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Chapter 82: 82 Li Xiwu Is Very Like Little You

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82 Li Xiwu Is Very Like Little You

Pei Jingzhou was very generous. He took out his phone and transferred a thousand yuan to Pei You’an. Li Xiwu suppressed her smile and looked at Pei Jingzhou. “You’an has the potential to be a profiteer since he was young, like you.”

Pei Jingzhou raised his eyebrows. “I’m a profiteer?”

Li Xiwu said, “I didn’t say that directly.”

Beside them, He Wang’s mouth was full of dog food. “Enough, you two. Hurry up and go to the sky!”

[I’m dying of laughter. All businessmen are evil.]

[Brother-in-law is a capable person. He has the potential to be an unscrupulous businessman since he was young. If you follow him, you will definitely make a fortune.]

[Free for Sister-in-law, but charged for Brother. This brother-in-law is really making me laugh to death.]

[I’ll ask again. Why is Brother-in-law always wearing a mask and sunglasses? His biological brother is so handsome! Brother-in-law must be very handsome too!]

Many netizens became even more curious about Pei You’an’s appearance.

Pei Jingzhou and Li Xiwu went to put on their new equipment. The cameraman suggested putting a camera on Li Xiwu. Li Xiwu thought it was fine, but Pei Jingzhou disagreed. “We have something to talk about.”

The cameraman said nothing.

Before the paraglider rose into the air, Li Xiwu’s expression was as calm as ever. After rising into the air, the wind under the helmet became very noisy.

Pei Jingzhou’s amplified voice sounded in her ear. “Li Xiwu, are you afraid?”

The wind was too noisy. Li Xiwu replied, “I’m not afraid.”

Pei Jingzhou said, “I’m afraid.”

Li Xiwu didn’t seem to have heard him clearly. “…What?”

Pei Jingzhou’s voice wrapped around the wind in her ears. “So you have to hold on to me tightly.”

Li Xiwu only smiled and continued to admire the scenery that she had not seen while flying alone.

On the lawn.

Pei You’an looked at the paragliding in the sky and said, “Every time I paraglide, I feel like a bird flying freely in the sky. I didn’t have to study or take the college entrance examination. If only I could be a bird flying freely.”

He Wang looked in the same direction as Pei You’an and raised his hands to stretch his arms. “I used to pee freely too, but I can’t anymore. There are surveillance cameras everywhere.”

Pei You’an: “…”

Free bird vs free piss. Okay, you win.

In the end, Pei You’an sold He Wang a bottle of mineral water for 1,500 yuan. He Wang was unwilling to pay. “Why should your brother’s bottle of black tea cost 1,000 yuan while mine costs 1,500 yuan?”

Pei You’an replied seriously, “I heard that you’re a big sucker.”

He Wang laughed angrily. “Who told you that?”

Pei You’an shrugged. “Isn’t that something everyone knows?”

He Wang: “…”

In the end, He Wang really did what a sucker did. He took out his phone, scanned the QR code, and paid. He asked, “What do you think we’re here for? To liven up the atmosphere?”

Pei You’an said, “A third wheel.”

He Wang put away his phone and turned around. “I’m leaving.”

Pei You’an pulled He Wang back. “Brother Wang, since you’re already here, why don’t you play once? I’ll take you. I’ll give you a friendly discount.”

He Wang’s lips twitched. “It’s fine if you earn your brother’s money at your brother’s paragliding base, but you plan to continue earning my money?” He seemed to have accidentally exposed something.

Pei You’an did not realize what He Wang had exposed just now. “You don’t even know how difficult it is to see my brother once. Sister-in-law was the one who fought for this opportunity for me. It’s not easy to see him again. Of course I’ll go crazy for money.”

He Wang squinted. “Another thousand?”

Pei You’an said shamelessly, “A little more. Five thousand.”

He Wang turned to leave. “I know how to play myself.”

Pei You’an refused to let go. “It’s much more romantic with two people.”

He Wang said, “Get lost.”

The person who told him to get lost flew into the sky with Pei You’an ten minutes later.

[It all depends on Brother Wang!]

[The conversation between the two of them is really making me die of laughter. It’s so interesting.]

[I love the brother-in-law so much.]

[Free birds and free piss. Laughing so hard I almost lost my false teeth.]

[Damn! What did I just hear? This paragliding base belongs to Li Xiwu’s husband?]

[F*ck, f*ck!! Li Xiwu’s husband owns the most expensive paragliding base in the capital!!]

[Is Fourth Brother really an ordinary company executive?]

[I thought Wu Jiacheng was awesome when he booked the entire Universal Studios. The real awesome thing is here! An entire paragliding base!]

[Why haven’t we heard from the intelligence army!]

[Could it be that Li Xiwu’s husband’s identity can’t be exposed?]

Many netizens began to guess the true identity of Li Xiwu’s husband.

To be able to own an entire paragliding base, he was definitely not just a slightly rich executive!

In the inn.

Han Qianye was bored and prepared to leave the inn to return to the Pei Residence. She called Han Pin. “Are you still in Fu Town? If you are, drive me back to the Pei Residence.”

Han Pin was also watching the live broadcast. He knew that there were no scenes of Han Qianye today. He agreed first. “Give me ten minutes.”

Han Qianye said, “Okay.”

Ten minutes later, Han Pin drove an old car to pick Han Qianye up. Han Qianye was a little speechless. “You should have changed cars long ago!”

Han Pin smiled. “I can’t bear to part with it.”

Han Qianye got into the car. The car drove away. Gao Yueban stood on the steps outside the inn drinking iced black tea. When Han Pin drove the car over, he was standing here. His assistant was also here.

The junior assistant said, “Director Gao, did you notice? The design of the car just now looked very dated.”

Gao Yueban nodded. “Yes, it’s very dated.”

The junior assistant continued, “But in this era, cars of this style have long been eliminated.”

Gao Yueban turned his head silently.

The junior assistant looked confused. “Could it be… that this car is very expensive?”

Gao Yueban explained to his junior assistant, “There are only 27 Rolls-Royce Silver Thorn Springfield editions in the world. Ordinary VIPs are not qualified to buy them. It can be said to be VIPs among VIPs.”

The junior assistant fell silent. Gao Yueban fell silent after saying that. After a moment of silence, Gao Yueban said what everyone was thinking. “There are so many rich people in the world. Why can’t I be one of them?”

Meanwhile, in the car. Han Qianye called Lin Yourong. “Rongrong, are you coming out today?”

Lin Yourong had yet to watch the live broadcast today. She asked, “What’s wrong?”

Han Qianye explained the situation. Lin Yourong said, “Then let’s meet at Herti!” After hanging up, Han Qianye thought about going to take care of her face with her friends later and was in a good mood.

Han Pin glanced at the rearview mirror. “Qianye.”

Han Qianye nodded. “Yeah?”

Han Ping asked indirectly, “Don’t you think Li Xiwu is very similar to Little You?”

Han Qianye said truthfully, “They do look a little alike.”

Han Pin said, “Right? From the first time I saw this child, I felt that she looked like Little You. Moreover, there’s something very important. Her surname is also Li!”

Han Qianye sighed. “No matter how similar they are, they’re not the same person. Xixi’s cold personality is different from Little You’s personality. Putting aside the difference in personality, there’s also a difference in looks. Moreover, Little You has long…”

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