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Chapter 81: 81 At Sister-in-law's Beck and Call, Explicitly Priced His Brother

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81 At Sister-in-law’s Beck and Call, Explicitly Priced His Brother

[Awesome! Li Xiwu can paraglid alone!]

[Li Xiwu was very skilled when she was preparing just now. It’s obvious that she plays this often.]

[Especially the tug in the sky. I was afraid just looking at it from outside the screen. Yet Li Xiwu is so calm.]

[That handsome man’s godly answer just now was too awesome!]

[I’m dying of laughter. Hahaha, your wife is in the sky!]

[Hubby is a step late, and Wifey is in the sky!]

[At first glance, it sounds like a joke, but this handsome man seems to be right.]

[This paragliding base is the largest in the capital. It’s so expensive.]

[No matter how expensive it is, can it be more expensive than booking Universal Studios? That’s all.]

Li Xiwu enjoyed the ten minutes of flying freely in the sky. The helmet blocked part of the noisy wind. The goggles covered her eyes. She looked down and could see the huge lawn below. She saw Pei Jingzhou in the crowd.

She recalled that when she first learned to paraglide, it was Pei Jingzhou who took her flying. She was very perceptive and learned very quickly. Coupled with her courage, she could fly solo after a few times. In Pei Jingzhou’s words, her wings grew harder as he taught her.

On the lawn.

Pei You’an kept looking up. Wherever Li Xiwu went, his gaze shifted. “Sister-in-law is too awesome. Is there anything she can’t do!”

He Wang smiled. “This is called omnipotence.”

Pei You’an said, “Brother Wang, your words are precise.”

He Wang took the opportunity to suggest, “Do you want me to take you?”

Pei You’an refused. “I have a brother.”

He Wang laughed out loud. “Am I not also your brother?”

Pei You’an reminded He Wang, “Aren’t you a grandson?”

He Wang: “?”

Pei You’an said seriously, “I heard my brother say last time that someone, whom you pried out of the project, called you a turtle grandson in front of you.”

He Wang: “…”

He Wang turned to look at Pei Jingzhou. “Fourth Brother, you’re being unkind.”

Pei Jingzhou glanced at He Wang from the corner of his eye. “Did God hold an umbrella for you when he spread his wisdom to the mortal world?” Naturally, he did not say that, but He Wang fell for Pei You’an’s trap!

Pei You’an watched the show and did not mind causing trouble. “He did! I saw it with my own eyes. He even held a Vajra Umbrella. Not a single drop of wisdom spilled on Brother Wang.”

He Wang was both angry and amused. He raised his hand and waved it at Pei You’an. “Brat, you’re asking for a beating.”

Pei You’an shouted as he dodged, “Is one not allowed to tell the truth these days. Is there no law?”

He Wang chased after him. “Not in Cambodia. They don’t provide anesthesia when getting out the kidneys. Do you want me to take you there?”

Pei You’an hid to Pei Jingzhou’s right. “I’m not going. If I go, my organs would be emptied. When I come back, I’ll become a mummy… Hey, hey, hey, Brother Wang, I’m already at the safe house. You can’t catch me anymore.”

He Wang grabbed Pei You’an’s arm. “Who said that hiding behind your brother would be safe? You’re too naive.”

[Oh my god, these two are simply a pair of clowns!]

[I thought it was boring to watch a paraglider. These two are simply the center of attention. I’m dying of laughter.]

[Brother-in-law is too cute. I want to kiss him.]

[I didn’t laugh at anything else, but that sentence about a safe house made me laugh. There are safe houses within a meter of my biological brother.]

[This handsome man called Brother Wang is also so handsome.]

[Can the brother-in-law take off his mask? I want to see his true appearance.]

Originally, many netizens had surged into the first group’s live-stream. Tao Jing and Wu Jiacheng had already arrived at Universal Studios. Before they arrived, they had called and cleared the area in advance. After the couple arrived at Universal Studios, the manager came out to welcome them personally.

The netizens were enlightened! If not for the fact that the Wu family was so rich, netizens would have thought that it was a segment arranged by the production team. However, no one would doubt the reputation of the richest man in Hong Kong.

Tao Jing’s group had more than three million viewers online. The other three groups were originally equally popular. Now, in Group Four’s live-stream, with Pei You’an and He Wang, the two jokers, their popularity ranked second.

Pei Jingzhou watched the two childish people fool around and pursed his lips.

Li Xiwu was about to reach the landing field. Pei Jingzhou ignored the two of them and turned around to go halfway up the mountain. The camera also left with Pei Jingzhou.

At the landing pad halfway up the hill, Li Xiwu landed steadily. The umbrella suit was venting. It would be a little troublesome to remove her equipment herself. It was no more convenient than when she was wearing it.

Pei Jingzhou walked over casually. “Did you have fun?”

Li Xiwu looked up and saw Pei Jingzhou walking over. The joy she felt when she landed quickly disappeared. “It’s fine.” The two of them were supposed to fly together, but she went up alone and left Pei Jingzhou below. She still felt a little guilty about the production team.

Pei Jingzhou helped her remove her equipment. They were very close. His words landed in her ear. “You had fun, but what about me?”

Li Xiwu suggested directly, “Why don’t we fly again together?”

Pei Jingzhou removed the last layer of equipment and smiled faintly. “What’s the point of playing it twice in a row? Aren’t you tired of it?”

Li Xiwu sensed Pei Jingzhou’s smile and knew that he was not angry. “It’s fine to play again. I still want more.”

Pei Jingzhou bent down slightly and the smile on his lips deepened. “Are you sure?”

Li Xiwu smiled. “Fourth Brother doesn’t want to?”

Pei Jingzhou pressed his lips to her ear. “Why wouldn’t I? I can’t wait.”

Li Xiwu did not resist such closeness. The camera was live. The two of them were husband and wife. Netizens liked to watch them getting intimate.

Just as Li Xiwu had thought—

[Ahhh, I love this mature tug.]

[My heart aches for Sister Li’s husband just now. He can only stand there alone and watch his wife fly. Next, my heart aches that I’m going to be fed dog food.]

[Li Xiwu’s husband is really handsome and charming! Most importantly, he’s successful in his career!]

[Please, can you bring a camera to the sky? I want to experience a free paragliding flight.]

[I don’t want to eat dog food on the lawn. I want to eat dog food in the sky.]

Li Xiwu followed Pei Jingzhou out of the landing field and back to the paragliding base at the top of the mountain.

Pei You’an brought Li Xiwu a few bottles of drinks. “Sister-in-law, do you want soda or black tea? There’s also mineral water and coconut water.”

Li Xiwu looked at it. “Black tea.”

Pei You’an handed the black tea to Li Xiwu and asked Pei Jingzhou, “Brother, I have soda, mineral water, and coconut water. Which one do you want? I’ll give a family discount, it’s not expensive.”

Pei Jingzhou: “…”

He Wang laughed at the side. “You’re at Sister-in-law’s beck and call but you priced your brother. Brat, you know how the world works.”

Pei You’an turned around and asked, “Brother Wang, what are you buying?”

He Wang said, “Do I have to buy it with our relationship?”

Pei You’an said seriously, “Relationship? What relationship? Did you save my life?”

He Wang: “… ..!”

Pei Jingzhou asked for a bottle of black tea, but there was no more black tea in Pei You’an’s hand. The only bottle was given to Li Xiwu. Pei Jingzhou looked at Pei You’an. “Do you know how to do business? If you don’t have it, then go buy the goods.”

Pei You’an agreed. “Give me two minutes! Right away!”

The young man ran quickly. One round trip took less than a minute. Panting, he handed the black tea to Pei Jingzhou and showed him the receipt code. “Brother, 500 yuan!”


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