young man as her brother-in-law and kept sending comments.

Pei Jingzhou looked at He Wang, who was walking over. “Why didn’t you fly?”

He Wang smiled innocently. “It’s that kid You’an who refused to fly. He insisted on waiting for Li Xiwu to come.”

Pei Jingzhou’s face darkened. “Let’s go.”

They talked about work, their pace no more than ten minutes slow. When they reached the lawn, there were only a few professional coaches and Pei You’an standing there. Li Xiwu was no longer there.

Pei Jingzhou walked over and asked, “Where’s my wife?”

At this moment, someone said—

“Your wife is in the sky!”


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